TBVSR Ch. 93.1: Bikini

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It was half a year ago that Zhen Xuxu gave up on Qiu Li, and Ren Xian was naturally involved in it.

Zhen Xuxu told her mother that she fell in love with a boy, and hoped that her mother could help her.

When Ren Xian found out that the man was Qiu Li, thinking of the perverted experiments Qiu Li’s father had done on him, and the incident of him killing birds when he was a child, she was so frightened that she was out of her wits, and told Zhen Xuxu to stay away from him quickly!

Zhen Xuxu didn’t know why at first, until Ren Xian told her about Qiu Li’s past experiences…

She was also a strange woman. Because of Qiu Li’s indifferent and alienated attitude towards her, Zhen Xuxu was disheartened and very disappointed.

Now when she heard her mother talking about his past, she was instantly filled with the fire of love, it was rekindled, and she insisted that he was the special one, that she could do things that her ex-girlfriend couldn’t do, and she wanted to influence Qiu Li.

She would never give up.

Helpless, Ren Xian could only go to Jiang Yu and tell her all her worries, hoping she could persuade Qiu Li to stay away from Zhen Xuxu.

After Jiang Yu heard Ren Xian’s words, her face was very indifferent, and there was even a hint of anger in her cold eyes: “From the beginning to the end, it was your daughter who liked him. I have been to Haicheng, and at that time she had asked me for ballet lessons to please others. You asked me to persuade Qiu Li, how should I persuade him.”

“I know that Xuxu was spoiled by me and her father since she was a child, and her temper is a bit stubborn. But you also know Xiao Li’s situation, he is not normal person, we only have this one child, and we must not make any mistakes.”

Ren Xian was confused, so she didn’t care if what she said was inappropriate: “Xiao Li, I sympathize with him, but to me, he is actually just like a stranger, I can’t put my daughter in danger for him.”

“I understand your concerns as a mother, but he…he also treated you as a mother…for many years.”

Jiang Yu was very angry and heartbroken, knowing that she shouldn’t be so strict with Ren Xian, but she felt very uncomfortable for Qiu Li…

She was afraid that no parent could accept a boy like Qiu Li. It was even very difficult for him to even find a job as a tutor.

Jiang Yu just loved him.

He did nothing wrong and was thrown out by the whole world.

Later, Ren Xian went to Haicheng in person, found Qiu Li, and talked with him calmly: “I know everything about you, thank you for treating me as your mother for so many years. But Zhen Xuxu is my biological daughter, and I hope she can get the most perfect happiness, as far as I know, you should not have any deep feelings for her. Otherwise, she would not ask for my help.”

Qiu Li listened silently, and said nothing.

Ren Xian took a deep breath and said, “As long as you let my daughter go and let her give up completely, I can recognize you as a godson, and we can be like a family.” When she finished speaking, Qiu Li obviously sneered. After a while, it seemed that he had heard some ridiculous joke.


What a ridiculous thought!!!

In order to keep him away from Zhen Xuxu, she could pinch her nose and recognize him as her son, but Qiu Li could clearly see her incomparable dislike for him from her eyes.

“Teacher Ren, I hope you understand that it is your daughter who has been pestering me.” Qiu Li stood up, the corner of his mouth raised coldly: “I used to disdain to do anything to her, but today, you made me change my mind.”

After speaking, he turned and walked out of the coffee shop.

In his chest, the flames of revenge blazed. He wanted to destroy Zhen Xuxu, destroy all her beauty, and let her go to hell with him.

Ren Xian turned pale with fright, she knew how much her daughter was obsessed with this man, if he really wanted to do something, it would be terrible!

“Qiu Li!” Ren Xian quickly stopped him and said loudly, “Qiu Li, come back!”

Qiu Li didn’t stop, and pushed the door straight out. Ren Xian chased him to the road, and shouted at his back: “I went to look for Jiang Yu!”

Qiu Li suddenly stopped in his tracks!

Panting, Ren Xian ran over and said sharply to him, “Jiang Yu is also at Beicheng University, if you dare to do anything to my daughter, I… I will not let her go! Don’t even think about her having any future graduate qualifications! Graduation… She can’t even think about graduating smoothly!”

Never underestimate a mother’s ability to protect her child, even for a reasonable and intelligent woman like Ren Xian, her child would always be her bottom line, and she could do anything for Zhen Xuxu.

This was… a child protected by a mother.

Qiu Li turned his head and gave her a cold look, with a chill in his eyes: “Just you can move her?”

Was it just a show for her to have her two fathers?

Ren Xian also immediately realized her gaffe. As a professor who taught and educated people, she shouldn’t say such things, especially to juniors and students.

“Qiu Li, I went to Jiang Yu, you know, what did she say when I mentioned you?”

Qiu Li bowed his head and said nothing.

“She said, she hopes you can embrace a new life and walk in the sunshine with every step.”

Every step, walk in the sunshine.

These were the last words Jiang Yu said to him that night.

Qiu Li clenched his fists, trembling uncontrollably.

If in the past, he walked on the edge of night and day, but still had his heart towards the sun. Now, his heart had already fallen into darkness forever.

To be like his father?

No, he couldn’t be like that stupid man who was so cowardly that he would only attack his own son.

He would repay all the injustices this world had given him.

This was the only reason to support his existence.

Qiu Li took the initiative to ask Zhen Xuxu to meet. This was the first time in a long time.

That night, the two of them were walking on the quiet playground, with Qiu Li walking in front and Zhen Xuxu walking behind, stepping on his slender shadow.

Zhen Xuxu knew that her mother had gone to him, she was already mentally prepared, no matter what Qiu Li told her, she could bear it.

“Don’t take my mother’s words to heart. I like you. It’s my business. It has nothing to do with you or anyone else. My mother can’t control me.”

Qiu Li said calmly: “I don’t feel love for you, you should know this.”

Zhen Xuxu shook her head vigorously: “I understand that you have experienced bad things before, I… I can understand, if we are together, I will treat you very well!”

“At first, I really wanted to seduce you, because you are Ren Xian’s daughter, and you have so much happiness, I really want to break it with my own hands.”

Zhen Xuxu stared blankly at the man in front of him, and the moonlight fell on him, and even engulfed him, giving a soft sheen.

It was the first time he had spoken to her so patiently and tenderly.

“I’m sick, and it’s a very serious mental illness. Xiao Yu is the only person who can make me feel this world. And you are the second.”

“I…” Qiu Li didn’t give her a chance to speak, looking at the pair of old AJ sneakers on his feet, he continued: “At first, I thought that I was with her just to get out of the black and white world. My love for her may be just because she makes me feel. Maybe when I’m with you, I’ll like you too.”

“But over the past year, I gradually understand that without her, I’d rather…return to that black and white world.”

Zhen Xuxu’s eyes suddenly turned red.

She would never have thought that the most tender Qiu Li would treat her was when he mentioned his ex-girlfriend.

She couldn’t understand what Qiu Li meant by these words, but she could feel that he still loved Jiang Yu deeply.

He liked ballet, not because of ballet, but because the girl who could dance ballet lived in his heart.

Zhen Xuxu understood that although it was still painful and uncomfortable, she still chose to give up after all.

“Qiu Li, I don’t know why you broke up with her, but your current state… is very bad, and you are doing bad things.”

Zhen Xuxu held back her tears and said in a trembling voice: “Maybe you should go back to be by her side, let her protect you.”

After she finished speaking, she wiped the corners of her eyes, sobbed heavily, turned and left sadly.

Qiu Li looked at the stars all over the sky, as the moon hid in the dark clouds.

Go back? He really wanted to go back to her, but he couldn’t go back.

Never go back.

The hotel was located in a quiet private bay, under the sun, the blue sea was glowing with golden light like fish scales.

Jiang Manyi and Cheng Ye lived in a couple’s suite. The suite was huge and had extra rooms. Originally, Jiang Yu could also live in it, but after Cheng Ye winked at her for the nth time, she decided not to be a high-wattage light bulb. The light bulb was turned off, and she opened a separate sunny sea view room for herself.

In the room, Jiang Manyi was packing her luggage. Cheng Ye thought of Jiang Yu’s warning, and hurried to her side, squatting down to help her pack the boxes.

“Manman, tell me, what is the relationship between us now.”

“I don’t know, we’re in love.”

“Isn’t it strange that our daughter is still in a relationship at this age?”

Jiang Manyi knew that he was single-minded and what he wanted to talk about, so she turned her head to look at Cheng Ye: “Do you really want to marry me?”

“Do you think I’ve been joking with you all this year?”

“But you’ve seen your fans’ reactions.”

“Who cares about them!” Cheng Ye said, “I don’t need fans, I just need audiences.”

“Isn’t it good that we are like this now?” Jiang Manyi said: “You miss me, you can come to see me. After marriage, you won’t be as free as you are now.”

Cheng Ye knew that Jiang Manyi still couldn’t accept them, there was still a gap, so he said coldly: “Let’s just say it straight, you want a white face to raise, don’t you.”

Jiang Manyi: “…”

“It’s great to have a big star come over at any time, and you don’t need to pay. Haha…”

Jiang Manyi slapped him: “Show me some face.”

Cheng Ye smiled shamelessly: “In our relationship, you have the final say.”

“I have the final say, that is not to get married.” Jiang Manyi said: “When you get married, there are many troublesome things, such as property issues after marriage. Half of the money you earn is mine. Our income gap is so big. You are at a loss. I don’t want to take advantage of you. I don’t want to be talked about.”

Cheng Ye scratched his head vigorously, feeling devastated because Jiang Manyi was still thinking about these things: “I gave you everything, and you are still talking about money with me?”

“We are not seventeen or eighteen-year-old child, these practical issues must be considered.”

Cheng Ye grabbed Jiang Manyi’s hand and flirted with her directly: “Manman, you give in to me in everything, and you give in to me in this matter too. Can’t you?”

Jiang Manyi rubbed his head and said with a smile: “My brother is still a kid.”

“Promise me.”

“It’s hard to promise.”

Cheng Ye stood up unhappily, lay down on the bed, covered himself with the quilt, covering his head, he began to sulk: “You only want me for my body, not me.”

“Then let’s be good roommates.” Jiang Manyi didn’t bother to talk to him: “I’m going to see Xiao Yu.”

“Wait a minute, try on the swimsuit I bought for you.” Cheng Ye turned over and took out a bikini from a box and said, “You can’t get married, but as roommates you can always try this.”

Jiang Manyi looked at the pathetic sexy bikini: “I’m a mother, you let me wear this, what does it look like.”

Cheng Ye walked over, handed the clothes to her, and said softly, “Only wear it in the room, show me, Manman, I want to see you wearing this.”

Jiang Manyi didn’t refuse him. At any time, as long as his request was not too much, she would never refuse.

Maybe she didn’t have confidence in other aspects of herself, but she was absolutely confident in her figure.

Even wearing such a hot bikini, she could kill other women of the same age in seconds.

Jiang Manyi changed her clothes and walked out of the bathroom.

“It’s changed.”

Cheng Ye looked away from the phone and settled on her. A few seconds later, he looked away and had two nosebleeds in disappointment.

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