RCFS Ch. 274

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“What a fool! Even one of you can’t beat the people I brought. Do you believe it?”

“I don’t believe it!”

Ye Yunxi shook her head. At this time, it was hard to believe it. She had to say she didn’t believe it, but she couldn’t build up other people’s ambitions while destroying her own prestige!


It’s so funny. Self-knowledge is a good thing. It would be nice to bother you!

“Okay, you have one person from your club, and we have one person, let’s compete now. If we lose, I will take the person away now. If you lose, you will be buried in front of the whole school in the final ancient martial arts competition!”

Ye Yunxi narrowed her eyes and smiled: “Okay, if we win, I’ll trouble you, don’t leave, just get out!”

This person came to the door to find trouble. Did he really think Ye Yunxi was an easy talker?

Sorry, not only was she hard to talk to, she was also not a good person!

Ming Siye’s handsome little face turned red with anger.

It was always others who respectfully called him Ming Ershao in front of him!

Even Bai Jingchen and Heishui Cheng would not be as unruly as Ye Yunxi!

How dare she tell him to get out!

“Then it depends on whether your people have this ability!”

Ming Siye casually summoned a boy. He was very strong, and one could feel his muscles all over his body even in his school uniform.

The people from the Sky Club glanced at him and then silently looked away.

Damn it, just seeing those muscles made their hands hurt, why were they still beating?

Haha, President, please find someone else, we will definitely not be able to defeat him!

“Goddess, Goddess, leave it to me. I can beat three of these blind bastards! Come on, who is afraid of whom? See if I don’t teach you a lesson!!”

Fang You rolled up his sleeves and was about to move up. For the goddess, he could go up mountains of swords and seas of fire, it was just a fight, it was nothing!


Ye Yunxi pulled the person back by the collar: “Helian Moxie, you go.”


Helian Moxie was going crazy. She was the weakest in this club.

Moreover, she couldn’t even get her schoolbag back, and finally needed Yunxi’s help to get it back. So, how could she deal with such a muscular boy?

Just looking at it made her legs weak!

Ye Yunxi smiled and deliberately handed her a piece of mint candy: “It’s okay. You eat this mint candy. If you punch him, just bite the candy. I guarantee you will win.”

Candy? Was there something wrong with this candy?

Looking at the boy and then at Ye Yunxi, the balance in Helian Moxie’s heart swung back and forth, and finally she leaned towards Ye Yunxi.

Having grown up together, Ye Yunxi would not lie to her, but why should she eat candy?

She tore off the candy wrapper and threw it into her mouth. The mint taste was so stimulating that Helian Moxie covered her mouth and narrowed her eyes, looking at Ye Yunxi with tearful eyes.

“Go ahead, just believe me.”

At that moment, Helian Moxie suddenly mustered up her courage. If Yunxi said yes, it would definitely work!


She bit the candy and walked out as if she was risking her life.

When Sky Club saw a thin and small girl, they couldn’t help but look puzzled.

“Can you send someone here who can fight? She is like a bean sprout, with our Lin Dong’s muscles, she can be beaten away with just one finger, right?”

“That’s right, if you lose then, don’t call us a bully. You, then refuse to admit defeat!”

“You’re too good to bring someone like this here!”

Ye Yunxi smiled and calmly flipped her long hair: “To deal with you, the weakest member of our club is enough.”

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+10…

Damn, President, you are so handsome!

Everyone at the Sky Club: “…”

Damn it! So crazy?

Was the weakest enough?

Ha, that’s so funny!

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