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“Devotion? “Fu Yuanzhou sneered, “Show me one person, do you have anyone you can be devoted to?”

“You’ll see sooner or later.” Yuan Ye said.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t take it seriously, and it was not that he didn’t understand Yuan Ye, what kind of pretense should a single person do: “By the way, wouldn’t it be inappropriate for me to keep Meng Shiru’s WeChat account?”

It was basically impossible for him to have contact with Meng Shiru. It was purely politeness on his part to exchange WeChat with her, as she was introduced to Yuan Ye by Yuan Ye’s mother after all.

Yuan Ye said, “Keep it, you have to continue to help me.”

“Huh?” Fu Yuanzhou thought this was the end of the matter, why did it sound like there was a follow-up?

“She will show in your circle of friends, we have to post one or two for her to see.” Yuan Ye said, “She is also my WeChat friend, so we still have to interact in the comments, pretending that we are a couple.”

“Damn, it’s okay.” Fu Yuanzhou firmly disagreed, “What should I do if it is seen by others?”

“Grouping, bro, can the three of us solve it if we can see it? If she asks if there is any problem for our family to see, just tell her that there is a special group, and those who can see the photos are all trustworthy friends.”

“Oh.” Fu Yuanzhou thought about it, nodded, and said casually, “You can do it, your mind is turning fast enough, as if you have thought it over and planned for a long time.”

Yuan Ye’s body froze imperceptibly, then returned to a relaxed state, and took out his mobile phone: “I need to take more photos and save them in the album, what if she wants to see them later?”

“Too much trouble.” Fu Yuanzhou was very resistant, not because of taking pictures, but because he didn’t expect that there would be so many aftermaths. This matter was over, and maybe something would happen in the future.

“Help people to the end.” Yuan Ye hooked the back of his neck, and the two of them leaned together in front of the camera to take a selfie, “Come on, take some pictures with me.”

Fu Yuanzhou had no choice but to smile for the camera. Yuan Ye grabbed him and took a lot of pictures, then clicked on the album, and moved all these photos to a specially built classified album, which contained photos of him and Fu Yuanzhou.

“You wait.” Fu Yuanzhou grabbed his wrist, stopped his operation, pointed to the name of the album and said, “What is this?”

“I thought maybe she would read it, and I changed it temporarily before I came here.” Yuan Ye glanced at the name of the album, “Isn’t this a normal name? It’s what couples call each other.”

“Fart!” Fu Yuanzhou lost his composure, “I’m about to vomit, who is your wife? Change it for me quickly!”

“It’s for the sake of credibility…”

“I’ll kill you! Change it quickly!”

“Okay, I’ll change it.” Seeing that Fu Yuanzhou was really about to choke himself, Yuan Ye surrendered, “What do you want to change it to?”

“What you used to call it, what is the name now, do I need to teach you this as well?”

“Okay.” Yuan Ye nodded, and immediately changed the name back quickly: “Is this okay?”

Fu Yuanzhou frowned after seeing it: “This is another. What’s the name?”

In his opinion, the name was not very good, it was actually called “my cat”, who was the cat to Yuan Ye!

“It’s because you’re as difficult to serve as a cat.” Yuan Ye rubbed his hair and laughed, “But who let you make me happy.”

“You are difficult to serve.”

Fu Yuanzhou patted his hand away but looked at Yuan Ye’s eyes which were smiling. There was a little more inexplicable feeling in his heart, like being gently swept by soft feathers, it felt a little itchy.

Yuan Ye returned to the club that day, and Fu Yuanzhou also returned to school. Later, they posted two circles of friends and carefully set up groups, just for Meng Shiru to read, and Meng Shiru also liked them.

At this point, Fu Yuanzhou was relieved and put the matter behind him, but after a few days, there was another disturbance. Yuan Ye called him on WeChat: “Are you free tonight?”

Fu Yuanzhou had no class today, and no one had made an appointment, he was staying in the apartment honestly, and replied after seeing the message: “Are you free, why, playing games?”

“I have to go to your place, I need your help. Yes.”

“What’s the matter?” Fu Yuanzhou immediately sat up straight.

“Let’s talk about it when we meet. I’ll continue training first.”

He said he was coming, so Fu Yuanzhou went out early and bought a lot of food and came back. In fact, Yuan Ye didn’t come to his apartment often, because it was troublesome every time he came in. After all he was a well-known e-sports player, and there were many of his fans in places like university campuses where young people gathered, so he had to sneak in quietly.

It was the same this time, taking advantage of the dark night, Yuan Ye was wearing a hoodie and had his face covered tightly with a wide hood. He was picked up by Fu Yuanzhou from the apartment downstairs, and the two returned like spies to his apartment.

“What’s the matter?”

Fu Yuanzhou looked at the bag in Yuan Ye’s hand: “You brought something else?”

“It’s my clothes.” Yuan Ye sighed, “I’ll explain to you slowly.”

“Tell me. “Fu Yuanzhou threw him a can of Coke and opened a can himself.

Yuan Ye took the Coke and put it on the table: “I don’t seem to have told you that Meng Shiru and Xie Lin are from the same school.”

Fu Yuanzhou almost spit out the Coke: “No way? Could this matter have something to do with Xie Lin?”

“It’s a little bit related…” Yuan Ye looked a little complicated, “You went to play with Xie Lin over there today, and Meng Shiru happened to see it, and then she chatted with me.”

“What did she say??”

“She didn’t say anything, she knew she was an outsider, and she just asked me if Xie Lin was your relative, because she saw that your behavior was very intimate.” Yuan Ye said, “Are you hooking up with Xie Lin again?”

“Fat girl,” Fu Yuanzhou muttered, “Isn’t this normal?”

“But I’m afraid it’s not normal in her eyes, because she thinks you are gay.”

Fu Yuanzhou almost forgot that he still had this setting, but hearing the words, he also came to his senses: “She wouldn’t think that I hooked up with another man, and I gave you a green hat?”

Yuan Ye coughed: “Maybe it’s because of doubts about our relationship, that we’re not a real couple.”

Fu Yuanzhou wanted to strangle himself to death, he shouldn’t have helped Yuan Ye in the first place!

“Then what should we do?” After being silent for a while, he looked up at Yuan Ye, “Otherwise, I will pretend that I really fell in love with Xie Lin, and you break up with me angrily, anyway, she knows you are gay, and won’t like you again.”

Yuan Ye: “…Do you really have the heart to green me?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “I can bear it.”

Yuan Ye: “I don’t want to, I can’t be thought like that by anyone!”

Fu Yuanzhou: “Then you, which one is more suitable for you?”

“…” Yuan Ye was almost pissed off by him, but what could he do? He couldn’t coax people well.

He simply sat beside Fu Yuanzhou and begged him in a low voice: “Please, help me again?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but what should I do?” Fu Yuanzhou was also helpless.

“I told her that she must have misunderstood the person. You didn’t go to the school next door today.” Yuan Ye said, “If you want to be wronged, don’t go to play with Xie Lin recently. Even if you want to meet, you have to make an appointment outside the school, and keep a distance from him… the others too, don’t get too close to them, do you think it’s okay?”

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t immediately agree: “When will this end?”

“It won’t be long.” Yuan Ye said, “Isn’t this semester coming to an end? Next semester, she will go abroad for a period of one and a half years. After one and a half years, she should have forgotten us long ago. You just have to bear with it for a month.”

“One month… that’s okay.” Fu Yuanzhou finally nodded, “Okay, then I’ll help you with this.”

“Thank you, there’s one more thing.”

Yuan Ye stood up and brought him the opened bag and took out the clothes inside: “You change into my clothes and I’ll take a photo for you.”

“This is?” Fu Yuanzhou didn’t understand.

“I’ll post it on Moments, the dress I wore last time I saw her, even if she doesn’t remember, I can explain that you are wearing my clothes – a boyfriend shirt, the background is home, she’ll understand everything…”

Fu Yuanzhou showed a strange look in his eyes: “You are really shameless.”

“Brother, just help me…” Yuan Ye begged him.

As soon as he called him brother, Fu Yuanzhou lost his temper. If he wanted to help, he would help, so he got up and changed his clothes.

Fu Yuanzhou was 1.8 meters tall, not short at all, but Yuan Ye was 1.9 meters tall, and his frame was bigger than him. So, the clothes were still loose. After Fu Yuanzhou changed, he felt the wind blowing from his neck, and the sleeves were also long, that it was covering half of his palm.

Seeing him changing clothes, Yuan Ye was very happy, pointed to the carpet and said, “Sit down, and I’ll take a picture for you.”

Fu Yuanzhou snorted coldly, sat down cross-legged, and pretended to be watching TV, and Yuan Ye stood behind him and looked down at him, his clothes were very loose on Fu Yuanzhou’s body, and the collar was also wide, revealing the white back of the neck, and the lines were very beautiful.

He stared at it for a long time, his eyes gradually changed, he also sat on the ground, and hugged Fu Yuanzhou from behind.

“What are you doing?” Fu Yuanzhou was taken aback.

“There’s still something missing.” Yuan Ye’s voice was slightly hoarse, “I have to give you a stamp.”

As he said that, he lowered his head, lightly touched the back of Fu Yuanzhou’s neck with his lips, and exerted a little force, leaving an ambiguous hickey.

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