TCYEC Ch. 78

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“Hi, Yu Siyang.” Shi Zhen came over to say hello during the gap in shooting, “I am Shi Zhen, nice to meet you.”

Yu Siyang was about to take the cup Tang Hang handed him, but when he saw him, he immediately turned his hand in his direction. He shook hands with Shi Zhen, “Senior Shi, I have looked up to you for a long time.”

“What is with Senior,” Shi Zhen laughed: “I am only a few years older than you. If you don’t dislike it, call me brother.”

Yu Siyang worked hard to suppress the twitching of the corners of his mouth, thought about it, and called him: “…Brother Shi Zhen.”

Shi Zhen also reacted. It seemed a bit weird to let others call him “Brother Shi”, so he scratched the back of his head, and said, “I watched you in the movie “Poisonous Delicacy”, did you personally do the cooking scenes in the movie?”

“Yes.” Yu Siyang nodded, and secretly glanced at Su Mingjiang with his eyes, feeling anxious. The photographer hadn’t started shooting yet, but he was really not good at chatting with such unfamiliar people.

Su Mingjiang did not receive his look, but Xu Yan saw it. He was about to speak, but he didn’t think that he would be pre-empted by Darcy. “I think Shi Zhen and Yu Siyang have similar styles. Teacher Su, it’s better to take a picture of them together. The effect would definitely be good.”

Both Su Mingjiang and Xu Yan looked at him with alien eyes. How blind is this person to see these two different styles as similar in style?

Yu Siyang’s elasticity was very strong, and his exquisite and beautiful face was very affectionate, but because of his young age, he now had more of the little prince style, which looked very well-behaved. This style was especially popular with older women.

As for Shi Zhen, it was not that he was not handsome. If you looked carefully at his facial features, and when you took them apart, every one of them reached the standard of beauty, and the proportions also came close to perfection. But just when put them on his face together, they became … Normal handsome…

Especially since he was standing with Yu Siyang now, he looked even more rustic.

Su Mingjiang wanted to ask Darcy if he had a grudge against Shi Zhen that he wanted to cheat him like this.

An artist had a different image at each age. If the same image is displayed for more than ten years, sooner or later, he will be eliminated from the market. The teenagers were small fresh meat, and the twenties could also be called so. It could be calculated that Shi Zhen was barely in his thirties, and he would only be ridiculed by the crowd when he was still called a little fresh meat at the age of forty.

Shi Zhen had been holding the title for several years. Except for the idol drama that made him popular in the first place, there had been no other masterpiece in the past few years. Seeing that he was about to reach the threshold of 30 years old, he had been active for the past two years to seek transformation.

It was just that Su Mingjiang didn’t understand how he wanted to enter the fashion circle. Did he have any misunderstandings about the fashion circle?!

Which big brand would be willing to pay for someone who does not look handsome when wearing their clothes?!

To be honest, Su Mingjiang felt that Shi Zhen could develop into comedy, and there might be unexpected gains. However, this was something that Shi Zhen himself and his management team had to consider and had nothing to do with him as a photographer.

“How is it? What do you think, Yu Siyang?” Darcy looked at Yu Siyang with a hint of persecution.

“Sorry, Editor-in-Chief Xu, this does not match the originally agreed schedule.” Tang Hang stepped forward and pushed Yu Siyang behind him. He glanced over Darcy and looked directly at Xu Yan.

Xu Yan nodded, and said, “This is indeed not in line with the original schedule. Teacher Su and Yu Siyang will have other tasks in the future, so it’s not easy to delay it.”

“It’s just a few photos, and it doesn’t take much time.” Darcy said to Su Mingjiang: “Teacher Su, you say your opinion.”

Su Mingjiang neither nodded nor shook his head. From his standpoint, it was not appropriate to help either side. He simply didn’t say anything. He lowered his head and fiddled with the camera, pretending to be temporarily lost in another dimension.

Xiong Shubiao made it clear that he was bullying the newcomer, and everyone present could tell, Shi Zhen was no exception, but he didn’t speak either, waiting for Yu Siyang to express his position.

“Enough Darcy,” Xu Yan said sharply, “Don’t delay everyone’s time.”

Darcy folded his hands and said with a smile: “It’s just taking a few photos. How much time can it delay? Why, Yu Siyang, you are extraordinarily expensive and famous, so you don’t want to take pictures with other people?”

Tang Hang frowned and said: “The original agreed itinerary does not include taking photos with someone. If you have arrangements for this, you should tell us in advance, what do you mean by adding such a term now?” He said, looking at Shi Zhen.

The trouble had now become a deadlock between the two sides, and one party must compromise.

Shi Zhen was unwilling to be robbed of the cover, and he knew that Darcy was so reluctant because he fought for the opportunity for him. After all, Yu Siyang was a newcomer who is now popular, and his exposure and topic are surprisingly high, and if he could be in the same frame as Yu Siyang, for him, it was also a good opportunity for hype, and he didn’t want to let it go.

What’s more, in this circle, it was normal for a newcomer to be oppressed. When Shi Zhen first debuted, he was also oppressed like this.

The atmosphere in the studio was extremely tense. Xu Yan was naturally on Yu Siyang’s side, but the combined combat effectiveness of him and Tang Hang was not as good as Darcy alone. He was really helpless by this unreasonable demand of Darcy.

Tang Hang finally understood why Luo Peng had called the cover editor a “dead perverted sissy” after he finalized the itinerary with “MODE Impression” for the first time, Nima, he also wanted to throw these words on the other side’s face now.

“I just said to take a group photo. Yu Siyang would still be in the light of his predecessors. What’s wrong.” Darcy raised his chin and looked at people from the corner of his eye.

Suddenly a newcomer jumped in, disrupted his work schedule, and caused him to lose face. What happened? He was bullying the newcomer. What can these people do?

“I don’t have much ability, and the light of the predecessors is not easy to mess with. In the end, I am shooting this cover for P&H. As long as the sponsor has no objection, I have no objection. Let’s ask P&H first.”

The clay figurine also rebounded back, not to mention that Yu Siyang was not made of clay. The other party showed up to bully the newcomer. He didn’t say that others could really treat him as a soft persimmon, and they can do whatever they want?

Darcy was silent, Shi Zhen’s face wasn’t too pretty.

Ask the sponsors? Let the sponsors agree to add an extra unrelated person to the cover they spent money to push? Even thinking with your toes, the sponsor will not agree.

Shi Zhen was neither a spokesperson nor an ambassador. He was not even a good friend of the brand. Why would he appear in the P&H cover? In case there was a counterproductive effect of his wearing the clothes, the sponsor will find someone to trouble, and it would be the magazine.

As soon as the paying master was brought out, Yu Siyang won a big victory.

However, the two of them were mixed in the entertainment industry after all, and they may cooperate again. Yu Siyang remembered that on the day of the audition for “Battle of Feishui”, Lan Ce looked down his nose at other people, and sighed secretly in his heart. Let’s take one step back.

“Tang Hang, help me take a photo with Brother Shi Zhen,” Yu Siyang smiled: “I have watched the TV series played by Brother Shi Zhen, so I can show it off.”

Shi Zhen finally looked better and laughed. He said, “I’m going to show off. You don’t know how hot you are now.”

Tang Hang didn’t say anything, he took the phone, took a few group photos of the two, and used the beautifying app–of course, it was not Yu Siyang who needed it, but Shi Zhen.

“You add me to WeChat and send me a copy of the photo.” Shi Zhen took out his phone and showed the QR code.

Tang Hang was not verbose, and simply added Shi Zhen’s WeChat account and posted the photo. However, he still played a good game, using a small side account he had applied for separately.

To treat this kind of person with a lot of thoughts, he had to have more thoughts than him.

Several people co-existed harmoniously in the atmosphere of “harming you, harming me”. After Shi Zhen added Yu Siyang’s WeChat, he stopped staying any more, and left after saying goodbye to the others.

On the contrary, Xiong Shubiao seemed to be thrown away after being used by Shi Zhen. He stood awkwardly, and Yu Siyang returned to the studio to continue shooting. Xu Yan and Tang Hang stood together to watch him shoot. Other assistants and makeup artists also gathered to the other side to whisper.

Xiong Shubiao stood there for a while, and when he saw that no one was responding to him, he hummed, twisted his body, and ignored anyone.

The corner of Tang Hang’s eye accidentally glanced at Darcy’s “enchanting” figure, couldn’t help but shudder, and asked Xu Yan in a low voice: “Editor Xu, your cover editors here are often like this?”

Although Xu Yan didn’t see Darcy like that, but he knew what Tang Hang was asking without looking, and sighed: “If you see too much, you will get used to it. If you get used to it, it will be natural.”

“You have worked hard.” Tang Hang patted Xu Yan on the shoulder and decided to go back and treat Luo Peng better.

What kind of perseverance was necessary to sit down and communicate with Darcy, Luo Ge actually communicated more than once, he is really a man!

Next time they had dinner together, he won’t grab Brother Luo’s food. It was not easy for Brother Luo.

“Achee–” Luo Peng, who had just come out of the airport, couldn’t help but sneeze, causing a passer-by girl walking beside him, to scream in surprise.

He rubbed his nose, smiled embarrassedly at the girl, took out the phone and turned it on, and swiped Weibo by the way.

“What the hell is this!”

Luo Peng hurriedly zoomed in on the Weibo picture he had seen, then went back and looked at the Weibo that sent the photo-Shi Zhen.

What the hell, only after such a short time, Xiaoyu was tied up and hyped up by someone, and that too with a man.

Shi Zhen’s photo was taken with Tang Hang’s help. The accompanying text said: “I met @Yu Siyang in a magazine shoot. I originally wanted to take a few group photos, but Yu Siyang was very popular and so the time was tight and he couldn’t make it. I could only take a group photo like this.”

Luo Peng called Tang Hang and said dissatisfied: “Brother Hang, what’s the matter? Just two hours of effort, why is Xiaoyu tied up again?”

“What’s wrong?” Tang Hang was not clear, so asked.

Luo Peng said: “Look at the Weibo, the Weibo that Shi Zhen sent, what is meant by ‘popular and time was tight’, what does he mean?”

Tang Hang took out Yu Siyang’s phone and clicked on Weibo. After searching for keywords, the first one on top was the latest post sent by Shi Zhen. After reading the text on Weibo, his brows furrowed immediately.

“It’s like this…”

Tang Hang walked to a corner of the studio where he could see Yu Siyang’s shooting and there was no one and told Luo Peng what happened.

Luo Peng immediately exploded, “Fuck, that perverted sissy actually did this, I really want to beat him up, should he really bully Xiaoyu if he doesn’t have a background? Should we use Xiaoyu’s background to scare him to death? “

Tang Hang said calmly: “Brother Luo, now is not the time to scold the perverted sissy, what should we do with Shi Zhen’s Weibo? His words will cause black fans to come out and shout that Siyang is playing a big shot card.”

“No matter,” Luo Peng snorted, “Let Xiaoyu ignore this Weibo, don’t repost, comment, or like, just as if you didn’t see it. Naturally, someone would help interpret the mentality of the teacher who sent this Weibo. There are too many people who have been idle online to pick up the 18th generation of other people’s ancestors.”

“That’s it?” Tang Hang asked.

“Some time ago, Xiaoyu’s news came out, and there were many kinds of monsters, ghosts, and snakes coming to catch the heat. It is not bad for the teacher to shake this one.” Luo Peng waited for the taxi while talking on the phone, “This kind of person, the more you deal with, the more energetic they become. If you ignore it, he can’t set off many storms. With this kind of energy, he won’t be popular soon, and he still needs the heat of Xiaoyu.”

“Okay, that’s it, people in the team will monitor public opinion on the Internet,” Tang Hang heard the noisy voice on the other end of the phone and asked, “What are you doing now? It’s so noisy.”

Luo Peng said, “I’m waiting for a taxi.”

Tang Hang sighed and said, “Thanks for your hard work.” Luo Peng smirked and said, “It’s ok, it’s not hard work.”

Tang Hang said sincerely: “Next time we have dinner with Xiaoyu, I won’t grab your food again.”

Luo Peng was shocked, wondering if he had heard it wrong, “What did you say?”

Tang Hang repeated: “I said, next time Xiaoyu cooks something delicious, I won’t grab your food.”

Luo Peng: “???”

Is this the situation? Tang Hang was possessed?

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