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The two stood upright and swayed for a while, the swing gradually stabilized, and the staff ran over to grab the rope.

Ji Muye jumped off the plank first, and then reached out his hand to support Jiang Zheng in a very gentlemanly manner.

Jiang Zheng, in order to avoid destroying her high-cold character setting, naturally couldn’t take his help. She jumped down from the plank very confidently, but her legs became weak, and she fell to the ground with a squeak.

Everyone: “…”

Ji Muye moved to the side consciously, he was not afraid, but who could stand Jiang Zheng’s worship.    

Han Yi, who was standing outside the venue, sucked in a breath of cold air. When he was about to rush over, he saw Jiang Zheng put her hands on the ground and start doing push-ups…

Everyone: “!!!”

#Hahahahaha…. sister, why so witty!    

#famous scene.    

#Jiang Zheng is worthy of being the big devil, she can also perfectly resolve embarrassment like this.    

#Who told her to reject Ji Muye, otherwise she wouldn’t fall.    

How could #jiang big devil show weakness? She wouldn’t accept help even if she fell on her own.    

Just when everyone was surprised and wanted to laugh, Ji Muye also fell down and started doing push-ups with Jiang Zheng.    

Jiang Zheng looked at Ji Muye from her side-eye with a bewildered face, but Ji Muye looked straight ahead, going up and down very seriously.    

When the other guests saw this, they quickly got down and did the same thing.    

In an instant, a swing competition turned into a push-up competition.    

The fans at the scene applauded and cheered for Jiang Zheng.    

After a few sets of push-ups, everyone stood up and applauded, and the swing competition was over.    

#what! Ji Muye was willing to make concessions for Jiang Zheng? Aren’t they enemies?    

#This is the charm of my brother’s personality, even a big devil like Jiang Zheng can forgive the past and be caring.

#This time, Ji Muye helped us out of the siege, and we Zheng fans will remember it in our hearts.

Those black fans who stayed in the live broadcast, trying to use their 360-degree three-dimensional scanning eyes to search for Jiang Zheng’s black material, were happy when Jiang Zheng fell and the screenshot was successfully ready to be sent, but then they found that things took a turn for the worse, and Ji Muye ended up clearing the siege, so this time the focus had changed directly from Jiang Zheng’s disgrace to Jiang Zheng being rescued. This didn’t feel good at all. This famous scene that they finally founded was very useless in their hands.

Jiang Zheng didn’t know how she got up from the ground, then she lost all directions and turned a circle before finding the right direction in the end. She had lived 18 years, oh no, 23 years, and had never been more humiliated. It was shameful, but she could never act ashamed in front of Ji Muye.

Han Yi understood her mood very well, and hurriedly sent her back to the dressing room to relax.

Ji Muye returned to the rest area, refreshed.

Jing Meini has always wondered if Ji Muye had a thing for Jiang Zheng, but this time, she got the loot, and thought let’s see what tricks you can use to get out of this.

Ji Muye spread his hands, “There’s a little girl who fell, what can I do? I was just helping someone.”

Jing Meini almost vomited blood, this little girl was not just some girl. The big devil Jiang was not a delicate girl who was easy to hurt!

“There is still a competition next,” Ji Muye said to himself, “I wonder if she can still hold on?”

Jing Meini said angrily, “Don’t worry. No matter how big the wind and waves are, it won’t overturn Jiang Zheng.”

Ji Muye touched his nose, “Did I say I’m worried about her?”

Jing Meini smiled, “Just be happy for now.”

Ji Muye shrugged, suddenly lowered his head and frowned, “I still think I should have worn that indigo suit.”

Jing Meini rolled her eyes in her heart. The selection disorder was superimposed on his aesthetics. This guy had spent three hours picking the clothes he would wear today. Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, he had tried everything. In the last five minutes, he picked this red suit, and it turned out that just as he was about to shoot, he started to regret it again.

Just when Jing Meini was about to explode, Ji Muye raised the corners of his lips and glanced at her, “I’m teasing you.”

Jing Meini was so angry that her back teeth hurt, “I thank you!”

This time, twelve competition items and three performance items were set up. After the swing competition, the crossbow shooting, spinning top and other competitions were held at the same time, and the live broadcast was divided into several shots to ensure that everyone could see their idols.

At the same time, preparations were being made for the next performance, Duzhu Drift[1], in the swimming pool next door.

Fans were cheering in the audience, Jiang Zheng hugged the pillar and her legs trembled, “Han Yi, I should be able to swim.”

Han Yi: “You swim three times a week to exercise.”

Jiang Zheng thought that she had to step on a bamboo with a length of eight meters and a width of less than twenty centimeters to perform difficult movements, and she wanted to cry again.

“There was no Duzhu Drift performance item in this Games. It was one of your Miao fans who @you on Weibo, to please convince the director to add this performance. This is a stunt of the Miao people in northern Guizhou that is about to be lost. She thought this would let more people pay attention to it and spread it.”

Having said that, Han Yi sighed, “You are the most fan supportive. So, you immediately asked the director to add this performance. It’s just that this activity is very difficult, and there are only a few guests. You have a foundation in gymnastics, so you invited others to perform together with you. You also specially invite a teacher from Qianbei to teach everyone.”

Regardless of memory loss, Jiang Zheng’s deep sense of dedication and responsibility made Jiang Zheng unable to say no.

“Okay. If I fall off the bamboo pole, at least I won’t need to cry for help.” She just had to make sure to swim to the shore beautifully.

Han Yi: “…”

He coughed twice, “Anyway, Ji Muye will also participate in this performance. If you want to fall into the swimming pool in front of him, please do so.”

Jiang Zheng had already accepted the fact that she had lost his memory of the last five years, and she also accepted that she would have to go in the pool today. She had already fallen like a dog chewing mud in front of Ji Muye, but if she fell again in front of him, today would be recorded in the annals of Jiang Zheng’s dark history.

“Look at your expression, between me and him…” Jiang Zheng asked tentatively: “Maybe something bad happened?”

Han Yi smiled, “You once satirized his bullshit acting skills.”

Jiang Zheng’s chin dropped, how was this possible? At the age of 12, Ji Muye starred as the young version of the male protagonist in the movie “Qing Li” and had been acting for 16 years so far. His acting skills were great, but he lacked a bit of luck. He always missed the title of Best Actor, but as a career fan of Ji Muye, she believed that he would win the highest award sooner or later.

This must be a misunderstanding!

“It’s all scribbled by the media. That’s not what you said.” Han Yi explained.

Jiang Zheng blinked, “What did I say!”

“You said his eyesight is not good.” Han Yi spread his hands.

Jiang Zheng: “…” This was probably also a misunderstanding.

“Anyway, Ji Muye’s fans think you said this.” Han Yi said, “Ji Muye just won the Best Actor at the Linghua Film Festival ten days ago, so…”

Jiang Zheng: “!!!!!!!!”

“Now your fans are secretly fighting a lot. You are the queen who doesn’t see the king.” Han Yi shook his head and sighed, suddenly realizing that he had said something wrong, and pretended to fight, “The king and the queen are a couple. Even if the sky is torn apart, the two of you can’t be together. I’m talking nonsense.”

Jiang Zheng shook his head weakly, “Then why did he agree to participate in the show with me?”

Han Yi said: “The program team invited Ji Muye first. The director was very kind. He asked him: If I invited Jiang Zheng to participate, would you refuse? In the end, Ji Muye said it doesn’t matter.”

He after all knew how to use two of them to create topics.

Jiang Zheng mourned for a while, then suddenly she laughed, “So I’m going to meet Brother Mu again?”

Han Yi: “…” It’s really good that the scar has been forgotten fast!

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