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Shen Xigou stared at Fu Yuanzhou in the camera. When Fu Yuanzhou ran towards him, he took a few steps back and hid in the crowd without letting Fu Yuanzhou discover his existence.

Many people came down from the stands to watch the 3,000-meter race, especially the students from various classes, all were crowded beside the track.

A lot of people from Class 7 came, and they were cheering for Fu Yuanzhou, and students of Class 1 were cheering for Ran Shutang. A boy shouted, “Come on, Brother Yuan”, and was stunned by the others in Class 1, although Yuanzhou was also once part of their class, but now he was in Class 7, their rival and enemy, and cheering him on now was a traitorous act.

“Brother Yuan, come on!”

“Ran Shutang rush ahead! Win the championship!”

The cries came and went like a wave, Fu Yuanzhou hurriedly glanced at Class 7 and then concentrated on his own game. His starting position was in the fourth track, and after being allowed to enter the innermost track, he was still in fourth place. He didn’t rush and continued to maintain his own rhythm to follow the person in front, which happened to be Ran Shutang.

At the beginning of the race, Ran Shutang also did not exert any strength. Fu Yuanzhou felt that it was easy for the first four laps, but after half of the race, most of the contestants’ rhythm and breathing became disordered, and Fu Yuanzhou was no exception. He began to lose physical strength.    

He worked hard to adjust his breathing. At this time, Ran Shutang, who was in front of him, gradually picked up his pace. He surpassed the two people in front of him and became the first place, but there was always the risk of being overtaken by those behind you.    

“Come on, Yuanzhou!!”

The shouts rose in waves, but it became a little blurry in Fu Yuanzhou’s ears. His throat was uncomfortable, filled with a faint taste of blood, and his breathing had become heavier and heavier. His legs became more and more unruly, and his steps became messier.    

Sweat slid down his forehead and fell into his eyes, making his vision a little blurry. He didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he seemed to have seen Ran Shutang looking back at him.

Fu Yuanzhou blinked with difficulty, looked forward again, and found that he was right, Ran Shutang was looking back at him. Then he found that Ran Shutang seemed to adjust his rhythm slightly and slowed down his pace a little. Fu Yuanzhou found that running at Ran Shutang’s rhythm felt very comfortable, and he gradually recovered his broken rhythm.

It was Ran Shutang who was cooperating with him and leading him forward.

After realizing this, Fu Yuanzhou’s mood was a little complicated. He followed behind Ran Shutang, and the rhythm of his running was not completely scattered until the end. He maintained his third place and Ran Shutang won the first place.

Seeing that Fu Yuanzhou actually took the third place, the students in Class 7 cheered, and they were quite overjoyed at this result.

They surrounded Fu Yuanzhou, vying to give him water and towels. Fu Yuanzhou gasped heavily, wiped his sweat with the towel, but his hands were shaking a little with panic, now he just wanted to sit on the ground without caring about his image and slam two bottles of water down.

He put the towel aside and was about to catch the water, but a hand suddenly reached out and pressed his hand down, Ran Shutang squeezed in through the crowd, and said to him, “Don’t stop immediately after running, I’ll walk with you.”

But he couldn’t walk…

Fu Yuanzhou wanted to say that, but he couldn’t even catch his breath, and it was even harder to speak. Ran Shutang’s attitude was firm, he took his hand and took him for a slow walk around the grounds.

The others stared blankly at the two of them leaving. Fu Yuanzhou walked with a lack of oxygen in his brain, and his legs filled with lead mechanically stepped forward.

After strenuous exercise, you should take a walk to relieve muscle fatigue, and not drink water immediately. Fu Yuanzhou understood these principles, but the reality was another matter. He really didn’t want to move but Ran Shutang was unexpectedly persistent in this regard. Fu Yuanzhou had no choice but to follow him bitterly while holding a bottle of water.

Shen Xigou in the crowd gave them a deep look, and then left the venue.

They walked all the way to the back of the stadium. There was a wisteria flower promenade there. Its flowering period was over. There were no flowers but there were plenty of leaves. The long branches hung down, isolated from the outside, and it was very quiet, since no one was there.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t want to leave, so he sat on the wooden chair by the promenade and drank half a bottle of water, and said to Ran Shutang, “I’ll take a break.”

Ran Shutang didn’t stop him, he sat next to him and said, “It would be better if you lie down.”

Fu Yuanzhou tried to lie down, but the wooden chairs placed near the promenade were very narrow, making him uncomfortable. Seeing this, Ran Shutang asked, “Do you want to…”

“I want it!”

Fu Yuanzhou put his head on his thigh without hesitation. When he got up, Ran Shutang’s body tensed instantly, and his face turned red as he turned his eyes away: “…I just wanted to ask if you want me to buy you more water.”


Fu Yuanzhou realized that he had misunderstood and wanted to sit up, but as soon as he lay down, he had gone completely weak and couldn’t get up. Ran Shutang held him down and said, “You can lie down.”

After lying down for a while, he suddenly lost his mind, recalling that this was not the first time he had laid on Ran Shutang’s leg. He had accidentally laid like this once before on the subway.

At that time, he still felt unlucky, thinking about why Ran Shutang had to sit next to him, but now he understood that Ran Shutang had always wanted to get closer to him.

“I always thought you hated me.”

He said to Ran Shutang but this person’s personality was too introverted. They had been classmates for three years in the last life, but he actually didn’t see what Ran Shutang really thought about him, thinking that Ran Shutang hated him very much. And so, he also hated Ran Shutang.

Ran Shutang pursed her lips and replied, “I never hated you.”

“I know.”

Fu Yuanzhou opened his eyes to look at him, the handsome and clean face of the young man fell into his eyes, and his eyes showed a smile.

“That’s good, you can speak straight to me, don’t always hide your thoughts, how can I know if you don’t say it?”

“Not only to me, but everyone is the same, you must seize the opportunity, work hard for it, don’t wait until the future to regret it, then it will be too late.”

Just like him in his previous life, if he hadn’t been reborn, those regrets would never have a chance to recover, and that’s why, he cherished the present time even more.

“…” Ran Shutang was stunned and seemed to be touched. He was silent for a moment, then nodded seriously in response, “I will remember.”

“Good.” Fu Yuanzhou was very satisfied, “By the way, I forgot to congratulate you just now. First place, thank you for running with me, I admit that I am not your opponent in long-distance running, but we will compete again in the future if we have a chance.”

Ran Shutang nodded, not denying what he did to Fu Yuanzhou: “Okay.”

Fu Yuanzhou continued to close his eyes and rest. After the relaxation, the fatigue continued to rise, he became sleepier, his consciousness slowly fell, and he whispered to Ran Shutang, “I’ll sleep for a while…”

After a while, his breathing became very soft and even, Ran Shutang put his hand lightly on his eyes to help him block the sun, and after waiting for a while, he asked Fu Yuanzhou in a very soft voice, “Are you asleep?”    

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t respond, he should have fallen asleep, Ran Shutang sat quietly, but then he suddenly leaned over slightly, kissed Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes across the back of his hand, and whispered to himself like a murmur.    

“…I like you.”    

As soon as he said these words, his face turned red, because of the violent fluctuations in his emotions, even the pheromones overflowed a little, filled with a fresh smell of vegetation.   

He was a little flustered and restrained his pheromones. Seeing that Fu Yuanzhou in his sleep did not respond, he exhaled slowly.

Now he still didn’t have the courage to say what was in his heart when Fu Yuanzhou was sober, but Fu Yuanzhou was right, he couldn’t let himself regret it.

Back then, in order to follow Fu Yuanzhou into first middle school, he jumped two levels within two years and became his classmate. He paid a lot for this, but how could he be discouraged at the most critical moment and leave irreparable regrets?

Just like before, he would work hard to make all the dreams in his heart come true.

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