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He noticed that Ran Shutang’s ears seemed to be red. For a moment, Fu Yuanzhou thought that he had an illusion. He couldn’t help but take another glance before he was convinced that he was really right. Ran Shutang’s complexion was very white, and it was quite obvious.

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t help finding it novel. After graduating from high school, he and Ran Shutang hardly had any contact, but he was still very impressed with him in the three years of high school. He never remembered seeing Ran Shutang show such a reaction.

Why was that? Feeling embarrassed because the disliked person found him peeking? He had a thin skin.

As for why Ran Shutang looked at him, Fu Yuanzhou could understand it. It was nothing more than that he was happy to see him go. If he was in his previous life, he might also jump up and celebrate if he saw Ran Shutang go. Ran Shutang’s reaction was quite obvious.

In fact, after graduating from high school for several years, Fu Yuanzhou’s dislike of Ran Shutang had faded a lot, and he had forgotten many unpleasant things at the beginning, but now he suddenly realized that he had a chance to tease his opponent in high school again. He was still very happy.

So, Fu Yuanzhou took the phone and walked straight to Ran Shutang’s desk.

His sudden action instantly caught the attention of many people in the class. They all knew that these two people had never dealt well with each other, and each time they contacted each other, there would be unpleasantness. Now they couldn’t help but become nervous, worrying that the two would have friction again.

The moment Fu Yuanzhou stretched out his hand, the people closest to them all rushed over to hold him. It was hard to say whether Fu Yuanzhou would punch Ran Shutang. Although he was an Omega, no one dared to underestimate his combat power. Ran Shutang’s body wasn’t very good, so Fu Yuanzhou could beat him down with this punch.

Compared with them, Ran Shutang looked much calmer, and the change in his expression was not even as big as before. He sat in his seat calmly and stared at Fu Yuanzhou coldly, as if to see what he wanted to do next.

But contrary to everyone’s expectation, Fu Yuanzhou neither punched Ran Shutang in the face nor grabbed his collar. He just stood in front of Ran Shutang, held his hand, and said with a reluctant expression.

“I really hate you.”

Everyone: “???”

Ran Shutang was stunned. Fu Yuanzhou held his fingers and did not forget to pull them. He continued to put on a sad look, then leaning over to Ran Shutang’s ear, he whispered.

“Now I have to change classes. It’s better to say some words directly. In fact, I want to tell you… Forget it, I don’t want to say. Goodbye.”

He stopped abruptly when he was halfway, and quickly turned around and carrying his schoolbag, ran out of the classroom.

A few seconds later, Fu Yuanzhou heard the sound of colliding tables and chairs in the classroom. He didn’t know if Ran Shutang was about to get up and chase him out. Anyway, he was going to leave. The classroom of Class 7 was upstairs, so he ran directly upstairs.

In fact, he had nothing to say to Ran Shutang, he just let him guess, it was best to trouble him, although Ran Shutang’s personality was probably difficult to be fooled, but even then Fu Yuanzhou had nothing to lose. If Ran Shutang was really troubled, he would make money without putting in any effort.

After molesting his former rival, Fu Yuanzhou felt very refreshed. He strolled towards the classroom of Class 7 and came across a few people in the corridor.

Walking in the front was a middle-aged man. He was the director of the second year of high school. There were a few students behind him. Some wore casual clothes, and some wore school uniforms from other schools. They were all new transfer students. Fu Yuanzhou suddenly stopped, and his eyes brightened.

Not only him, but many students in the corridor were also looking at the boy, because he was very tall, about 1.9 meters, he was particularly eye-catching, not to mention that he was wearing black earrings, and his hair had been styled and dyed maroon, he was wearing a black T-shirt and ripped jeans, everything which did not conform to the school rules of Tiancheng No. 1 Middle School.

He was handsome, but with a casual look, he walked with his hands in his trouser pockets. Even if he was paid attention to by most people, he didn’t care, and went his own way.

Fu Yuanzhou was very familiar with this new transfer student. The transfer student’s name was Yuan Ye, and he would be a close brother with him in the future.

Speaking of them, their relationship started with a fight. Soon after school started, they had a fight, but Yuan Ye lost. Since then, he had been obedient to him and had been calling him “Brother Yuan”.

Only later…

Fu Yuanzhou was in a daze for a moment, when Yuan Ye had already walked in front of him. When the two passed by, Yuan Ye’s gaze stayed on Fu Yuanzhou for a few seconds. Although they didn’t know each other now, Fu Yuanzhou still smiled at Yuan Ye subconsciously as if he was his good brother.

Yuan Ye was taken aback, quickly stretched his eyebrows, and smiled at Fu Yuanzhou. He suddenly asked, “Which class are you from?”

“Class 7.” It was truthful.

“We’re in the same class, it’s a coincidence.” Yuan Ye laughed and waved at him, “I’ll see you later.”

“I ‘ll see you later.”

Fu Yuanzhou blinked and responded, watching the grade director lead them into the office.

He knew that Yuan Ye would become classmates with him. What he wasn’t used to was Yuan Ye’s politeness and friendliness to him. When they met in the last life, they didn’t agree with each other immediately, and they became brothers after a fight.

But if they could become brothers without a fight this time, that was not bad. Fu Yuanzhou was in a better mood. He entered Class 7 and greeted his classmates. Although it was a new class, he knew many people in it.

After a while, the head teacher entered the class. The originally noisy classroom quietened a lot, but today was just the homecoming day. Everyone was quite relaxed, and they were all sitting casually. Anyway, the seats would be re-arranged after school starts.

The teacher’s surname was Yang, a male teacher who taught mathematics. He was tall and thin. He was in his forties. Although he was not young, he was funny and humorous. The students loved him and called him “Da[1] Yang” privately.

Da Yang didn’t enter the class by himself, there were also two transfer students behind him. The transfer students were a boy and a girl. The boy was naturally Yuan Ye. The girl, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t remember her name clearly, but he only remembered that she was an introverted girl.

After entering the class, Da Yang first introduced himself. There were many new students in the class. Counting Fu Yuanzhou and two transfer students, the new students’ number was almost ten. As both classes 15 and 16 had now become liberal arts classes, so, the original classes were broken up and divided.

The newcomers were somewhat cautious, but they were soon amused by Da Yang’s humorous remarks and relaxed a lot. Then Da Yang asked the new classmates to introduce themselves so as get to know each other.

When it was Fu Yuanzhou’s turn to introduce himself, everyone applauded him the most, because most people knew him.

Facing the still young classmates, Fu Yuanzhou also had a natural attitude. He introduced himself while observing other people’s expressions in a leisurely manner.

When his eyes touched Yuan Ye, he saw that Yuan Ye was smiling at him, and listening very seriously. It was not as he was listening to other people’s introductions. He was obviously distracted, and he didn’t pay attention to others at all.

This kind of differential treatment made Fu Yuanzhou a little happy. He didn’t think that he would unexpectedly fit the aura of Yuan Ye this time. It seemed that they could become brothers sooner.

What was the reason? Was it because there were more genders in this ABO world? Could it be that Yuan Ye was also an Omega, so he could get along with him like this?

Thinking of this possibility, Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes on Yuan Ye became different. Even if Yuan Ye didn’t wear a suppression collar, he quickly classified him into his own kind—there could be no other reason, it must be because Yuan Ye was also an Omega.

This is a real brother, a real buddy! Not a traitor like Xie Lin, who actually became an Alpha, and wanted to bite his glands. It was too unrighteous. If he was a brother, he should be an Omega with him!

After a lot of internal criticism, Fu Yuanzhou became more enthusiastic about Yuan Ye. Even during break, he took his schoolbag and sat next to Yuan Ye and chatted with him.

The two of them shared a lot of common topics, especially games. Fu Yuanzhou liked to play games. Yuan Ye was the top master in games. In the future, he would even participate in training camps of professional clubs. He was likely to become a professional player. But for some reason, Yuan Ye had given up in his previous life, and Fu Yuanzhou felt very sorry for him.

If possible, he must help Yuan Ye realize this dream in this life.

Fu Yuanzhou made up his mind secretly, and it happened that Da Yang, who had gone back to rest, came back to the class at this time and asked a few people to go downstairs to bring the new books back.

As a boy with a height of 1.8 meters, Fu Yuanzhou stood up very consciously, but he didn’t expect Da Yang to suddenly say: “Fu Yuanzhou, you don’t need to move, Du Man and the others will go.”

The girl named Du Man was the monitor of Class 7. She was petite and less than 1.6 meters tall, so Fu Yuanzhou thought he had misheard, but he saw the little girl stand up naturally and walk out with the other boys. She turned her head and smiled sweetly at Fu Yuanzhou: “Yeah, you rest, just a few of us Alphas are enough.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…”

Fu Yuanzhou felt that he was despised!

What did it matter if he was an Omega?! Was he not a man anymore? Even Omegas were men, and the dignity of being a man would never allow him to be robbed of an opportunity to do physical work by a 1.6-meter girl!!

Fu Yuanzhou refused to give up, and strongly demanded that he go too. Seeing his insistence, Da Yang agreed. Although Alphas and Omegas did have a physical difference in general, it was not so absolute. It depended mainly on individuals, such as Fu Yuanzhou. This Omega was indeed better than many Alphas.

“Then I will also go with you.”

Yuan Ye stood up and walked out of the classroom with Fu Yuanzhou.

When he was sitting in the classroom before, Fu Yuanzhou was sitting next to Yuan Ye, but there was an aisle in between. Walking side by side like this, the two were closer together. Fu Yuanzhou smelled a very light mint smell, clear and cold, very nice.

This was the breath that radiated from Yuan Ye. Fu Yuanzhou liked the taste of mint; and couldn’t help but lean a little closer to smell it.

Yuan Ye did not show resistance, instead he let him approach with a smile and said, “You smell it? Do you like it?”

“Like it very much…”

Fu Yuanzhou was halfway through, and suddenly shut his mouth. He realized that something was wrong, at first. He thought it was only the smell of mint, but he became a little dizzy when he smelled it.

…Was this the smell of pheromone? Omega’s pheromones would also make him dizzy? Impossible, so could it be said that Yuan Ye was actually an A-

Fu Yuanzhou slipped and almost stepped on air. Yuan Ye reacted quickly and immediately grabbed his waist and stabilized him and didn’t let him roll down the stairs.

“Are you okay?”

Yuan Ye asked, looking down at him. Although Fu Yuanzhou had stood firm, his hand had not been put down. He lowered his head slightly, sniffed Fu Yuanzhou’s neck, and said with curled lips.

“I also smell your pheromone, it smells like peach, I like it very much.”

“Sure enough, Omega’s pheromones are sweet.”


Yuan Ye’s ambiguous behavior made Fu Yuanzhou instantly understand. It turned out that their auras were very compatible. It wasn’t because they were both Omegas, or even the opposite, it was actually because Yuan Ye was an Alpha, and he was Omega, Yuan Ye treated him as Omega, so he was so polite to him.

Damn, was this kid planning to sleep with him!

Fu Yuanzhou was dumbfounded. At this moment, he heard a sound of footsteps from the stairs above. Since Yuan Ye was looking down and smelling his neck, his vision was not blocked. He could see the top, and he could see Xie Lin’s familiar face at a glance.

Seeing Fu Yuanzhou and the others standing together affectionately, Xie Lin’s eyes darkened slightly, and he asked in a deep voice.

“Yuanzhou, what are you doing?”

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[1] Refers to an older brother.

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