KHSW Ch. 316

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Jiang Shu replied blankly: “Okay, I promise you.”

Ou Mengxue paused for a while, “Actually… Ling Xi did not fraudulently donate. She did donate more than 200,000 yuan to the unfinished primary school, but I sent someone to withdraw the money in the name of Ling Xi, so they all thought that Ling Xi’s behaviour was a fraudulent donation, but I didn’t expect that this matter would be exposed so quickly.”

Jiang Shu’s hand was slowly clenched. It had been four years since they last saw each other. She didn’t expect her thoughts to have become more and more vicious. It turned out that she had set up a good plan from the beginning to let Ling Xi slip into her trap step by step.

“Why on earth did you do this? Ling Xi didn’t block your way, why did you do this to her?”

“How do you know that Ling Xi didn’t block my way? Since you know about that, I might as well tell you that it was because of her that I killed my sister.”

Jiang Shu’s face changed slightly, and there was a trace of pain in her eyes.

“Actually, at the beginning, I didn’t think about what to do to Ling Xi, but after pretending to be my sister for a long time, and getting along with Ling Xi for a long time, I found that I began to envy Ling Xi, the beauty she possessed, and the beauty she had. She had stepmother who loves her, and I even started to be jealous of my sister’s concern for her, I don’t know what happened to me, the jealousy grew wildly in my heart like a weed, you can never imagine how powerful a woman’s jealousy is.”

When Jiang Shu heard that Ou Mengxue was jealous of her sister’s concern for Ling Xi, her pupils shrank slightly, and she continued: “Later, I drugged Ling Xi, and I wanted someone to destroy her innocence, in this way, she will never face me with that arrogant face again. I hated her self-righteousness and everything about her, but I didn’t expect that my sister actually lied to her that the man was Chi Jiayang, my heart ached so much at that time, my sister treated Ling Xi better than me, her younger sister, do you think I shouldn’t hate Ling Xi?”

That’s right, the two sisters looked so much alike that even their foster parents couldn’t tell the difference.

At that time, the family’s financial conditions were not very good, and only one of them could go to college. Later, the two sisters discussed, since they looked the same, why couldn’t they go to school in turns?

Later, the elder sister and Ling Xi became good friends, but she did not tell Ling Xi that they took turns to go to school, and the younger sister had to act as the older sister sometimes. Neither of them thought that it would cause trouble.

When the elder sister got to know that her younger sister had done something to hurt Ling Xi, she slapped her severely, wishing to send her to prison, but she couldn’t bear it after all. Seeing her sister’s tears and hearing her remorse, her heart softened. After that, the younger sister made mistakes again and again.

Ten months later, Ling Xi gave birth to the child without telling everyone except the real Ou Mengxue.

At that time, the elder sister was not around, but the younger sister was malicious and secretly changed the child while there was no monitoring, and threw the child into the river and the child almost drowned.

That night, perhaps because the younger sister had a guilty conscience and muttered it in her mouth when she was having a nightmare, the elder sister woke up and heard it, and only then did she know what “good thing” her sister had done.

She immediately said that she would take her younger sister to surrender. However, on the way to the police station, the younger sister ruthlessly pushed her elder sister onto the road. The older sister was hit by a big truck and flew out. It was late at night and there were no cameras on the road.

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