KHSW Ch. 317

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There was an unprecedented panic in her heart at that time. She was just impulsive and didn’t really want her sister to die. She just wanted to scare her so that she would not take her to surrender. Unexpectedly, the tragedy happened like this.

The younger sister told the driver that if he didn’t want to go to jail, she could leave with her sister’s body and clean it up. The driver also worried that he would be punished by law, so he helped carry Ou Mengxue’s “body” into the car.

The younger sister thought her older sister was dead.

From then on, she began to live under the name “Ou Mengxue”, and her temper became calmer and more ruthless.

However, what she didn’t know was that her sister was fatally hurt, but the driver who caused the accident touched Ou Mengxue’s nose before getting out of the car, and found that she was still alive, so he immediately sent her to the hospital, but Ou Mengxue’s appearance and vocal chords were already ruined.

Jiang Shu came out in a daze. She never thought that the tragedy would have been caused by her sister’s jealousy.

Ou Mengxue, who was in the office, looked down through the window, only the dead could not speak.

Jiang Shu didn’t notice the surrounding vehicles. Suddenly, a black van rushed towards her, and a strong force pulled her back, “Are you okay?”

Ou Mengxue, who was watching this scene from upstairs, slammed the window hard. Damn it, where did this person come from?

When she was talking to Jiang Shu just now, Ou Mengxue had already sent a message to her subordinates. As long as this person was killed, his family would be rewarded generously after the matter was completed.

She didn’t expect to drop the chain at the critical moment.

Jiang Shu heard a familiar voice, turned around and looked, “Ling…why are you here?” Jiang Shu said the word “Ling”, and was worried that others would hear it.

Although Ling Xi was wearing a mask and a low-brimmed peaked cap, Jiang Shu recognized her at a glance.

Ling Xi didn’t expect that as soon as she came back, she heard rumours about her flying all over the sky.

Ling Xi didn’t notice who it was just now, but saw that she was about to be hit by a car, so she kindly stepped forward to give her a hand, but she didn’t expect it to be her assistant, “Jiang Shu, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, thanks to your presence, otherwise I might have another car accident today.”

Ling Xi didn’t pay attention to the word “another” in her sentence, “The car just now seems to be intentional, have you offended anyone recently?”

Jiang Shu raised her head subconsciously, with disbelief in her eyes, she didn’t expect her sister to be…

“Let’s go back to the company first!”

Pei Shan was busy processing the information about Ling Xi, but when she looked up, she saw Ling Xi appearing at the door, “Aren’t you supposed to be in the army? Why are you back?”

Seeing Sister Pei, Ling Xi complained like a child, “Don’t mention it, Sister Pei, because I injured my arm while recording the show, the flight academy cancelled my training qualifications, it’s so sad! I was looking forward to flying in the sky, but in the end, I didn’t even get to climb on the plane.”

When Pei Shan heard that Ling Xi was injured, she even forgot about her scandal, “Are you injured? What’s going on?”

Ling Xi was very proud and told Pei Shan about the situation during the field training. Both Pei Shan and Jiang Shu were shocked when they heard it.

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