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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

Yu Siyang had over 10 million fans. Among them, the largest number were the food fans. They discussed what to eat on his Weibo every day or screamed for the group leader to upload photos of food. If this happened, even those who were not food fans would be turned into a fan of food, so the group was getting bigger and bigger.

In direct proportion to the number, was the fighting power of the food fans.

The foodies usually looked harmless, as if they only knew about eating. But once Yu Siyang was hacked, an organized and disciplined team would pull up their sleeves and tear into the hackers. After the first few battles, they had saved up a set of valuable experience.

That was not to send fighting pictures, but to send food pictures.

The eight major Chinese cuisines, various snacks from the south to the north, and famous foreign delicacies could be made into emoticons by them. Nobody knew how their brains were so big. It was just a dish or a few cakes, but they could interpret different meanings from it. Whenever a discordant sound came out, they would use the food map to swipe the screen, which would force others to become hungry and find food.

The fan group that had the largest number after the food fans were actually not girlfriend fans, but in fact CP fans. This made the sisters of Yu Siyang’s management team who specialized in fan support clubs find it weird.

——Generally speaking, he is so hot and handsome. There should be a lot of girlfriend fans and face fans. How could there be a large group of CP fans who are keen to match others with Yangyang?

CP fans were divided into three branches, Praise CP, Zheyu CP, and cod CP. These three types of CP fans were the noisiest. Each of them said that their CP was king, and the others were cults. But if girlfriend fans dared to show their presence in front of them, they would unanimously go against them, and the girlfriend fans would not be able to fight back.

This time somebody spread rumors about Yu Siyang, CP and girlfriend fans were furious and united to tear into Chang Ying.

Although Chang Ying was torn miserably, the online melon-eating crowd did not end up hating her because of the food fans’ army. The rhythm was always unbiased in the scandal, and there was some sympathy for Chang Ying inexplicably. It was felt that it was just a scandal, so a female artist being so badly scolded that there were even personal attacks, was a bit too much.

At this time, Chang Ying’s agency issued a statement saying that it was because an actress of the same crew wanted to rob her role and deliberately slandered Chang Ying. They reserved the right to hold the person accountable. The entire statement did not mention Yu Siyang from beginning to end.

Although Chang Ying’s agency was afraid of All Star Entertainment, they could never let go of the hype opportunities that come to their door. Even with Zhan Heng, they dared to bundle a wave of hype.

CP fans and girlfriends were not so angry, but the official statement discouraged them from tearing Chang Ying again, so as not make wedding dresses for others[1].

Even if it stopped now, in fact, Chang Ying’s attention had been catalyzed by Yu Siyang’s fans because of the bundling with Yu Siyang, she earned enough topics and attention.

An 18-line artist who had never been heard of, stayed on the hot search for several days, and even got a script out of it. Chang Ying could be said to have received a blessing in disguise.

And Yu Siyang got no benefit except for being stepped on for others to reach a high position. Fans were so angry, but they knew that to tear into her was just to create attention for the other party. Was it possible to swallow such a grievance?

Fans couldn’t help shaking their heads.

——Look, see, without us, you heretics were able to do nothing, don’t spoil any CP, or call the group leader husband every day, eating is the right way, and eating more can increase IQ.

After despising CP fans and girlfriend fans, the magical food fans from don’t know where got the filming footage of “The Battle of Fei Shui”. They added cute subtitles to it and made a funny video and posted it online.

“The Battle of Feishui” had a high level of attention. As soon as the video came out, the number of hits exceeded one million in half an hour.

When people watched the video and found it funny, but they also felt that the actress who played Huan Shi was not good at acting. They always saw her NG, and tire other actors to accompany her over and over again.

This was the brilliance of the editors. It did not clearly say that the actress was lacking in acting skills, but anyone who watched the video felt that way. Some people even said in the barrage that they don’t know why the crew chose such an actor.

Chang Ying’s foundation was weak, and the audience’s favorability was almost zero. Naturally, there would be no diehard fans to speak for her. The brokerage company bought the navy, but there was no splash.

Bundled with Yu Siyang’s attention, because this video reached a new high, the company immediately fell silent, because there was no other work to refer to in acting, and even the refutation seemed pale and weak.

On the contrary, Yu Siyang’s acting skills in the tidbits were admired by fans, and he was dubbed by the food group with the title of “acting little fresh meat”. The mainstream media had not yet recognized it, but some entertainment media had published articles about it. The more popular little fresh meat actors were compared, taunting each of the actors except for Yu Siyang. At first glance, they looked particularly like the drafts he bought.

Even Yu Siyang himself thought it was Luo Peng’s draft. After repeatedly confirming that it was not, he couldn’t be more depressed, complaining: “How can the current media be so boring? Isn’t this attracting hatred for me?”

Luo Peng didn’t think much of it, “Just let it be, there are several of the same type as you, kill them, you are the boss of fresh meat.”

“I am not fresh meat.” Yu Siyang hated the pronoun “small fresh meat”.

“Then what are you? Old bacon?” Luo Peng asked.

Yu Siyang was angry: “You are the old bacon. I am the chef, Chef Yu, who specializes in cooking all kinds of meat.”

Luo Peng: “…why does it sound so strange.”

Yu Siyang: “Huh–“

“Okay. Well, Chef Yu, we are not here to discuss this today.” Luo Peng looked at his watch. It was 11 o’clock in the evening, and they had spoken for half an hour, but hadn’t gotten into the topic yet, “Let’s take a look at this script.”

Yu Siyang took the script from Luo Peng. On the cover, there were two large characters “Dead Land”. There was no director’s name, only “Chief Screenwriter: Yan Haiqing”.

“What kind of movie is this? Ghost movie?” Yu Siyang asked: “There can be no ghosts in any ghost movie now. It’s boring.”

Luo Peng said with a serious expression, “Crime movie”.

Yu Siyang thought he had heard it wrong,”…a crime movie?”

Luo Peng nodded sternly.

“Why does it have the name of a ghost movie?”

Luo Peng was speechless for three seconds. “Look at the script first. The protagonist is an undercover policeman.”

Yu Siyang opened the script outline with suspicion. The main protagonist Wu Wenjing was an undercover agent in a drug cartel. The policeman, who risked their lives to collect information and pass it out, caused the drug cartel’s big business to be knocked down several times. The leader of the group suspected that there was an undercover insider. Wu Wenjing was also one of the suspects. After being discovered, he fought against the drug cartel. He successfully smashed this huge drug cartel that had been entrenched in the south for more than ten years. He killed everyone from the leader to the young, then he rescued more than a dozen villagers from villages controlled by drug dealers.

Most men had a hero complex, and Yu Siyang was no exception. When he was a child, he also imagined that if he had superpowers, he could fly out of the orphanage to save the world and be worshipped by the people on the earth.

He hadn’t read the script in detail, just read the character set of the main protagonist, and immediately his eyes beamed, and he grabbed Luo Peng’s sleeve, “Luo Ge, this role is good, is there going to be an audition? Or am I already chosen?”

“This…” Luo Peng touched his nose, “The movie is still going to have an audition, but you have to cook a table full of good food for Master Yan first…”

Yu Siyang was dumbfounded, it was cooking again? Wasn’t the role an undercover policeman, and not a chef.

“I got this script because I promised Master Yan than you will cook for him. Master Yan is still pulling the line-up of the crew together. You are the first actor to get the script.” Luo Peng said, proud. So many people approached Master Yan, but Master Yan did not send out the script, he only sent it to him, which showed that he was different.

Just cook. Yu Siyang thought to himself, cooking was not difficult anyway, if he could make a table of food and win this hero role, he could be regarded as profiting.

Seeing that he had agreed, Luo Peng let him rest early. The script of “Dead Land” could be read slowly. He didn’t know how long it would take for Master Yan’s crew to get ready. The most important thing at this stage was the shooting of “The Battle of Fei Shui”.

All the indoor scenes of “The Battle of Feishui” would be shot till the end of March, and then the crew would move to the southwest for the outdoor scenes, and the vast war scenes would be filmed. In addition, at the end of March, Yu Siyang would have to take a few days off for attending fashion week on behalf of P&H. New products were released in autumn and winter, so the shooting time was even more tight.

Every March was the time for the four major fashion houses to release new products. There were hundreds of shows, large and small. Many domestic artists liked to go to major shows at this time, take some street photos, or in the show. They used these photos to brush up their sense of existence and to show how good their fashion resources were.

As the annual spokesperson for P&H China, Yu Siyang naturally received an invitation from the brand. In fact, this was also among the rights and obligations clearly stated in the endorsement contract. New products would be launched in March and September. As a spokesperson, he must model them on the catwalk.

It was actually not the first time for Yu Siyang to go abroad. He participated in the Bonova cooking competition, and the final was held in Lyon, France. He also deliberately learned French in order to participate in this competition. In addition, he had been worried about being excluded because of social barriers. So, basic communication in France was still not a problem.

But Xue Chengxiu obviously didn’t think so. He was worried that his child would be lost abroad, cheated, or bullied by crooked nuts. He was so worried that he could almost not fall asleep. If he hadn’t had an important economic summit to participate in, he would have followed along.

“Bring an interpreter and let Chen Li go with you.” Xue Chengxiu said: “Or Lin Bo can  also go. Lin Bo has been to Paris several times. He has a good sense of direction, and you will not be afraid of getting lost.”

Yu Siyang’s head was full of black lines, “I won’t get lost. Brother Luo and Tang Hang will also go, and a buddy from the propaganda group will also go with us. He graduated with a major in French, so I don’t need to bring a translator and brother Li.”

Xue Chengxiu thought and didn’t deny immediately: “A graduate of French major went to a brokerage company to do artist promotion. At first glance, he didn’t learn his major well.”

Yu Siyang: “=口=”

Can it be counted like this?

Xue Chengxiu said: “Luo Peng would be busy in shopping as soon as he arrives in Paris. Tang Hang is a little reliable, but he doesn’t know any foreign languages. How can you do without a translator.”

Yu Siyang said weakly, “I can do it myself.”

“You also said that you only know a little bit. If you get lost and don’t know what to say when you ask for directions, what should you do?” Xue Chengxiu glared at the disobedient child. “What if you are bullied and you can’t beat them? Chen Li is a special soldier. You must bring him.”

“I’m going to participate in the show, not fight.” Yu Siyang complained.

“What if there is a conflict with others?”

“But I’m fine, why should I have a conflict with others.”

“What if others come to upset you?”

“…Why should others want to upset me !!!”

“You look good.”

Okay, Mr. Xue made sense, and Yu Siyang was speechless.

“I know, Dad Xue.”

Xue Chengxiu squinted his eyes: “Huh? Dad Xue?”

“Oh, it’s so late. I have to get up early to film tomorrow. Go to bed early too, good night, Dad Xue, okay.” He immediately hung up the video after arousing the other party.

Xue Chengxiu looked at the black screen, angrily, and thought to himself, waiting for the kid to come back, hum…

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