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Not long after Zhu Ling took Chi Fang away, Chi Fang stopped. It was the end of school hours, and there were not many people on campus. Zhu Ling led him to the direction of the back door again, without them seeing anyone on the way.

“Let’s talk.” Chi Fang stood steadily on the side of the road, looking like he didn’t intend to continue walking.

Zhu Ling gritted her teeth and took a look around. It was far from where she expected, but from the look of Chi Fang, it was obvious that he didn’t intend to move. Zhu Ling subconsciously glanced at the small woods behind her, vaguely saw a figure, and her expression relaxed.

“I, I just wanted to tell you, I’m sorry.” Zhu Ling lowered her head, making her expression unclear, “I know it was wrong, you…can you forgive me?”

Chi Fang squinted his eyes slightly, “You said… you know you were wrong?”

Zhu Ling nodded in a flustered manner, as if inadvertently lowering her head, revealing a smooth neck with a drop of tears hanging from the corner of her eyes, looking pitiful and distressed, “Yes, Yes.”

It was really…beautiful.

The corner of Chi Fang’s mouth twitched. Although Zhu Ling was pretty, but no matter how beautiful she was, she was only a 17-year-old kid. Chi Fang looked at her speechlessly for a long time, then raised his head slightly, pretending to say no and then he glanced at the grove in the distance.

“Then what?” Chi Fang asked coldly.

Zhu Ling didn’t expect Chi Fang to be so calm. Her expression was a bit stiff for a while, but she didn’t dare to stop for too long. If Chi Fang was impatient and left directly, then she really couldn’t help it. Zhu Ling hesitated for a moment, then moved closer to Chi Fang, lowering her voice, “Then…Can you delete the recording…?”

In a small wood not far away, Zhu Jiaguang hid behind a tree and raised the phone in his hand, facing the two people not far away.

“Damn…too far.” Zhu Jiaguang couldn’t help but curse. He had been looking for angles for a long time, but Chi Fang’s position was so good that he couldn’t get a picture no matter how he tried.

Zhu Jiaguang put the phone away, and was about to change the position, when he turned his head, he bumped into someone. Zhu Jiaguang shook his hands in fright and looked up to see that it was a boy he hadn’t seen before, looking at him indifferently.

“Damn, are you looking for a beating? Believe it or not…” Before Zhu Jiguang finished speaking, Yu Mo grabbed his wrist. Yu Mo didn’t seem to use any strength, but Zhu Jiaguang’s wrist shook, tears came out because of the pain, and the mobile phone in his hand fell to the ground.

On the other side, Zhu Ling was still working hard to get closer to Chi Fang, as long as her brother could take a photo, then she could use it to threaten Chi Fang.

Chi Fang watched Zhu Ling’s clumsy performance without a trace of anger in his eyes. Zhu Ling’s gaze at Chi Fang trembled slightly, and she didn’t know what to say for a while.

“That’s it?” Chi Fang sighed. He thought Zhu Ling would have more means. Sure enough, she was just a child…

“You…” Zhu Ling said in a panic, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I just want to apologize to you…”

“Yu Mo?” Chi Fang said suddenly and interrupted her.

Zhu Ling turned her head fiercely and saw Yu Mo approaching from the direction of the small wood behind her, holding a mobile phone in his hand. Zhu Ling’s heart sank sharply, but she didn’t see her brother when she looked back.

“Why are you here?” Chi Fang was at a loss. He had clearly let Yu Mo go first.

However, Yu Mo handed the phone in his hand to Chi Fang, “Don’t worry, the person ran away, and this is the only thing left.”

Chi Fang reluctantly took the phone and looked at it. There were very few photos in the phone, but only a few, and because of the distance issue you couldn’t tell who it was, let alone the fact that he had been vigilant and never let Zhu Ling get close to him.

After scrolling through the few pictures, Chi Fang flipped forward and suddenly raised his eyebrows.

It turned out to be a few other photos. One of the people in the photos was Wang Pengyu, and the other person Chi Fang also knew as Wang Liang. This photo should have been taken stealthily by the owner of the phone. The photo was blurry, and it was only visible that Wang Pengyu gave Wang Liang something.

These two people actually know each other even now…

Chi Fang was a little surprised, after all, Wang Liang’s identity had no place in the Wang family, let alone being able to talk to Wang Pengyu. As for the thing given… Chi Fang took a closer look but didn’t see exactly what it was.

It looked like a file, or a book?

Chi Fang handily sent the photo to his mobile phone, deleted all the originals in the mobile phone and emptied it before returning the phone to Zhu Ling, and said: “Zhu Ling.”

Zhu Ling stopped crying abruptly, and looked at Chi Fang, terrified.

Chi Fang smiled, but he was very kind. He bent down slightly, raised his eyebrows, and said a few words in Zhu Ling’s ear. Zhu Ling’s face suddenly changed, she backed away in a panic, but her eyes flickered. Chi Fang didn’t care about her and said to Yu Mo who was on the side: “Let’s go.”

Yu Mo followed Chi Fang to the school gate, but couldn’t hold back, and asked, “What did you tell her?”

Chi Fang was thinking about those photos, when he heard Yu Mo asked and explained, “I just gave her a suggestion.”

Yu Mo raised his eyebrows suspiciously.

“Just told her that Wang Pengyu’s family is very rich. Hundreds of thousands are not a big deal to him.”

Yu Mo paused, “What then?”

“Well, an ordinary high school student or a rich second generation who can easily take out 200,000, everyone knows which is the better choice to blackmail, right?” Chi Fang smiled.

Yu Mo glanced at Chi Fang silently, without comment, “Wang Pengyu won’t be fooled by her.”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Chi Fang shook his head, but he didn’t say anything afterwards. Wasn’t the reason why Wang Pengyu was arrested in his previous life was because he couldn’t resist beauty?

“Don’t underestimate girls.” Chi Fang smiled, “especially… girls who already like how it feels to be rich.”

In the evening, after Chi Fang finished his homework, he retrieved the photos from his mobile phone and clicked on Chi Zheng’s chat box.

Chi Fang: [Picture] [Picture] [Picture]

Chi Zheng didn’t know what he was up to, so it took a long time to reply.

Chi Zheng: Let me see them! Where did you get the photos?!

Chi Fang: Classmates, do you know what Wang Liang gave him?

Chi Zheng: I can’t see it clearly, but if it’s been taken recently, it is most likely a document from the Wang family?

Chi Fang was taken aback, hesitantly replied: Probably not.

Wang Pengyu was the little son of the Wang family, why would he help an adopted son of the Wang family steal his own things? Was his brain broken? But… Chi Fang hesitated for a while and thought about it. It was not impossible. After all, what Wang Pengyu did back then was not hidden. If Wang Liang found out and threatened him with this thing…

So, this Wang Liang was doing a lot of things behind other people’s back?

Chi Zheng: I just need to ask someone to check it. By the way, my brother, next week is your birthday. How are you going to spend it?

After returning to his senses, Chi Fang rolled his eyes when he saw the word birthday.

Chi Fang: But.

Chi Zheng: ??? what?

Chi Fang: The final exam is June 21st. Let’s talk about it after the exam.

Chi Zheng: …This time too, it’s one day after your birthday.

Chi Fang was already mentally prepared, not to mention that he was in his early twenties, and it was just a birthday, so he didn’t care so much. After a few words with the second brother, Chi Zheng directly dropped a sentence saying A Guang was calling him and threw Chi Fang aside.

Forced to eat a bowl of dog food, Chi Fang angrily deleted his second brother’s chat history and clicked on the website that Yu Mo gave him.

In the past six months, Yu Mo has been perfecting the website, with more and more functions, and even more beautiful pages. Some time ago, Yu Mo made an APP on his mobile phone, and Chi Fang could also directly use his mobile phone to connect to the backend of the website.

Every time Yu Mo added a feature, he would not take the initiative to tell Chi Fang, but when Chi Fang was using it, he would suddenly discover that there seemed to be something more. Chi Fang was also used to finding surprises in the software, but today, as soon as he opened the software, he saw an extra icon at first glance.

The icon looked like an egg.

Chi Fang blinked blankly and clicked on the icon. The white egg trembled, a love +1 was displayed in the middle of the screen, and then there was no movement.

This is… what?

Chi Fang sent a screenshot of the egg to Yu Mo, with a ‘?’.

Yu Mo also seemed to be busy, but he quickly returned Chi Fang’s message, “It’s just a beta version, it’s not finished yet, don’t care.”

Don’t care… Chi Fang was muttering in his heart, he answered well, it’s just him. But his eyes couldn’t help but fall on that egg.

Speaking of which, in the previous life, that soul-dan also provided a lot of messy functions, and even had a home function. Chi Fang didn’t pay much attention at that time. He just made it according to the arrangement of the Chi family. As a result, when he glanced at it one day, he found that his whole home life was messed up.

There was only one line in the middle of the screen: Xiaoyu sneaked into your house and broke your sofa.

At that time, Chi Fang hadn’t figured out how a fish broke the sofa, and then turned up and found that not only this time, this ‘fish’ came to his house almost every day.

Later, he discovered that there was still a pet function here, and Xiaoyu… was actually a cat.

Could this egg be the basic version of the pet function…

Chi Fang thought about it and clicked the white egg, and there was no other reaction besides shaking it.

Shouldn’t it not be like this? Whose cat came out of the egg, that would be too stupid.

Chi Fang tried to persuade himself, and at the same time wanted to know if Yu Mo and that Soul Dan were the same person.

On the other side, Yu Mo.

Yu Mo: What you said is true?

Pang Zifei: Of course! June 20 is Chi Fang’s birthday, don’t forget it. Let me tell you, I’m not there now, and you are Chi Fang’s best…friend, if you forget his birthday, be careful when I come back from the imperial capital to beat you up!

Yu Mo didn’t respond to him, put his phone away, and glanced at the calendar. No wonder Chi Fang’s expression was a bit wrong when the final exam time came down.

Birthday…how should it be celebrated?

Yu Mo was at a loss, that night, a certain forum exploded again.

[How to celebrate the birthday of a crush?]

Most people in the forum had seen the first two posts of Great God. They still remembered that Great God didn’t even know that he liked a good friend, but now he started to call it a crush blatantly… they really wanted to kick this bowl of dog food.

However, even though they were aggrieved by being forced to eat dog food, it was rare for a great god to appear, and there were still a bunch of people bubbling up and starting to make suggestions.

“Send cakes, give gifts!” ——23L

Yu Mo wrote it down.

“Just give yourself to the other party, hehehe…”——47L

“The cult is retreating! The great god is attacking!”——52L

Yu Mo could now understand what these people said and ignored these arguments. He wrote down the few serious suggestions in it. Seeing that the people mentioned later had no new comments, Yu Mo just saw the latest reply when he wanted to close the forum.

“You can also confess by the way.” —666L

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