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The gem was not big, and it could be completely covered by the young dragon under its belly. The wings of this black young dragon were still hanging down, but the body that pressed the gem was closed over it.

The scales of dragons were very strong and had extremely high defensive capabilities. This was indeed true.

However, the hardness of the scales of the young dragon was of course different from that of the adult dragons, and the scales on the abdomen itself were more fragile than the back. Xie Luan saw the baby dragon press its body against the gemstone, and his eyebrows could not help but stretch out.

Wouldn’t it be awkward?

He wanted this young dragon not to press the gem with its belly. Xie Luan said softly while being stared at by the amber vertical pupils that belonged to the dragon cub: “This gem has been given to you, I will not take this gem back, but the baby will be uncomfortable if he presses it like this. Can you let it out?”

The young dragon liked gems. The act of pressing the gems under his body was related to the nature of the race. Whether it was young dragons or grown-up dragons, they did not like others to touch the treasures they collected. This had the same effect as touching the dragon’s inverted scale.

When Xie Luan said that, the black dragon cub moved its dragon wings slightly, but the racial instinct still made the young dragon to keep pressing the gem.

The black dragon cub’s left wing had to be bandaged. Considering that the young dragon was still new to him, Xie Luan couldn’t reach out and hug the young dragon now.

It must be bandaged in this position. If there was something underneath the young dragon’s body, it would definitely be more uncomfortable together with the pain of bandaging the wound.

Thinking of this, Xie Luan tried to stretch his hand to the young dragon’s body that was pressing on the gemstone. His hand that got closer and closer was stared at by the black young dragon’s vertical amber pupils, but this time, the young dragon made no more threatening sounds at him.

This baby dragon was unexpectedly so good.

When he touched the hard scales of its body, it leaned forward slightly, and Xie Luan touched the abdomen of the young dragon.

The scales on the baby dragon’s abdomen were slightly warmer than other parts of the body, and it was a bit warm when touched, and at this time Xie Luan smoothly touched the little gem that was pressed under the body by the baby dragon.

As soon as Xie Luan touched this gem, he could feel the young dragon pressing on the gem immediately tightened its body, but the young dragon still just stared at him with vertical pupils but did not resist.

“Just take the gem out a little, this gem is still for the baby.” While continuing to coax, Xie Luan took the gem that he touched, and when he took it out, Xie Luan put the gem in the paws of the young dragon.

The black young dragon once again hugged the little gem with its two front paws, and Xie Luan then took out a clean white bandage from the space button.

He had made a bit of a mistake. When the portable treatment device was used by Xie Luan to treat the wound on Nick’s forearm in the other world, the energy had ran out.

After returning, Xie Luan forgot to recharge the equipment, and now he could only use a bandage to bandage the wound of the young dragon.

“The baby just hug the gemstone; I’ll bandage the wound for you.” Xie Luan also put the soft and clean bandage in front of the young dragon, let the young dragon know that he did not have any malice towards him, and when he was about to start bandaging, he slowly added, “It will hurt a bit, but don’t move.”

When Xie Luan touched the gem, the young dragon just tightened his body a little and didn’t move. Now Xie Luan said that he would bandage the wound, the young dragon retracted its body a bit.

The most obvious manifestation was that the small dragon wings on both sides were getting closer together.

Thinking that this baby black dragon was afraid of pain, Xie Luan calmed down: “I will try to be light, it won’t hurt too much. Once the wound is bandaged, it won’t bleed, so that it can get better soon.”

“Hey…” With a sound, the young dragon stared at Xie Luan with vertical pupils, and the folded dragon wings relaxed slightly at the latter’s gentle comforting voice.

“Well, just keep this posture and don’t move around.” Afraid that the young dragon would move around and accidentally agitate the wound, Xie Luan repeated this precaution with encouragement.

In the interstellar age, even ordinary medical bandages had better functions than modern ones. They came with disinfection and hemostasis effects and were very convenient to use.

When the young dragon did not resist, Xie Luan reached out and gently touched the left dragon wing that the young dragon did not know was scratched by a sharp object, and then manually bandaged the small dragon wing covered with hard black scales. He spread the bandage out, put it in a position that was convenient for bandaging, and held it with his hands.

Xie Luan’s movements were very slow, as much as possible not to hurt the young dragon in the process. When the left wing of the young dragon was spread out, he also saw the long and narrow wound on the black young dragon’s wing more clearly.

The scratch was a bit deep, so the bleeding had not been completely stopped until now. With the physical ability of the Kesu clan, ordinary shallow wounds could quickly heal on their own.

After assessing the wound, Xie Luan picked up the bandage and started bandaging without saying a word.

Although Xie Luan had been very careful and gentle in bandaging as he said, the wound on the dragon’s wings was there, and it was impossible for him to be completely painless when bandaging.

And when the black young dragon trembled slightly due to the tingling sensation, Xie Luan’s bandaging hand also felt like being it was being licked by a tongue of fire.

“Hiss.” At this moment, Xie Luan’s hand shook as if being burned, and he reflexively took a breath and made a painful sound.

“I said earlier, don’t go over.” It seemed that this sentence was said by the person who wanted to hold Xie Luan back just now. It seemed that there were still some whispering voices when Xie Luan was far away. Xie Luan didn’t understand what they were saying and didn’t want to listen.

Hearing the young man’s inhalation and another person’s words, the young dragon seemed to want to close the dragon’s wings again but was stopped by Xie Luan.

“Hey, eh…” The black baby dragon lowered its head when he made a sound.

“It’s okay, I don’t hurt, you won’t hurt me.” Probably understanding the reason why other people were unwilling to approach and help this cub, Xie Luan endured the burning pain and stretched his eyebrows, “Hey, don’t worry, it will be bandaged soon.”

Lifting his head to look at the young man who was softening his eyebrows, the two front paws of the black young dragon hugged on the gemstone were slightly loosened at this time, and the dragon’s wings did not move, and the body was also slightly lowered.

Xie Luan kept his mouth closed and didn’t make any more sound afterwards, and his expression remained normal, except that every time he was caught off guard by the burning, his fingers would still show a slight tremor inevitably.

Although it was painful, he couldn’t speed up the speed of bandaging, so Xie Luan carefully bandaged the wound on the dragon’s wing.

“Okay.” Finally, a knot was made on the top, Xie Luan said these two words in a warm voice, indicating that the black dragon cub could now move.

The burning pain was still there, and his fingers would tremble slightly now, somehow he couldn’t control it, so Xie Luan hid his hands behind him.

The bandage had a good hemostatic effect. Xie Luan was relieved when he saw that the bandage on the young dragon’s dragon wing did not show any redness.

Although the bleeding had stopped, the wound had not healed after all, and the young dragon couldn’t fly now with a bandage, but it could move more easily than before.

Xie Luan watched the baby black dragon move its dragon wings, its two front paws seemed to hug the little gem in front with a more careful movement than before, and it then raised his head to look at him with a pair of vertical pupils that were similar to amber.

“Do you like this gem so much?” Xie Luan asked these words with a slight smile, with the tips of his eyes curled slightly.

It was a pity that there were no other gems in his space button. Otherwise, seeing how this baby black dragon liked gems so much, Xie Luan would have liked to give this young dragon a few more.


Under the gentle gaze of the youth, the cub made a voice response, and was treated with such a gentle attitude of care. The two front paws of this young black dragon hugging onto the little gem became more and more careful.

This was the gem given to it by the man in front of him.

When his fingers finally stopped shaking, Xie Luan released his hands from behind.

There was no visible wound on the surface of the skin, but there was still clear pain, but Xie Luan could feel the pain subsiding very slowly.

No big problem, Xie Luan thought.

It should be known that sometimes this baby dragon couldn’t control his power, such as when it felt pain when he was bandaging the wound just now.

But if there was no similar pain stimulus, the power of this young dragon shouldn’t lose control as frequently as before.

Moving his fingers, Xie Luan took the initiative to reach out and touch the left wing of the young dragon that had just been bandaged. Then he pointed to the direction in which the black dragon cub moved its body and asked in a warm voice: “Is the baby’s home there?”

“Hey.” While holding the gem carefully while watching the young man, the young dragon made a clear single tone.

Hearing the response, Xie Luan stretched out his hand to lift the black dragon cub from the ground into his arms as the young dragon was no longer alert against him.

Although it would grow up to be a giant dragon, when it was still a cub, the size of the young dragon was still small.

Xie Luan touched the hard scales on the young dragon’s back when he picked it up, but at the same time he felt the temperature on the young dragon’s slightly swollen abdomen. The black dragon cub was neither light nor heavy. It was the weight that could be picked up easily.

Standing up holding a baby dragon, Xie Luan turned and faced the direction he had just pointed.

The young dragon’s movement was inconvenient now, so he had to send the young dragon home.

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