CFCS Ch. 219.1: Road to Immortality (8)

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Jing Yang completed Bai Guang’s request within one year and successfully cultivated to become an immortal. In fact, he absorbed the energy of the sea heart stone, and Bai Guang transferred the divine power to him by way of double cultivation. Under such conditions, even if he didn’t want to cultivate, it would be very difficult for him not to become an immortal.

The island also started preparing for his apprenticeship ceremony early, and the invitations had already been sent out. When everyone in the spiritual world, immortal world, and fairy world got to know that Bai Guang was going to accept an apprentice, they were surprised at first, and then confused. Surprisingly, Bai Guang never had such a grand ceremony when accepting apprentices before, but this time all famous figures from all walks of life were invited. What was even more puzzling was that Bai Guang said a long time ago that he would only accept ten apprentices, and the ten apprentices had already been accepted, so why should he accept apprentices now.

And when the invited people got to know that Bai Guang was going to accept his eldest apprentice, they were shocked and became even more curious. They thought it was no wonder why they hadn’t known who Bai Guang’s eldest apprentice was for so many years, and they became even more curious. Who was it that could make Bai Guang retain the position of the eldest apprentice for so many years, and still hold such a grand apprentice acceptance ceremony so seriously.

It could be said that Bai Guang wanting to accept his eldest apprentice could be said to be the most discussed topic in all walks of life, but no matter whether they were shocked or curious, for those who received the invitation letter and could go to Zhu Yang Island, it was naturally a big deal and something that made them feel honored and happy. Moreover, some of the children of those who received the invitation letter had already made a fuss about who would go to Zhu Yang Island with them.

Those who had not received the invitation letter, besides being envious and watching the excitement, were waiting for those who had been invited to Zhu Yang Island to come back and talk about what the island was like and describe the grand occasion of the ceremony.

The patriarchs of the four southern families in the world of spiritual cultivation also received invitation letters, which made them feel flattered and excited, because in the world of immortal cultivation, there were still many families with higher status than their four major families in the southern region that had not recieved invitation letters.

In the entire spiritual cultivation world, only the four major families in the southern region received the invitation letter, so the highest families in the other three realms were very puzzled, why only the four major families in the southern region received the attention of Zhu Yang Island. After much deliberation, they all thought that it was because Xiao Liangqi was married to Lan Manzi, and Lan Manzi’s older sister was an apprentice of the master of Zhu Yang Island. Even the four major families themselves thought so.

The time for the apprentice acceptance ceremony was getting closer and closer. People who had received the invitation letter had started to reach the island one after another. People who had never been to Zhu Yang Island were obviously attracted by the strong fairy spirit on the island after going to the island. They were so shocked that the environment on the island made them linger even more, thinking that it would be great if they could live here for the rest of their lives.

The four major families in the southern region arrived at Zhu Yang Island together on the boat of the Lan family. Otherwise, if they took their own boat, they would not be able to reach the island until the day before the ceremony at the earliest.

When Lan Manzi arrived on the island, she was naturally anxious to meet her son first, but there were rules on the island, even if parents of the disciples come to the island, they were not allowed to meet their children casually without permission. Lan Manzi asked her parents to find her sister and let her meet her son, but it still took two days for her to meet Xiao Ling.

As soon as Xiao Ling saw his mother, the grievance in his heart broke out. He hugged his mother and cried about how hard his life was on the island. He didn’t want to stay on Zhu Yang Island anymore and wanted to go home.

Seeing her son crying so sad, Lan Manzi felt distressed and wanted to cry, but she knew very well that the longer he stayed on Zhu Yang Island, the faster his spiritual power would rise. She was sure that even if he didn’t do anything on the island, his spiritual power would improve faster than those who practiced hard elsewhere.

Lan Manzi wiped away the tears from Xiao Ling’s face, and said comfortingly, “Ling’er, listen to your mother, although being an apprentice is hard, as long as you can stay on Zhu Yang Island, everything is worth it. Yes. Even your aunt came here in the same way. After you have survived these few years, I will find a way to let your aunt accept you as a disciple, so that you don’t have to suffer like this anymore.”

“Auntie doesn’t protect me!” Xiao Ling complained indignantly, “She also said that if I died because I violated the rules of the island, she would not say a word for me, and even told me not to implicate her!”

Since she was a child, Lan Manzi knew that her eldest sister was very cold-hearted, and she never had a smile and warmth towards her younger brothers and sisters, let alone these nephews, so Lan Manqing saying such words to Xiao Ling, she didn’t find it strange at all.

“Although your aunt is cold-hearted, your grandparents are still there. If something really happens to you on the island, as long as your grandparents come forward, your aunt will definitely find a way to save you.” Lan Manzi took Xiao Ling’s hand and said, “But this is Zhu Yang Island. Everyone knows the rules here. It’s not as easy as back home. Mother knows it too. You just have to be patient and not cause trouble. Be patient until you become Zhu Yang Island’s registered disciple, then everything will be fine.”

“If it’s just hard work, I would be willing to endure it, but I can’t bear Xiao Jing’s humiliation to me no matter what!”

“What?” Lan Manzi thought to herself that she had heard it wrong, so she asked with wide eyes, “Does Xiao Jing dare to humiliate you?”

“Xiao Jing receives much better treatment than us. After coming to the island, the treatment we received was very different. We had to dig mud with our hands and clean up animal excrement every day. But he lives comfortably, he can eat all the precious fairy fruits on the island, and he can hug any animal he sees for two days. The most hateful thing is that in the past few months, he has found a day every month to humiliate and torture me, trampling my dignity on the ground!”

Lan Manzi felt pain in her chest after hearing Xiao Ling’s words, she never thought that the woman’s son would actually be able to treat her son like this on Zhu Yang Island.

“Mother will go to ask your aunt what’s going on.” Lan Manzi held her chest and breathed hard, and said, “Don’t worry, mother will never let you suffer in vain, and will definitely find a way to help you.”

T/N: This is great, your son deserves to be treated well while you can treat others’ sons anyway you want… Hypocrisy at its finest…

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