WMPLT Ch. 29

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Huo Cheng went out early today.

His sixth sense told him that the competition was getting tougher.

It was not enough to just wait, everyone was still dormant, but will jump out when the time comes.

After arriving at the company, he said to his assistant: “Ask who in the company is the best cook and ask him to come over.”

The assistant was stunned for a moment.


Huo Cheng gave a “hmm” and said, “Forget it, find me a restaurant at noon, and let the chef talk to me in person. It must be a restaurant that specializes in home cooking, it doesn’t have to be too high-end.”

“Boss Huo, you don’t want to learn how to cook, do you?”

To participate in a variety show!

Everyone went out one after another, Yan Zhi kept his promise from yesterday, and Zhai Xingchen and Wen Nuo got into Yan Zhi’s car.

It was the first time for Wen Nuo to take Yan Zhi’s car, so he was a little nervous, and took the initiative to sit in the back.

Zhai Xingchen sat in the co-pilot seat.

“Did you change the perfume in the car?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

Yan Zhi let out a “hmm”.

This perfume smelt very good. At the first smell, there was a bit of bitterness of woody spices, but the aftertaste was slightly sweet and tobacco-like.

According to the original book, this should be a perfume with strict attributes: “Morning after LOEWE”.

This perfume must belong to the Tang family just by the name.

“Morning after LOEWE” was a perfume with a cool packaging, grey-black, simple and square, and the slogan was: [The smell lingering when the dawn breaks].

Zhai Xingchen thought this was a very important signal, because Yan Zhi had always followed the route of a gentle gentleman. The perfume on his body used to smell like Bulgari blue, which was clear and clean, without any aggressiveness.

Now it had been replaced with a perfume that “makes people feel sleepy after smelling it for a few minutes”, maybe he could peep into Yan Zhi’s secret heart from this faint fragrance.

As if a storm was brewing.

In terms of distance, Zhongwu was actually closer to the Red and Blue Cottage, but Zhai Xingchen wanted to take care of Wen Nuo, so he said to Yan Zhi: “Send Wen Nuo first, I’m not in a hurry.” Yan Zhi sent Wen Nuo off to the dessert shop where he worked first.

The dessert shop jointly opened by Wen Nuo and his friends was located next to an old residential area. But because it was more than 100 meters away from the main road, the location was not good, and there were not many customers. They only had some old customers in nearby communities. But the red walls and black tiles of the old houses in this area had a taste of the 1940s and 1950s. If they were well-known, they may become Internet celebrity attractions.

“We’re already here, let’s go in and have a look.” Zhai Xingchen said with a smile.

Both Yan Zhi and Zhai Xingchen got out of the car, and Zhai Xingchen raised his head and said, “Yinuo Qianjin[1] Dessert, wow, this name sounds nice.”

“We put a lot of thought into choosing the name for this store. I didn’t know what to choose for a long time, and finally I chose a word from my friend’s name and mine, as her name is Jin Qian.”

Yan Zhi, who had always been low-key, laughed when he heard this, and said, “Good name.”

“It’s hard not to get rich.” Zhai Xingchen said with a smile.

The two of them followed Wen Nuo into the shop, and Zhai Xingchen bought a small cake from their shop.

“I’ll save it for lunch.”

Wen Nuo was very moved.

Because these shots could increase the chances of their dessert shop appearing on the show, even if it was a one-second shot, the audience could clearly see the name of their shop, and the follow-up may bring them immeasurable customer flow.

He was so insignificant among the eight people that he was afraid that their shop would be wiped out.

Now that there were Yan Zhi and Zhai Xingchen, and they had even stayed here for so long, there should be some scenes left in the feature film for sure.

He felt that Zhai Xingchen was really caring.

He was not Zhai Xingchen, he was Zhai Sunyang[2].

It was warm just to be near him.

He silently added another point to Zhai Xingchen.

After leaving Yinuo Qianjin dessert shop, Yan Zhi sent Zhai Xingchen to Zhongwu.

Today’s Yan Zhi was a little silent, although he was still handsome and bright, his aura was obviously depressed.

After sending Zhai Xingchen to school, Zhai Xingchen said, “You don’t need to pick me up this afternoon.”

Yan Zhi said “Okay”, and suddenly got out of the car, signalling him to chat outside the car.

Zhai Xingchen glanced at the camera in the car, then followed Yan Zhi a little further away.

Feeling a little excited.

Sure enough, as soon as the two stopped, Yan Zhi asked, “Is it Hu Ying?”

This was a well-known secret, so Zhai Xingchen nodded shyly.

Yan Zhi pursed his thin lips, remained silent for a while, and said: “Hu Ying is very good, but…, you have never been out in society, have you ever even been in love? You are so simple, there are some things you may not know, but I know.”

Zhai Xingchen didn’t expect that he was telling him this, so his expression became serious.

On the contrary, Yan Zhi’s expression softened a lot: “This is a romance show. Some of the guests who came to participate are here for dating, and some are not necessarily here for the same reason. They may just be here for exposure, popularity or something else. Hu Ying is a influencer, if he came to participate in this program, it’s hard to say whether he came here to fall in love with his heart. Don’t be foolish and give your heart so quickly. You can get to know him slowly, and don’t settle for a relationship too early.”

Zhai Xingchen originally just wanted to stimulate Yan Zhi and make Yan Zhi jealous, but he didn’t expect Yan Zhi to say such heartfelt words to him.

He wasn’t jealous of him and Hu Ying, but was genuinely worried for him, afraid that he would be too innocent and give away his affection easily.

He felt that what Yan Zhi said was very sincere, without any selfishness at all!

Zhai Xingchen was too embarrassed to continue acting, so he nodded and said, “I know.”

Yan Zhi’s depressed mood for a whole day finally found temporary relief.

He himself didn’t know whether his words were for public benefit or from the bottom of his heart, and how much each of them accounted for. Love rivals were naturally hostile to each other, this was animal instinct, but Hu Ying was romantic, the kind who looked very prosperous in case of peach blossoms. He was also a well-known Internet celebrity among the rich second generations. It was really hard to say whether he wanted to fall in love or just wanted exposure.

Even if he couldn’t get Zhai Xingchen, he still hoped to get Zhai Xingchen, and let him take him seriously.

He loved him because he was not here for traffic.

His purpose was very noble, but also very selfish.

“This show has just started, don’t rush, take your time, everyone should be watched more, don’t rush to settle down.” Yan Zhi said, “It’s okay, let’s go.”

Zhai Xingchen took two steps and suddenly felt himself that the strict enforcement had turned against the customer.

He looked back at Yan Zhi, Yan Zhi was standing under the sun, his glasses glowing red.

Yan Zhi had changed his glasses, the lenses of his previous glasses looked icy blue in the sun.

Yan Zhi misunderstood Hu Ying deeply.

In fact, he felt that Hu Ying was the one among the eight guests who wanted to fall in love the most.

He was a man full of desire.

Could it be that Yan Zhi thought that it was so obvious that Hu Ying was chasing him, just for the sake of traffic and topics?

He wanted to have a good chat with Hu Ying.

Yan Zhi went back to his own home. He had a villa in Nancheng, which he bought only last year. It was mainly used to store his Harley motorcycles.

He was a serious lover of Harley culture, and had several motorcycles worth more than one million.

He played with motorcycles just like playing games, mainly to vent his excess desire to the maximum extent. He had been addicted since he first came into contact with Harley circles at the age of sixteen.

He parked the car in the garage, put on his helmet, rode a Harley and came out.

“Are you still filming?” Yan Zhi asked the program crew.

The cameraman: “A lot of people don’t know that you play motorcycles. The contrast is great, which is a plus for you.”

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to keep up.” Yan Zhi said.

The program team felt that this sentence seemed familiar.

They remembered that when Hu Ying wanted to go for a run with Pei Xu, Pei Xu also told him so.

“How fast?” the camera asked.

Two seconds later, Yan Zhi disappeared amidst the roar of the engine.

The cameraman stopped panting, with envy and annoyance in his eyes: “Why is everyone following Pei Xu now!”

Yan Zhi rode the Harley and galloped on the seaside road, like a shooting star, slanting across the bent road, where far away was the blue sky and blue sea, and seabirds soaring.

Fast and furious, extreme danger and speed, motorcycles were just like games, and you could get the greatest sense of pleasure in the almost bloody brutality and madness.

On the stage of Zhongwu’s dance room, Zhai Xingchen danced to the music, his body was like a soaring swallow, as he turned around, stepped forward, backed up, and took off. His hair was black and thick like seaweed, shaking with the dance movements, his cheeks were flushed, and sweating.

Pei Xu was on the phone with Zhou Lan.

Early in the morning, the program team called Zhou Lan and told her about the roses.

“Now we can basically confirm Pei Xu’s arrow!”

Zhou Lan was surprised.

To be honest, she had almost given up on Pei Xu’s line.

“Isn’t it because I talked to him last time and asked him to cooperate with us to have some ambiguity, so he did this?” Zhou Lan asked.

“Sister, his arrowhead is very thick now!” Guo Bing said, “He went out early in the morning to buy skin plaster for Zhai Xingchen!”

Now Zhou Lan was really shocked.

Pei Xu was not such a considerate and gentle person, if he was not interested in someone, he could not take initiative.

Zhou Lan was elated, and immediately called Pei Huanong. The sister-in-laws were excited on the phone for a long time.

Was Pei Xu finally freed from the fate of being alone?

Zhou Lan felt that she needed to verify this again.

So she said in a roundabout way: “Our program will be officially launched soon. I called to ask you, there is no way to remove the content in the previous trailer, but the few cruel words you said when you first moved into the cabin, there is still a way to remove it. Do you want me to remove it for you?”

“No.” Pei Xu said.

He will take responsibility for every word he said.

“Would we be going to Beicheng for the next stop?” Pei Xu asked.

Zhou Lan said on the phone: “Didn’t you read our process before signing the contract?”

After a while, Zhou Lan said: “Yes, the next stop is Beicheng, what’s the matter?”

“You can see the aurora there, isn’t it?”

Zhou Lan said, “We can’t see it from where we are staying. If we want to see the aurora, we have to drive north to the Arctic Village. If we are lucky, we will be able to see it.”


“You called me, just to ask this?” Zhou Lan smiled, “Tell me, what do you want to do, you have a backer, aunt will help you.”

“No, I will do it myself.” Pei Xu said.

Zhou Lan didn’t know what to say for a while, and she felt very emotional in her heart. Everything was like a dream. Such a Pei Xu made her feel sour, strange and moved.

She heard a singing voice and sang:

I have never seen a village where the aurora appears, nor have I seen anyone setting off fireworks late at night.

The evening star is like your eyes, killing and setting fire.

This seemed to have something to do with the aurora that Pei Xu just asked about.

“Are you listening to a song?”

Pei Xu said “Yes”, and said, “Liu Shuang’s song.”

Zhou Lan was stunned for a moment.

She remembered who liked Liu Shuang’s songs very much.

Oh, it was Zhai Xingchen.

After hanging up the phone, Pei Xu walked to the French windows. His thin and straight back stood in front of the large French windows. Liu Shuang’s songs were playing in the room. On the computer on the desk was the ticket page for Liu Shuang’s Beicheng concert. The promotional slogan read: “Look for everything that radiates light.”

Zhai Xingchen was still spinning rapidly on the stage, sweat dripping down his cheeks.

The dance teacher patted the beat with his hands: “Get up… turn, turn again, turn again, right leg, step… barb, yes, hold on!” The clothes were rolled up, revealing the plaster on the back waist.

His feet landed on the wooden floor, making a kicking sound, his eyes were so bright, sweat covered him, making him shine, as if a sky full of fireworks blooming under the aurora, all fell into his eyes.

A large number of film crew of “Red and Blue Signal” entered the performance hall of Zhongwu’s dance studio stage and began to fix the camera, adjust the light, and test shoot.

In the noisy scene, everyone was busy, just to give everyone the most exciting performance tomorrow.

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[1] A promise worth one thousand in gold (idiom); a promise that must be kept.

[2] Heat of the sun.

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