BCFE Ch. 3: Leaving

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Originally, the comrade didn’t agree to take Ye Ning to see the conductor, but Ye Ning couldn’t help but beg, “Comrade, you see I’m not a bad person, and I don’t have anything to do with the conductor. I just want to thank him in person, and I’ll leave after thanking him.”

“Okay, our train conductor is very busy. You can see him later, thank him and leave.” The train conductor was a woman in her late forties, who seemed to be easier to talk to, otherwise it would be useless no matter how much Ye Ning begged.

Seeing Ye Ning, the conductor smiled slightly, “Are you feeling well?”

“I’m much better after taking medicine. Thanks to you and the doctor this time, otherwise it would be really dangerous this time.” When Ye Ning saw the conductor, she was like imagining kindness, thinking about how to tell her about herself.

The original person and Sun Yaojun had eloped. No matter how she explained it, it would all be wrong, so she could never tell the truth. She had to think of a reason.

“This is what we should do. You don’t have to be so polite. You are just recovering from your illness. It’s better not to be exposed to the wind outside. Go back and get more rest. If you have any difficulties, just ask Xiao Lin.” The train conductor pointed to the Comrade who was standing aside and had brought Ye Ning over.

“I would also like to thank this comrade for her enthusiastic help. She was worried that I would disturb your work, so I begged for a long time before she agreed.” This not only explained the reason why the conductor would bring outsiders over, but also put in a good word for her.

Sure enough, the train conductor named Lin looked at Ye Ning more kindly.

“Both you and the doctor are my lifesavers. We should both express our gratitude in person. I can recover so quickly now thanks to the porridge you gave me.” Ye Ning saw the train conductor smiling slightly, and as expected, she didn’t guess it wrong, Sun Yaojun didn’t ask for the porridge at all, but the train conductor gave it to him.

“Now that I’ve recovered, I’ll go back to my seat. I’ve occupied your rest room for so long, and you haven’t had a good rest.” The train conductor looked at the little girl who was about the same age as her own daughter, and smiled kindly and said, “It’s okay, I can rest in the office, so you can rest assured and fall asleep.”

Ye Ning thanked her again, fearing that she would delay the train conductor’s work, she followed Xiao Lin back.

While speaking just now, Ye Ning’s mind had never stopped turning. Times were different, and concepts were also different. In the future, it would be normal for men and women to fall in love before marriage. Even divorce was a common thing, but now it was a big deal. She couldn’t tell. She would lose her life. She had already died once and was reborn. She didn’t want this life to end just as it had started.

Finding the conductor didn’t work, Ye Ning went to the conductor to inquire about the situation, “Comrade Lin, can I ask you something?”

“Of course, the conductor just told me, if you have any difficulties, just come to me.” Comrade Lin was obviously less nervous. There was a lot of enthusiasm just now.

“Are you busy now? I want to ask you where the next stop is?” Ye Ning said to Comrade Lin as they walked.

“I thought it was something difficult.” Comrade Lin thought Ye Ning wanted some convenience, “The next stop is Dongshan City, and we will stop there for 15 minutes. After riding the train for a day and a night, are you tired? By then, you can go down to the platform to get some fresh air. Don’t go too far away or you’ll waste time. And the train won’t wait for you.”

“Can I make up for my ticket if I can’t catch the train?” Ye Ning’s heart moved and she asked half-jokingly.

“Are you really planning to go out for a walk?” Comrade Lin smiled softly. “If you miss it, there will be no replacement tickets or refunds. You can only buy a new train ticket from Dongshan City to Yangcheng City.”

It meant she could still buy it. When it came to train tickets, she could definitely buy tickets to Nanjiang Province.

“Then are there train tickets from Dongshan City to Nanjiang Province?” Ye Ning asked quickly.

“What, you want to go back to Nanjiang Province?” Xiao Lin looked at Ye Ning doubtfully, “There must be a train from here to Nanjiang Province. I don’t know the specific time.”

“No, I’m just curious.” As long as there was a train.

She had forgotten that train tickets were easier to buy than usual. Ye Ning was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to buy them, so she could only find a way to find a way with the train conductor. Now that she could, there was no need to go to the train conductor and it would save money, so she made an excuse.

Back in the lounge, Sun Yaojun was still sleeping. Ye Ning poured some boiling water and drank it slowly. She glanced at the luggage she brought. This time when she went out, her father gave her a lot of money and food stamps, and there should be some gold and silver jewellery. After all, her father came from a small place. When she ransacked her house before, she only hid some gold and had no idea what was truly valuable. How many historical relics were destroyed by ignorant people like them.

Of course she wouldn’t care about other people’s money like Sun Yaojun. After they said goodbye, they would be strangers and never interact with each other until death.

There was still less than an hour before the next stop, so she needed to plan how to leave.

If she got off the train, then Sun Yaojun would definitely go with her. If she took the opportunity to leave, Sun Yaojun would definitely find someone, and he might stay with her in Dongshan City. This was not the result she wanted, so Sun Yaojun had to be kept back on the train and left alone, that was the first point.

Next, she had to leave a letter for Sun Yaojun. If a living person like her disappeared, the conductor may not notice it. But Sun Yaojun would definitely find out immediately. If he couldn’t find her, he would definitely find the conductor. It was very likely that she would call the police. The police officer might contact the police in Dongshan City or her hometown. It would not be good for her if the matter got serious, so she had to leave a letter to Sun Yaojun. It had to be half threatening and half intimidating. She could ask him not to call the police or let him come back to find her.

Ye Ning thought for a moment, took out a pen and paper from her bag, and quickly wrote a letter, and then wrote another letter to Comrade Lin. In addition to thanking him for his care, she also asked her to help deliver the letter to Sun Yaojun.

She was almost finished being busy, when Sun Yaojun also woke up. When he saw Ye Ning, he showed a slight smile, “How long have I been sleeping? Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“You haven’t slept for long. I saw you sleeping soundly. So I didn’t want to wake you up.” Ye Ning rolled her eyes and smiled very beautifully, “We are about to arrive at the next stop. I asked the conductor and he said that we will stop for 15 minutes. I want to go down and get some fresh air.”

“Fifteen minutes is not very long. The station is so crowded that it is troublesome to get up and down. You won’t have to endure it for too long, just wait until you get to Yangcheng.” No one would look after their luggage on the train. They must take it with them when they get off, so it was very troublesome to go up and down.

“But I really want to go out and get some fresh air.” Ye Ning originally just wanted to show off, but she didn’t expect that this body would burst into tears at the last word, and her eyes would burst into tears instantly.

Sun Yaojun couldn’t bear to see her like this, and he immediately said distressedly: “Okay, let’s go down and get some fresh air.”

Ye Ning laughed through tears, and then said: “We have a lot of luggage, how about you stay on the train and I get off by myself?”

“No, I’ll go with you. Dongshan City is a big station, and there will be a lot of people. It will be too crowded.” Sun Yaojun stood up and took out a small bag close to his body. He saw a small stack of money and a large stack of food stamps in it. He don’t know the exact number, but he thought it would be no less.

Sensing Ye Ning’s gaze, Sun Yaojun not only did not dodge, but instead opened the small bag wider, allowing Ye Ning to see more clearly.

“You also know that my family’s conditions are pretty good. This time my family is in trouble, but my dad still left me some wealth. In addition to these cash and food stamps, my dad also gave me…” Sun Yaojun glanced around and came closer.

Then he whispered: “Two little yellow croakers, so you don’t have to worry about livelihood when we reach Yangcheng. You can stay with my relatives for a few days first. When we get used to it, we will find a house outside immediately. I will never let you live under someone else’s roof.”

Sun Yaojun showed off his wealth in this way, not only to calm Ye Ning’s heart, but also to tell Ye Ning that he had absolutely no intention of coveting her money.

The original person may not know, and she may even be moved by Sun Yaojun’s obedience, but how could Ye Ning not understand his little thoughts now. She sneered in her heart, but her face looked full of expectations for the future life.

“I know, as long as I can be with you, it doesn’t matter if I suffer a little bit.” She said with a shy smile.

Wasn’t it just acting? Although she was not a professional, but it was still easy to deal with Sun Yaojun, who was only 20 years old.

“Fool, how could I let you suffer with me?” He said, taking out a small stack of food stamps without looking at them, “You take this first, mainly because it’s not safe on the train. When you get to Yangcheng, I’ll leave it all to you.”

Ye Ning hurriedly declined, “I can’t ask for this, I have it myself.”

Sun Yaojun forced it on Ye Ning, making all kinds of promises to Ye Ning, and pouring out sweet words as if they were free of charge.

“What you say is nice, who knows if you can do it in the future.” Ye Ning glanced at him sideways.

“Do you still not believe my words?” Sun Yaojun’s face was full of sincerity, and he almost swore to heaven.

The book described very little about Sun Yaojun and his original life, but in the early days of starting a business, it was certain that he was busy, leaving early and returning late. Moreover, Sun Yaojun’s business was not always smooth sailing. He was also in a state of despair at first. All the people who were with him at that time were in the original version, there seemed to be a paragraph where Sun Yaojun recalled the difficulties at that time. It said he couldn’t even afford meat and had to eat vegetables and bean sprouts every day.

Since he was already eating green vegetables and bean sprouts, the original person must also be eating this. She might even have it more difficult than this. The original person was definitely Sun Yaojun’s virtuous wife. Unfortunately, she couldn’t even be a concubine in the end and died directly.

At this moment, she just heard the radio announcing that Dongshan City had arrived. Ye Ning simply packed up her things and followed Sun Yaojun to the door to get off the train.

“You can hold on to the hem of my clothes for a while. Be sure to follow me closely. It’s very dangerous to get lost here.” Sun Yaojun threatened Ye Ning.

“Don’t worry, I will follow you closely.” Ye Ning’s eyes flashed slightly, thinking about how to get rid of Sun Yaojun in a while.

After Sun Yaojun got off the train, there was a large group of people standing outside. The main means of transportation at this time was the train. Even if it was not a holiday, there were still many people taking the train.

Ye Ning took the hot sesame cakes and was separated from Sun Yaojun on purpose. There were many people between them, so Ye Ning shouted to Sun Yaojun, “There are too many people here, I’ll go back to the train and wait for you.”

Sun Yaojun wanted to go over, but was separated by a large number of people coming to catch the train. He could only wave his hands and said, “Then you go back to the train and wait for me. I will buy some food and then come back.”

Ye Ning nodded and handed the written letter to the conductor guarding the door. “Hello, comrade, please give this letter to Comrade Lin Zhi. She will understand after reading it.” Ye Ning asked her to hand the letter to Comrade Lin Zhi by name. So, the conductor did not doubt her and accepted the letter, saying that he would give it to her later.

There was a wall in the rest room with photos of conductors and schedules on it, so Ye Ning knew Comrade Lin’s name, otherwise she would have had to argue. After giving the letter, Ye Ning looked back in the direction of Sun Yaojun and left quickly following the passengers who got off the train.

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