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Due to the time wasted in the meeting, he attempted to mobilize them before the exam when he came back. This chemistry class was naturally held by the head teacher for five extra minutes.

The break time between classes was shortened, and after class, Yan Han rushed out of the classroom to find the toilet anxiously.

He was like a headless fly now, with only the words peeing in his head.

The exuberant Wen Juerong also twisted his sturdy body and forced himself to keep up with him, he walked next to him, smiled and said, “Brother Yan, you are going to the bathroom? Let’s go together!”


Now he felt urgency when he heard the word toilet.

Brother Yan looked at Wen Juerong viciously, “Why are we going together!”

Wen Juerong was frightened by his abrupt stare, and pointed his fingers aggrievedly, and explained to him: “Just… let’s go together, and when I’m finished, I’ll wait for you at the door, then both of us can come back together again.”

Yan Han: “…”

Brother, how much do you want to go to the bathroom with someone!

At this moment, Yan Han actually wanted to tell him: It’s a pity that brother is inconvenient now, otherwise the two of us won’t have to wait for each other at the door, and I could accompany you in.


What the hell, was it the time to think about this!

Turning the corner, he saw that the door of the toilet was still full of people, and the noise was constant. Yan Han didn’t go to the toilet to join in the fun. Instead, he turned a corner and went downstairs from the stairs at the end of the corridor.

He also just suddenly thought of what the head teacher said during class that the classmates in the good class would not be making noises at all after class, but they would all sit in their seats to study.

Their current class was on the third floor, and on the second floor were classes one to four, the best liberal arts classes in the first grade.

Yan Han was also treating a dead horse as a living doctor.

“Huh? Brother Yan? What are you doing?”

Ignoring Wen Juerong’s huge figure hesitating in front of the stairs, Yan Han raised his leg and ran downstairs.

In fact, he didn’t hold much hope, and he was quite resistant to this floor where the classes were full of school tyrants. He just wanted to step on it a bit and find out the situation.

After going down, Yan Han knew that his thoughts were too nice. Although the second floor was not as chaotic as the third floor, and there were far fewer people in the corridor than on the third floor, how could it be possible that everyone stayed still at the end of class.

In fact, it looked no different from the third floor.

After reading it, Yan Han also gave up the idea of going to the bathroom on the fourth floor to step on the plate.

You couldn’t go there even if you do the same trick again and ask for leave for class. That was a place where good students gathered. Probably it should be easier to meet that…

As soon as the thoughts flashed, he saw a mighty group of people coming out of the men’s room.

The person at the head had a straight waist and a straight and heroic air, a calm temperament, a very handsome appearance, and he wore a regular uniform without a trace of wrinkles…

Yan Han felt that he really shouldn’t be okay.

Almost as soon as he saw Lin Jianlu, Yan Han turned and ran back.

Although thinking about the fact, they didn’t have much intersection, he didn’t know why he had to run.

If you really want to say why, it was probably because he really didn’t want to see Lin Jianlu again while looking for the toilet.

Speaking of it, the location of the toilet in the teaching building was very biased. In the last class, he could meet Lin Jianlu and the other party should have gone to the toilet too. He had tossed around all morning and didn’t even urinate. The other party must have gone a few times.

He couldn’t help but faintly envy him.

But the frequency of this big brother going to the toilet seemed a bit high…

Yan Han turned around and walked upstairs. Although he moved fast, he was still seen.

“Huh? Isn’t that Yan Han?” Su Linpei, who came out of the toilet with Lin Jianlu, asked curiously: “Why did she run to the second floor?”

Yan Han had an unforgettable face, and it was not surprising that Su Linpei could remember him.

After asking, he glanced at Lin Jianlu next to him, and Su Linpei smiled unkindly, “Boss, was she here to find you?”

“I think that should be it, didn’t you see that she ran away as soon as she saw our boss?” Another boy said, “80% she is shy.”

Lin Jianlu, with an expressionless face, pondered and asked, “What do you mean by this? Do you know her?”

“Oh, boss, don’t pretend!” Su Linpei said, “We all know about you being hugged by her on the playground last class. Hey, I have been with you for so many years. I have never hugged you from birth to death. What about you, she… is she right on first base?”

Other brothers: “Forget it!”

“This is the designation.”

“It might be second base for our boss.”

“So who is that girl who managed to reach our boss? How many people have dreamt of it?”

Lin Jianlu: “…”

With his eyebrows drooping, and his thin lips pursed slightly, Lin Jianlu couldn’t help but look at the sleeve of his school uniform that had been pulled by the girl before.

Actually, it wasn’t a hug, at most it was a pat.

The opponent’s movements were fast enough, and at first he was so shocked that he didn’t have time to avoid it at all.

But after two steps, the shock became…he didn’t hate this person’s touch so much?!

Even if he didn’t feel disgusted, he originally thought he would return to the class after encountering people like countless times before and the first thing he would do was to change his school uniform jacket.

But no.

When he walked to the door of the classroom, he found that he could bear it, and he didn’t feel any goose bumps.

He even insisted on not changing his coat for one class. If he hadn’t seen the person again, he would have almost forgotten about it.

This was good news for Lin Jianlu.

He raised his eyes and looked again at the place where the girl had just disappeared, his brows frowned again.

Was she here to find me?

Then why was she leaving again.


When she returned to the third floor for class, the bell rang again, and Yan Han felt resentful and met again with Wen Juerong, who had just finished using the toilet.

Wen Juerong was pinching and shaking the water on his hands as he walked forward with twists and turns. He was having a good time playing by himself.

Then he suddenly raised his head and saw Yan Han coming upstairs. He suddenly became agile and jumped to Yan Han’s side: “Brother Yan! What did you do?”


Yan Han looked at Wen Juerong and suddenly asked him, “Do you know where there is a toilet with fewer people?”

Wen Juerong: “Huh?”

“There are too many people in the women’s bathroom, so I didn’t get the number.” Yan Han sneered casually.

“Oh.” Wen Juerong said: “Then you can go to the office building next door. Usually there are only the teachers there. The toilets are quite empty, and the environment is much better than ours. The compartments have doors and toilets. It’s just a bit far…”

Yan Han’s eyes brightened as he listened, he hadn’t thought of it before!

As for why he couldn’t think of it? This was the first day he came to class, so him not thinking of it was normal.

Anyhow, new progress had been made. He just said, how could a living person hold his urine to death.

Yan Han expressed his gratitude sincerely: “A Rong, thank you, you are really a good person.”

He had hardly laughed this morning, and now he smiled suddenly, it was as if the spring was bursting into bloom, and his appearance was a bit dazzling.

This made the little white face at school a little confused.

Quite flattered and panicked.

Back in the classroom again, Yan Han felt that his bladder pressure had become stronger and stronger since the beginning of the last class in the morning.

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