PPM Ch. 91: She is my Legal Wife

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The next day

The entrance of Dolphin Bay Cinema.

She had to say that Ling Yarang was so considerate and gentle that it made people feel heartbroken, and it would make anyone very happy to be his girlfriend.

But she wanted to tell him several times that it was impossible between them. But he changed the topic each time. Seeing how happy he was talking, she really couldn’t bear to hurt him.

She decided to talk about it when she got home.

Along the way, Ling Yarang was very accommodating to her.

She didn’t know when, but they started talking about Mo Nianchen again.

“Li Shengxia, have you and the Prince reconciled?”

Li Shengxia shook her head.

These few days had been terrible. She had found a hotel and stayed there for several nights, but Mo Nianchen completely ignored her…

She tried to call him several times, but she never pressed the last number. She stayed like this for several days. Every day felt like a year, but she had to force a smile the next day. She felt really tired…

When she saw Mo Nianchen yesterday, she should have been happy, because all her happiness lay in him. But the moment he said that, all the happiness disappeared. Because of this, she also said something insincere…

In short, every time she saw Mo Nianchen, her personality became very strange! She was not even herself at all.

Ling Yarang asked again, “Are you on good terms with him? I think he seems to be nervous about you.”

“How could he be nervous about me, stop joking. He just likes to tease me.” Li Shengxia said. When she heard what Mo Nianchen said, her expression became stiff.

“I’m also very surprised. If he liked you, it shouldn’t be possible for him to be so cruel. Come into my arms Li Shengxia. If you feel inconvenient, it’s fine for us to date secretly and not let anyone know…”

“Yeah, how could he like me…” The person he hated the most was probably me. Li Shengxia’s expression was a little gloomy, and she hardly heard the second half of Ling Yarang’s words.

“Are you and the Crown Prince boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Li Shengxia looked at Ling Yarang, “No, he and I are not what you think, we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend… Actually we…”

It was a relationship between a contract husband and wife…

“Not a boyfriend or girlfriend?” Ling Yarang’s expression became a little disappointed, “That’s a pity.”

“What?” Li Shengxia didn’t quite understand…

If Ling Yarang liked her, won’t he wish that she and Mo Nianchen were not boyfriend and girlfriend?

Ling Yarang’s smile was a little distorted: “I just thought you were in that kind of relationship, so I wanted to chase you, just to take you away from him, and let him feel the taste of being robbed of love. That’s it.”


“Actually, my ex-girlfriend was taken away by him, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t get her back. Until I met you, I thought you had some unknown relationship with him, so I just thought, if I can grab his girlfriend, I will get revenge on him…”


“I have worked hard for so long, but I didn’t think it was just a misunderstanding. If only I had asked you earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted so much emotion…”

Bang –

A sturdy fist hit Ling Yarang’s left cheek, and he was immediately thrown to the side, and he fell into the fountain, soaked all over.

The icy water was biting cold, and he didn’t react for a while.

What just happened? Why was Mo Nianchen here! Didn’t Li Shengxia say that they were not in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship?

“Who are you, you also want to hurt my woman!” Mo Nianchen dragged Li Shengxia beside him, glared at her and said, “How many times have I told you not to be so stupid, why don’t you listen! “

Li Shengxia looked up at Mo Nianchen, her body trembling slightly.

She couldn’t believe that Ling Yarang, who had been helping her all the time, actually made friends with her for a purpose, not because he liked her, but to get revenge on Mo Nianchen!

But how could she not understand that Mo Nianchen never liked her, not at all.

In the end, no one liked her at all…

Ling Yarang looked at Li Shengxia in surprise, and asked with unwillingness in his eyes: “Li Shengxia, didn’t you say that you and him are not boyfriend and girlfriend? Why did you lie to me?”

Almost, just a little…he had almost done it! If she didn’t say that, maybe everything would be different now…

“We are not boyfriend and girlfriend, she is my legal wife!” Mo Nianchen said, returning the ring that was lost by Li Shengxia before, on her ring finger, he said, “If you lose it again this time, I will kill you.”

Li Shengxia wanted to struggle, but his expression was so serious that she forgot to refuse for a while.

She put on this ring again, because of this ring, he and her quarrelled upside down and had a lot of trouble.

But he put the ring on her finger again, did it mean that he wanted to have a truce with her?

He was always like this. Although he was very annoying, very-very annoying, he was always the first to show up when she needed him, so she liked him very much. That’s why she was was in a dilemma right now…

Every time just when she thought she could hate him completely, she would inevitably fall in love with him again…

How many times. Why was she so short of memory?

Ling Yarang was struck by lightning.

Legal wife?

Legal wife?

Was Mo Nianchen married? And Li Shengxia…

My God, this amount of information was too much! He really regretted that he was too reckless and missed this opportunity!

And Li Shengxia didn’t even want to look at him now. He knew that what he said just now completely broke her heart…

But… he was not wrong!

What’s wrong with him?

Ling Yarang said in a sneering tone, “So that’s how it is. Legal wife. Ha… But your wife doesn’t seem to like you. Not only does she dislike you, but she also said she hated you!”

Mo Nianchen’s eyes suddenly opened big.

“It must be very uncomfortable to be hated by your own wife. Otherwise, let her be in my arms, at least I can give her the tenderness and consideration that you can’t give. Do you know what she said about you? She said you are a Devil, she said you are the person she hates the most.”

“Ling Yarang, you have said enough!!” Li Shengxia shouted at him, she did not expect that one day, Ling Yarang would hurt him with what she said!

She added angrily: “No matter how much I hate him, I don’t think he is disgusting, but you are so disgusting!! It doesn’t matter if I like him or hate him? I and him, whether we are man and a woman or friends and legal couple, how does it matter to you?”

The sadness flashing in Mo Nianchen’s eyes was replaced by surprise, she actually spoke for him?

Ling Yarang saw Li Shengxia standing on Mo Nianchen’s side, and couldn’t help being angry: “He stole my woman! It’s all because of him, I lost the person I love the most! What’s wrong with me? I just want to let him taste the same loss as me, am I wrong?”

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