PPM Ch. 61: What was this Dark Drink?

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“What?” Li Shengxia blurted out in surprise.

With a cold face, Mo Nianchen said confidently: “Didn’t you just want to help me with vegetables? Dongpo Pork!”

“…” Didn’t he just pushed away the bowl with disgust? Weird guy.

“What are you still doing sitting, hurry up!” Mo Nianchen urged coldly.

She twitched the corners of her mouth speechlessly, and put a piece of meat in his bowl. He actually ate it carefully for a long time… Contrary to Mo Nianchen’s happy mood, Li Shengxia felt uneasy. Where did the ring fall? If she really couldn’t find it, she couldn’t imagine how Mo Nianchen would torture her…

Today Mo Nianchen was acting so strange, he was always looking at her, causing her heart to beat endlessly, as if her lie had been exposed. When she thought about how close she was to Mo Nianchen, she felt that it was difficult to breathe.

Mo Nianchen seemed to have noticed her abnormality, and suddenly asked, “What’s wrong with you? Your face is so red.”

“Nothing.” She panicked even more.

Seeing her cheeks blushing, he could not help but reach out to test the temperature of her forehead, but she avoided him unexpectedly.

She looked at his hanging hand awkwardly, and said to him, “I…I’m going to take a shower—”

Li Shengxia ran into the bathroom in embarrassment, and immediately locked the bathroom door.

She was leaning against the bathroom door, her heart still beating wildly.

OMG! When she was in contact with Mo Nianchen, why was her heart was beating really fast? Must be guilt because of losing the ring, right?

Li Shengxia looked down at her left hand and felt even more uneasy.

What to do? Where did the ring go? If it couldn’t be found, she’ll be dead.

As soon as she thought of this, the bathroom door was knocked at loudly.

Li Shengxia was startled and blurted out with a guilty conscience: “Who?”

“Me.” Mo Nianchen said coldly, “Come out!”

Mo Nianchen? Why was he still outside? Li Shengxia hurriedly said, “I…I’m taking a bath.”

“What kind of bath are you taking just after dinner, did all the childhood health classes go in vain? Come out!” Mo Nianchen was still knocking on the door.

The knocking on the door made Li Shengxia panic.

Oops, her head was so dizzy! What could she do to lure him away?

“I… My stomach hurts… I have to stay in the bathroom!” Li Shengxia said hesitantly.

“Damn, open the door quickly if you’re not feeling well!” Mo Nianchen almost smashed the door when he heard this.

Li Shengxia didn’t expect that not only did he not leave, but he also started kicking the door, and she couldn’t help feeling even more speechless.

“No…No need.” Li Shengxia continued with a painful expression: “It’s the days that comes every month, it’s okay…”

Mo Nianchen finally stopped knocking on the door after hearing this!

Li Shengxia breathed a sigh of relief.

Don’t know how long it took before Li Shengxia came out of the bathroom, but Mo Nianchen was standing at the door waiting for her!

As soon as she saw him sticking there like a doorman, she immediately covered her stomach and pretended to have a stomach ache, then turned around and rushed into the bathroom again…

Who knew, before she even got in, she was caught by him…

Then, Mo Nianchen brought a cup of something in front of her and said concisely, “Drink!”

Li Shengxia had an inexplicable shadow about the word ‘drink’. Before she was in the hospital, she drank a lot of the ‘lemonade’ that he handed over, and her stomach was full of acid after drinking it.

What was the dark drink this time?! She would have to add another one to his special lemon juice shadow, which already made her feel very sad.

Li Shengxia frowned at the strange-coloured thing in the glass, and said, “I’m not sick, I don’t need to take medicine.”

“This is sour plum soup, you idiot.” Mo Nianchen was about to pour it into her mouth.

Li Shengxia’s face suddenly flushed red, she immediately choked, and took the drink he handed over: “I’ll just drink it myself!”

Anyway, she couldn’t escape.

Mo Nianchen let go of her after hearing her say this.

Li Shengxia held the drink cup with a helpless expression. He kept staring at her, as if he would not give up until she drank everything in it.

Li Shengxia glanced at him secretly, and seeing that he was still looking at her, blush appeared on her cheeks.

It turned out that he misunderstood her aunt coming, and she couldn’t explain anything, so she could say nothing and had to drink all the sour plum soup.

However, him being so considerate was really like what she imagined when she was dreaming.

There was a little joy in her heart. Immediately afterwards, she heard him say…

“I remember that you had a normal period before, why did you come here twice this month?” Mo Nianchen said coldly, thinking, didn’t you just have a medical examination? The report also says everything is normal, what is this bullshit?

“…” Li Shengxia’s face became more and more red, no, no, no, did he even remember this? She hurriedly explained, “Actually, I didn’t…”

Before she could finish speaking, he continued to add: “Irregular menstruation should be taken seriously. In a few days, I will find a doctor to do a general examination for you.”

“Check again?” The corners of Li Shengxia’s mouth twitched, “You forgot? It’s not been more than two days since I got myself checked.”

“I don’t remember the report saying that you had irregular menstruation. You will have all the tests again!”

“…” She was speechless.

What he said in a few days was to wait for her aunt to finish…

Li Shengxia was embarrassed for a while, and she didn’t know how to explain it, so she didn’t explain it at all. Lest he suddenly torture her again.

Seeing that she didn’t answer, Mo Nianchen frowned and said, “No matter how stupid you are, you don’t have to go to work tomorrow!”

“No…” Li Shengxia immediately refused, “I’m fine! Don’t make a fuss, I’ll still go to work tomorrow.”

She finally got out of the hospital, so she didn’t need to do it all over again.

In order to prevent him from leaving her in the hospital again, she hurriedly said good night to him, yawned deliberately, and said, “That’s it today, I’m so tired, I’ll sleep in my room, you sleep in your room, good night, bye!”

Li Shengxia pushed Mo Nianchen out of the door, slammed the door shut, and then leaned behind the door taking a deep breath.

This time Mo Nianchen didn’t knock on the door, but took the key and opened the door directly.

Li Shengxia was startled, “You…what are you doing!”

He saw her with a sullen face, and said coldly, “This is my house, how dare you drive me out?”

“…” Li Shengxia wanted to cry without tears. Although this was her room, it was indeed a part of his home, and she didn’t seem to have the right to drive him out…

He repeated that many times that night, she wouldn’t think about it today, she suddenly had an urge to die.

Seeing that she was in a daze again, Mo Nianchen reached out and rubbed her head heavily, and said inexplicably, “I’ll take care of you in these few days.” After speaking, he turned and left.

How could he be so arrogant!

Li Shengxia was speechless.

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