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The movie “Pretending Overload” grabbed a 1.8 billion box office and was the dark horse in the Spring Festival. It had been more than half a month since its release, and interest in it hadn’t fallen down. The two protagonists of the movie were even hotter and had always occupied the hot topics. They would reach top ten on the list and make headlines with any little action, and the paparazzi followed them for several days. From time to time, there would be a little bit of chasing news. Therefore, when Yu Siyang was connected with an 18-line female artist, nobody took it seriously at all.

Since the head of their group was being used, his fans were angry. This kind of craze was endless. At first, they felt quite angry, but later they became calm. They should eat and lick the screen. Those were the girlfriend fans. But the CP fans were very angry about the speculation about the female celebrity, so the Praise CP, Zheyu CP and cod CP had united for the first time and fought together.

Chang Ying’s company was medium in scale, and Li Bin was considered a relatively capable agent in the company. He always focused his resources on one person under his hand, and right now his main focus was on a very popular traffic flower. It was not good for Chang Ying. The artists who had signed for several years and were still on the 18th line were basically being used as stock. How could Chang Ying, who had always been silent, actually take the heat of Yu Siyang, who was now on fire, this really surprised him.

Chang Ying won the role of Huan Shi in “The Battle of Fei Shui” completely on her own. Because she was shelved, she could only look for opportunities to audition by herself. She heard that Chu Quan was publicly recruiting actresses, so she just said nothing, went to sign up, and by the time Li Bin got the news, she had already taken the role of the Huan Shi.

The company was usually very disgusted with an artist taking roles in private, but Chang Ying was very smart. She directly asked the crew to talk about the contract with Li Bin, which was considered to be giving him face. Li Bin didn’t say anything about her anymore, only saw “The Battle of Fei Shui” cast, thinking in his heart how to use this opportunity to make Chang Ying popular.

Li Bin had considered various ways to scramble for scandals, but these methods had to wait for the promotion and release of the film in order to achieve a multiplier effect, instead of doing it the day after Chang Ying just joined the group.

He was reminded by another artist under him before he found the post on the Internet. The first reaction at that time was that Chang Ying had done something. But after reading the post carefully, he felt that Chang Ying should not be so stupid.

Li Bin called and as expected, Chang Ying didn’t know about this post. He asked her to go to the director and the producer to clarify that she did not post the live photo, and then he wondered how to take advantage of this incident.

But obviously the benefits were not so easy to grab. The first person who expressed strong dislike was Yu Siyang’s huge number of fans-

“Hugging the thighs of our head just because he has a good temper. You have such a thick skin, were you born like this?”

“A current eighteenth line actress catches the opportunity to get hot and disgusting.”

“Fuck, don’t put this kind of face with my head, tarnishing the beauty of my head.”

“My Yangyang is still a good child, this eldest sister, please let him go [crying] “

It had been more than a month, but Chang Ying was still the first one to have a scandal with Yu Siyang, and it was no wonder that Yu Siyang’s fans had been angered.

Li Bin saw that Chang Ying’s Weibo had been swiped, and his eyes were black.

But he didn’t know; that he hadn’t even counted the larger and more powerful food fans.

How many fans could an 18-line female artist have? It was not enough to go against Yu Siyang’s fans.

Being cursed was not terrible, but whoever had less fans would be embarrassed.

Chang Ying simply didn’t even have the strength to fight back. Li Bin was determined to reverse the situation, but after receiving Luo Peng’s call, he gave up completely, and could only try to explain that he was not the one who sent the draft, and that he was also victimized. He hoped that the other party could think about it a little while clarifying, otherwise they would really suffer a loss.

Luo Peng only said ambiguously that he would investigate, and he hung up the phone unpredictably. He didn’t give Li Bin the right words and drove him crazy with worry.

“Hey, of course I know that you are also victims,” Luo Peng smiled maliciously. “Dare you say you haven’t thought of tactics of stepping on the top of my family’s Xiaoyu?”

Jiao Keke, the leader of the publicity team in charge of Yu Siyang rolled her eyes and said: “Don’t talk to yourself. Tell me how we can clarify.”

“There is no need to solemnly clarify the matter of chasing after publicity. Will Li Bin dare to do anything now?” Luo Peng asked. “The one who is most anxious now is Director Chu. The costumes have been exposed. The crew is probably investigating. Let’s just wait for the crew’s response.”

Jiao Keke nodded, “Okay, then I will go back first.” She was called by Luo Peng who threatened her with “the boss is very angry and the consequences are serious”. She didn’t even know why she was here, then he didn’t need to do anything, he was so angry.

“You worked hard.” Luo Peng helped Jiao Keke carry the bag and sent her downstairs.

Luo Peng was right, Chu Quan was really furious, him and Bao Sheng both had gloomy faces, waiting for the assistants’ investigation results.

In the crew, whether it was the staff or the actors, they had all signed a confidentiality agreement when they entered the crew prohibiting all release of information without the permission of the crew. The crew was also closed during shooting. Not to mention passers-by and fans, even reporters and paparazzi could not take photos.

The photos in the posts that broke in the news were obviously taken by people inside the crew, but they didn’t know if it was a staff member or an actor.

Chang Ying immediately clarified that she did not post the post, nor did she take the photo.

Chu Quan and Bao Sheng listened to her, they just nodded, did not say whether they believed her, nor did they say that they did not believe her, they just told her to go back to her room to rest first, as she had to film tomorrow.

They didn’t believe in one-sided words of a certain person, they only believed in the results of the investigation, no matter who was found out, they would make the person pay the price.

They had been in the circle for so many years, and with their status today, there were people who did such things regardless of the confidentiality agreement. Whether it was out of anger or provocation or deterring others, they would not let the person who leaked the photo off.

Chang Ying went back to her room anxiously, took a shower in a hurry, and was waiting for Director Chu’s investigation results. She stayed up almost all night. During the period, she heard that many people were called by Director Chu for questioning. The actress she lived with was also called, and she just waited till dawn.

The hundreds of people from the film crew all had a turbulent night. Many people were waiting for the results of the investigation and did not sleep well. When they arrived on the set, looking around, there were a lot of dark eye circles. At first glance, they thought they had entered a panda breeding base.

Yu Siyang didn’t violate the peace at all when he stood there. Others had a trembling night, but he had spent a night of lewdness. In the end, they all went to the same destination by different routes, and they all had dark circles under their eyes.

Tang Hang accompanied him to make-up, carefully told him about the events of last night, and the make-up artist echoed a few gossips from time to time.

“Is the photo leaked by an actress?” Yu Siyang asked.

“Yes.” Tang Hang said: “It has been found out, and she admitted it herself.”

Yu Siyang was puzzled: “Why did she do this?”

The makeup artist said, gossiping: “She wanted to discredit Chang Ying and replace her in the role of Huan Shi.”

“But if she wanted to replace Huan Shi, she should have done something before we started shooting”, Yu Siyang said: “By leaking the group shot, could she have a chance?”

“Who knows what she thought, her brain is too big.” The makeup artist shrugged.

“She probably thought that the crew would not find out that she was the one who released the photo.” Tang Hang said: “Use your fans to trample Chang Ying to death and also use the photos to make Director Chu suspect Chang Ying’s hype. If it was done well, she could have indeed replaced Chang Ying.”

The makeup artist said, “Obviously, the operation is not good. She treats others as a fool.”

Tang Hang nodded and agreed: “She overestimated her IQ.”

Yu Siyang breathed a sigh of relief. “Fortunately, I don’t always believe the gossip about myself, otherwise I would be so embarrassed to see her.”

The makeup artist relentlessly continued: “It’s already very embarrassing. Seeing her coming, you actually took three steps backwards, which is too exaggerated. You didn’t see Chang Ying’s face. She was about to become red with embarrassment.”

“This, you can’t blame me,” Yu Siyang expressed dissatisfaction. “I was dragged into the scandal for no reason and they said that there was a lot of interaction. I am very wronged. I have not even said a few words to her.”

Tang Hang suddenly said: “What would be your reaction if it was a scandal with Yi Jiaojiao?”

Goddess Jiaojiao?

Yu Siyang imagined it for a moment, and then was frightened by the furious picture of Mr. Xue that suddenly appeared in his mind, and immediately criticized Tang Hang righteously: “How can you think of this kind of thing. Scandals are of course not good. A girl’s fame is very important, and my reputation is also very important, so you’re not allowed to talk about it anymore.”

Tang Hang curled his lips–seeing your anger, I know that your heart must be rippling.

“Mr. Yu likes Yi Jiaojiao?” the makeup artist asked.

“I am a fan of the goddess Jiaojiao, just like a fan who likes his idol.” Yu Siyang emphasized.

“Of course, I know that fans like idols.” The makeup artist smiled: “Like me, I like Zhan Heng the most. I am so happy to be able to work with him on the crew.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

Tang Hang: “…” Do you want to tell this fan of Zhan Heng his true face? Will the fan turn black? Forget it, let’s leave a beautiful fantasy for others.

Zhan Heng, who had just arrived on the set, sneezed and wiped his nose then greeted the boss.

Xue Chengxiu nodded faintly, listening to Bao Sheng’s explanation of the result of the actress who had leaked the photo.

“You can handle it yourself, don’t tell me the details.”

Bao Sheng sighed: “I didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen, you have seen something laughable, Mr. Xue.”

——Isn’t it because your family Yu Siyang was implicated and used? I have to explain clearly so that you won’t be jealous. Really, didn’t I see that the look in your eyes when you looked at Chang Ying just now as if she was a dead person? It scared the little girl.

Chang Ying was indeed frightened by Xue Chengxiu’s eyes. Although she knew that she was a victim of this incident and was torn by Yu Siyang’s fans, her popularity had indeed increased. In this respect, she was also a beneficiary. Yu Siyang alone was the one involved, who did not benefit at all. Yu Siyang’s boss was angered, and Chang Ying had nothing to say.

She thought that her agent still wanted to buy hot searches for them and was very enthusiastic. Fortunately, he didn’t really do this. Otherwise, she was afraid it would not just be a scary look. The other party had the capital. It would take them a matter of minutes to deal with her.

After thinking about it, Chang Ying could be said to be far from Yu Siyang.

After Li Bin rushed to the set, he didn’t say anything to Chang Ying. He just gave her a new script, saying that it was a script sent by a director after seeing the online scandal.

After all, in this matter, the ultimate or even the only beneficiary was Chang Ying.

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