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Tang Bai got off the floating car and opened the door with his trophy in hand. The moment he entered the door, ribbons were flying and colorful bubbles were shot at Tang Bai from everywhere.

Mother Tang held up the bubble machine and said happily: “Congratulations to our little champion, welcome home!”

Father Tang followed closely and applauded warmly, while Snowball squatted under the bubbles and smiled sillily at Tang Bai.

A banner was also hung in the living room. The banner read, “Warm congratulations to Tang Bai for winning the championship in the mecha manufacturing competition.” It just said something like that.

Tang Bai took off his shoes with a confused look on his face, and Mother Tang immediately helped him take out new slippers, “I will hand the slippers to the champion.”

Father Tang took the opportunity to take Tang Bai’s trophy away, “I will help the champion carry the trophy.”

Mother Tang unhappily glared at Father Tang, grabbed the trophy and said proudly: “Is it exactly the same as the cake I made?”

Tang Bai walked to the dining table confused and found that Mother Tang had made a cake in the shape of the trophy.

…This was very powerful!

“Our Tangtang is now an amazing mecha maker. Mom likes your rabbit mecha the most. When will the model and peripheral series of the rabbit mecha be released? Mom wants to collect them all~” Mother Tang asked like a little fan girl.

Tang Bai had the demeanor of a master of mecha manufacturing, as he nodded and said: “Everyone will have it, don’t worry.”

“Tangtang, the champions of previous years’ mecha manufacturing competitions all had the opportunity to go to the Federal Mechanical Department for further study. Are you going to go to the Federal Military Academy?” Father Tang asked.

This issue had already been discussed on the Star Network. There had never been a precedent for an omega attending the Federal Military Academy. Some people said that since Tang Bai made a glandular makeup video and wrote about the main character’s glandectomy in the article, then Tang Bai must also have had his own glandectomy. In this way, they raised their hands and feet to support Tang Bai to go to the Federal Military Academy to further his studies.

Although Father Tang was not worried about Tang Bai, an omega going to school in an environment with many alphas, he still wanted to hear Tang Bai’s thoughts.

“Go, why won’t I go.” Tang Bai said without thinking.

Father Tang and Mother Tang looked at each other. After exchanging a look, Father Tang took the lead in supporting: “Okay, then I will help you with the transfer procedures in the next few days.”

Mother Tang: “???” No! You saw it in my eyes, when did I say yes!

Mother Tang worriedly said: “If you go to the military academy, what should you do if one of your alpha classmates enters the susceptible period, loses control and marks you? The food in the cafeteria of the federal military academy is also not delicious, and the dormitory is definitely not suitable for living. The most important thing is what should we do if Tangtang can’t integrate into school life…”

Tang Bai understood Mother Tang’s worries, and he said seriously: “I will try my best to protect myself and take care of myself.”

“Okay, he can do whatever he wants. I will be responsible for Tangtang’s safety.” Grandpa Tang made the final decision.


Tang Bai returned to his room and opened his address book only to find that Xiao Cheng had replied to his message. Too many people had sent him messages before, so Tang Bai had not noticed that Xiao Cheng had also sent a message.

Career: “I had rabbit meat for dinner.”

Career: “Your friend is so considerate.”

Career: “I saw you standing on the podium.”

Career: “It was very dazzling, everyone was looking at you, and so was I.”

Career: “You were like a star in the sky.”

Tang Bai looked at these messages. The message record was from an hour ago. In fact, he had never imagined that when Xiao Cheng would have sent him these messages, what expression and what mood must he have been feeling.

In reality, Xiao Cheng was a very cold alpha. Perhaps online rather than when facing him, Xiao Cheng talked more and always spoke very pleasantly.

But he didn’t like Xiao Cheng talking like this today. He didn’t like Xiao Cheng comparing him to stars in the sky, which sounded very far away.

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “Then do you want to reach for the stars?”

Xie Ruheng, who was incubating the mecha egg that Tang Bai gave him, shook his hand and dropped the mecha egg to the ground.

Wasn’t this just the daily rainbow fart session?!

Why did Tang Bai’s reply seem to be like a confession of love coming out?!

He was obviously panicked, and Xie Ruheng hurriedly replied: “People like me can’t reach the stars, and I don’t deserve it. Looking up at the stars is the closest I can get to them.”

Tang Bai frowned.

They obviously rode motorcycles, ate at roadside stalls, danced square dances, and watched matches in underground arenas together. They talked about all kinds of things and would chat together until late at night. They said good morning, good afternoon, and good night every day. How could they not be so close to each other? Maybe it was the distance from looking up at the stars?

Also, what did it mean to be a person like me?

Tang Bai’s little face wrinkled into a ball.

Xiao Cheng was a very good alpha. He didn’t have any of the bad habits of a dog alpha. Why did he belittle himself so much?

Was it because if you like someone too much, you will become humble?

He had to do something to tell Xiao Cheng that he was great.

Got it!

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “That’s it, you saved me last time, but I never prepared a thank you gift. This time I plan to personally design a weapon and give it to you as a thank you gift. It would be an offensive and decorative weapon. It would be in the shape of a mechanical button that looks like a star. What do you think?”

Xie Ruheng thought it was a false alarm and hurriedly recovered.

He just wanted Xiao Cheng, the vest, to be the biggest fish in Tang Bai’s pond, but he didn’t want the trumpet to really take over.

Don’t panic, don’t panic, judging from Tang Bai’s reply, Tang Bai should just be flirting out of habit.

Based on Xie Ruheng’s understanding of Tang Bai, Xie Ruheng believed that Tang Bai may be the so-called natural teaser. There were usually two forms of teaser, one was the green tea teaser who wanted to be a tea master, and the other was the teaser who teased without knowing it. Every day it was either one or the other.

For a natural teaser, a casual word, an action, or a look could seduce others and make others’ hearts flutter, tugging Xie Ruheng’s heartstrings into a song of cuckoldry.

Did he mean to tell him to reach for the stars by giving the star button to his trumpet.

But don’t worry! The trumpet will not be on top!

At this time, Tang Bai was sitting at the desk, humming a song and drawing a weapon design. This mechanical button could release paralyzing current when the person was in danger. It was also an unusually beautiful button.

Tang Bai was drawing at a flying speed in front of his desk, his amber eyes sparkling, and there was happiness flowing in them that was not forced at all, like sticky honey.

He suddenly had a lot of inspiration. Maybe he could make a star series of weapons…

When he arrived at the Federal Military Academy, he would have a lot of time to spend on researching weapons, and he could gradually eliminate the many pitfalls of the series.

The more Tang Bai thought about it, the happier he became. He opened the optical brain communication and said to Xie Ruheng: “Brother Xie! I will transfer to your school tomorrow! At that time, I would like to introduce the friend I mentioned last time to you~ Okay~” He didn’t tell Xiao Cheng about this because Tang Bai was planning to give Xiao Cheng a surprise.

Sending autographs of idols was too weak, it was more fun to let them meet them in person!

Xie Ruheng’s heart stopped for a moment after he opened his account and saw the new message.

He suddenly realized that he had dug a big hole for himself.

How to transform yourself into another person in the world? Waiting online, it’s very urgent!

Xie Ruheng: “Is it Xiao Cheng?”

Tang Bai: “Yes! Brother Xie, do you actually remember his name? He will be very happy hahaha, let me take a screenshot of this historic moment~”

Not happy, on the contrary, Xie Ruheng was in a depressed mood: “I’m preparing for the etiquette exam and I don’t have time to meet him now.”

Tang Bai: “The exam is the most important! There will be many opportunities to meet him in the future!”

Xie Ruheng: “…” Sorry, in the future there would be no time either.

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