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It was inevitable for young girls to be attracted to others, and Luo Wenlong was considered a relatively outstanding academic in his class.

The other party’s gentle temperament was set off by the smoky atmosphere around him, making him look even more otherworldly.

“Yan Han” was attracted to such a boy…

She only had a slight affection for him at first, but by coincidence, she and Luo Wenlong were fellow villagers, and they even enrolled in the same cram school during the winter vacation.

And she discovered that Luo Wenlong would secretly look at her during class.

Occasionally, when she looked up, she would find that the other person happened to be glancing away from her.

If this happened too many times, “Yan Han” would inevitably have some thoughts in his mind.

Not to mention that it got dark early at night in winters, and Luo Wenlong sometimes offered to take her home.

“Yan Han” was originally a person with little confidence, but Luo Wenlong’s actions encouraged her.

From Yan Han’s perspective as a bystander, he was even deliberately guiding and hinting at her.

After school started, “Yan Han” finally plucked up the courage to write a love letter to the boyfriend in her heart. After receiving the love letter, the boyfriend acted as if he didn’t know about it.

All the previous ambiguities disappeared, and “Yan Han” realized that there was another white moonlight in Luo Wenlong’s heart, and she was just noticed by him by the way. So, Luo Wenlong deliberately seduced her to find confidence in himself.

The girl was heartbroken.

“Ahem, wait a minute!” Yan Han interrupted the replay of this memory, “Tell me first what that skill means.”

[Hundred Billionaire Plan?]


Yan Han was thinking about this when he first heard the name.

Being a billionaire! That was the dream of many people!

But at this moment, in order to tease Xiao Wu, he deliberately bared his teeth: “I have to see if this task is worth doing, right?”

As expected, Xiao Wu took a breath: [When you are helping the original owner to seek justice…how can you be so indifferent?!]

“We are all adults. Haven’t you heard the saying that don’t do it if you can’t afford it?”


Xiao Wu hummed, but he still had professional ethics.

The translucent light screen appeared in front of Yan Han’s eyes again –

[[Billionaire Plan]: Binding skills. After binding, the system will provide the best and most comprehensive technical advice for the host to become a billionaire based on the host’s situation without violating the mission of this world…]

“This…” After a long time, it was finally provided to him, an idea to make a fortune.

He thought about it… this skill was quite good. After all, there were so many ways to make a fortune, and sometimes what was missing was just this idea.

That’s it, let’s continue looking at the mission.

Yan Han smiled evilly.

…I anyway don’t like to reject it as if nothing happened. That’s okay.

But why was this love letter posted on the bulletin board?!

And the love letter was even written two weeks ago!

Yan Han’s mission was to vent his anger on behalf of the original owner.

In fact, he wouldn’t really care if there was no reward. Not to mention that the person being hacked had now become him. Even if it was simply because he couldn’t swallow this breath, he had to take up this mission.

During lunch break, the school bulletin board was crowded with people.

Yan Han walked over with a stern face. When someone saw it was him, they couldn’t help but point at him again.

“She just finished writing a love letter and then started hooking up with other boys. I have never seen such a b**ch before.”

“Oh, such a beautiful young lady, I didn’t expect that she is this kind of person…”

“Is puppy love not forbidden in school? I don’t know if the teachers know.”

“Everyone, give way.” Yan Han pushed aside the crowd. He was taller than the average person watching the excitement in front of the bulletin board. He now had a serious face and looked calm and confident. Others actually fell silent when they saw him coming.

“Brother Yan, you’re finally here!” Wen Juerong breathed a sigh of relief. Before that, he was like a little chicken with numb claws, not knowing what to do at all.

In addition to being panicked for Yan Han, he was also shocked.

He never expected that Brother Yan, who was as heartless as a rough guy, could actually write love letters to other boys?!

Of course, not only him, but Yan Han himself didn’t expect it.

He walked to the bulletin board and found that the two-page love letter posted on it was indeed in his handwriting.

…The stuff this system did was quite decent.

In addition to the love letter, there were also a few photos, including one of him wearing Lin Jianlu’s coat and standing with Lin Jianlu, one of him laughing and joking with Wen Juerong and other boys, and even one of him playing ball with Wei Ningxin just now, where did they even get this picture?

This information was updated so timely!

Standing in front of the bulletin board, Yan Han chuckled. He looked very calm and completely unflustered.

The flourishing beauty allowed him to maintain the state of being beautiful from all 360 degrees without any blind spots, attracting the favor of onlookers. No matter how dirty a person they thought she was before, there was still a moment in their heart where they would sigh with emotion at this girl’s appearance and doubt the truth of the matter.

Because the plot was hidden, the system gave him some background hints, and Yan Han could roughly guess who did it.

Luo Wenlong was usually quite taciturn in class. He had always been very quiet, so quiet that he had no sense of presence.

If he hadn’t done well in studies and no one wanted to take over the academic committee position, he was afraid he would have been an unknown person.

But even such a person secretly had a favorite object in his heart.

He had a crush on Wang Yanxin from Class 18, Yu Jing’s little sister, so even though he was overjoyed when he received the love letter, but he did not accept “Yan Han’s” confession.

As for who actually dug out this love letter and posted it after such a long time, and why they did this, she had to ask Luo Wenlong himself.

Yan Han seemed oblivious to the sounds around him and turned around to leave. He wanted to confront Luo Wenlong.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he turned around, he ran into a figure taller than him.

Wearing a neat school uniform, Lin Jianlu slightly pursed his thin lips and looked serious.

They looked at each other for three seconds until Yan Han couldn’t bear it anymore: “Why are you here?”

Lin Jianlu walked past him, opened the outer glass of the bulletin board with the key, and raised his hand to tear off the two pages of love letters posted inside.

He was tall and could do this easily.

After finishing, he pulled off Yan Han’s photos, held them in his hands and folded them. The two-page love letter was only slightly folded and returned to Yan Han intact.

After doing all this, he said to him: “Follow me.”

Then he turned around and left.

Everyone: !!!

Yan Han: ???

“Alas, let the others disperse. Let’s go eat quickly during the lunch break. Those who have finished eating, please go back and have a rest!” After Yan Han and Lin Jianlu left, Lin Jianlu’s younger brother Su Linpei stayed behind to take care of the rest. The first step was to evacuate all the students surrounding the bulletin board.

“Dating is not allowed in school, how would you deal with this matter?” Some people were evacuated and left, but there were also some good friends or gossips who refused to leave and wanted to stay to see how this matter should be dealt with.

“What should I do with it?” Su Linpei looked around with his eyes.

“You are not allowed to date in school! Now that she has been taken away by you, why don’t you just leave us alone?” someone in the crowd asked, sternly.

There were always people in this world who were just looking at the excitement and didn’t mind anything, just wanting to add insult to injury.

“Hey.” Su Linpei touched his chin, “The love letter is probably a forgery and cannot be used as evidence. Besides, who is having an affair here? Who are they?” He would get full marks for public relations skills.

When he asked the people around him, they really couldn’t think of anything to say in reply. Although the flirtatious female classmate had recently been rumored to have an affair with Lin Jianlu, those photos really couldn’t prove anything.

In the photo, the two of them were only holding hands together.

“I guess Lin Jianlu took her away because it was too embarrassing.” Someone else said at this time.

“That’s right… If something like this happens, the two of them must talk it over first…”

After saying this, everyone who was watching the excitement finally understood why Lin Jianlu called the girl away.

In fact, it was strange when they thought about it. They just saw Lin Jianlu personally taking people out of the encirclement. Somehow, they subconsciously thought that he wanted to protect her… Was it Lin Jianlu’s expression when tearing up the love letter which was too calm? Or the eyes which were too firm, full of trust and maintenance…

In the corner of the school, two people talking alone were walking in the same direction with their long legs. Lin Jianlu asked Yan Han: “If it’s convenient, shall I take a look?”

Yan Han: “What do you want to look at?”

“That love letter.” Lin Jianlu said with unclear emotions.

“Oh, here.” Yan Han didn’t think much and handed it to him directly.

After receiving the letter, Lin Jianlu glanced at the ten lines of the love letter.

After reading it, his expression didn’t change at all. He just looked Yan Han up and down and said, “I didn’t expect your handwriting to be pretty good.”

Yan Han: “…” Just now, all he could think about was who was riding the horse. F**k him!

It really caused trouble for him.

After hearing this, he took back the love letter. He really didn’t know what was written on it.

The memory only told him that such a thing happened, but the specific details were hazy. He couldn’t remember what “Yan Han” wrote on it.

Looking down now…it was actually nothing. The paper was full of a girl’s shyness, expressing some concern and admiration for classmate Luo Wenlong, and hinting at whether they could further develop their friendship…but that’s it. It seemed simple, but if he was asked to write this thing, he really couldn’t write it.

“You guys are really thoughtful and your writing is good.” Yan Han said to Xiao Wu.

[It’s okay, it’s just average.] Xiao Wu said extremely humbly.

Yan Han: “…”

“What if I said this letter wasn’t written by me?” He turned to ask Lin Jianlu again.

“Yeah.” Lin Jianlu said, “I believe it.”

Yan Han: “…”

He was speechless again. He didn’t expect the other party to believe him, and he didn’t intend to explain.

But now Lin Jianlu believed him so easily, which instead left Brother Yan speechless.

“I’m going to find that Luo Wenlong.” Yan Han said again.

“Yes.” Lin Jianlu said: “Let’s split up. There is surveillance over the bulletin board. The photos and love letters should have been posted just now. I’ll check.”

“Okay.” The two of them were in the square in front of the teaching building.

They separated here and went their separate ways.

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