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Kang Xing Luo was already much clearer than before, but Kang Lai Yin’s twisted head was a reminder to him, and Kang Xing Luo became a little nervous.

He scratched his head, not knowing why he felt a little embarrassed.

The overall condition around the pool had now become very eye-catching.

Needless to say, Prince Kang’s appearance and figure, Li Hongming was also a rich second-generation who had a good face, plus the lovely Chai Ke Nai, the beautiful Kang Xing Luo and the vicious Kang Lai Yin.

There was a lot of masculine charm.

However, the only woman present was unmoved in the face of this scene, and even wanted to kick the cats into the water.

Kang Xing Luo had a desire to cover Miao’s eyes. He wanted to protect his little princess. He didn’t know that Kang Miao had seen a lot of men during her shows, and even more of them than this.

Kang Miao said, “What are you dawdling about, hurry up and get into the water.”

Naturally, the Prince and Kang Lai Yin who were from the cat camp, their expressions changed greatly at the same time.

Prince Kang rushed towards Kang Xing Luo like a small whirlwind all the way.

“Ooooooooooo I can’t do it, I’m afraid, Xing Luo!!!”

If Prince Kang could say the word “fear” about anything in the whole world, there were only water and Kang Xiao Hua.

Kang Xing Luo didn’t know the reason, and he felt distressed, “If you’re afraid, you don’t go into the water, it’s all right.”

Kang Miao said quietly: “No.”

Kang Xing Luo looked embarrassed, but Kang Miao continued: “It’s just swimming, the cat must have a try.”

Prince Kang’s eyes had become round, “Don’t want to try! Swimming is meaningless!! Swimming is torture, do you think I’m Chai Ke Nai!”

In the blink of an eye, Chai Ke Nai could jump into the water, and with a clear order, he could dive into the water at any time and have a good time, but at this time, he replied stupidly: “Ah?

This Shiba Inu’s expression and tone completely ruined Prince Kang’s reputation, and Prince Kang’s hair was almost about to stand up.

Yes it is! What is it!

Wasn’t this sending a gun to Kang Miao!

Sure enough, Kang Miao said: “Your assistant can swim, let him teach you.”

The attraction of the water was so great that Chai Ke Nai’s tail swayed wildly, as he patted his chest and said, “Yes, brother, don’t worry, I’m a dog. I’ll teach you!”

Prince Kang’s voice trembled, “Teach you a ghost! I’ll use you to teach! I don’t want to learn!!”

Chai Ke Nai excitedly said: “Brother, don’t be afraid! I can show you, and you can hold me!”

Maybe he couldn’t bear it anymore, so Chai Ke Nai jumped into the water wearing his Shiba dog swimming trunks.

The next second, Chai Ke Nai disappeared, and the swimming trunks floated on the pool.

A yellow-haired Shiba Inu appeared in the pool, swimming back and forth like a propeller in the water with its tongue thrown out.

If you are too happy to become a dog, it’s okay to turn into a dog. Chai Ke Nai swam so fast that he even left afterimages of his limbs, the tip of his tongue was pink, and he howled in his mouth: “Ah, happy, happy, happy!! Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark!!!!”

After three minutes, Chai Ke Nai turned back and shouted, “Brother, come quickly!!!”

Prince Kang: “…”

Prince Kang: “Come to Nima!! Get away! You will get water on me!”

Prince Kang expressed his refusal with all his life, however, after Kang Miao stared at him without saying a word for more than ten seconds, Prince Kang suddenly hugged his head and howled: “I’m going down!! Can’t I not go down!!!” He decided to go into the water, so he trembled as he sat onto the crystal glass boat on the swimming pool.

It was a small boat that could only accommodate one adult and was floating and swaying on the water. Prince Kang held the side of the boat with both hands, feeling that he was afraid of going to the sky.

After the Prince went into the water, Chai Ke Nai quickly swam to the side of the boat, his two front feet supported the glass boat, and his back feet pushed the boat forward with the prince on the boat.

Chai Ke Nai’s dog’s head floated on the water with a smile on his face. “Brother, don’t be afraid, Ke Nai will support you.”

If the humanoid Chai Ke Nai said this, Kang Xing Luo might think he was a little handsome, but unfortunately he was a small Shiba Inu now, let alone Kang Xing Luo thinking he was cute enough to be funny, Prince Kang, who was born to hate dogs, was even angrier.

“You want to help!! You wicked dog!! Chai Ke Nai!! Ah, slow down! You are so fast, oh oh oh oh oh oh!” These words came straight from the heart.

Kang Xing Luo and Li Hongming both knew how to swim, so they went into the water one after another. Li Hongming hadn’t swam for a long time, but after he got into the water, he started to swim happily. The swimming pool in the villa was very wide.

Kang Xing Luo was still a little uncomfortable with swimming. He hadn’t swam for too long, so he simply swam a few laps before getting out of the pool.

Maybe he was too concerned, and his body was a little out of control, so Kang Xing Luo didn’t react, and by the time he did, he had already walked to Xiao Shizi.

Kang Xing Luo was a little shy as he called out, “Xiao Shizi?”

Kang Lai Yin turned his head this time, pretending to be quite normal, and said, “Tired?”

He smiled and asked, “Didn’t Miao tell you to go into the water?”

Kang Lai Yin said, “I have already entered the water.”

Kang Xing Luo’s face was puzzled, Kang Lai Yin’s eyes turned down, so Kang Xing Luo’s eyes followed his line of sight to see Kang Lai Yin’s feet that were soaked in water.

Kang Xing Luo: “…”


It’s more like soaking your feet instead of going into the water.

Kang Xing Luo couldn’t help but want to laugh again.

His Xiao Shizi was so cute, how could he be so cute.

It was actually quite comfortable to soak your legs in the water in the swimming pool. The time seemed so quiet. Kang Xing Luo enjoyed this kind of time, he felt relieved, then he suddenly thought, “Hey, secretary, why didn’t he come?”

Kang Lai Yin was surprised, “How come you thought of him?”

Kang Xing Luo was even more surprised. “What’s wrong with thinking of the secretary?”

Kang Lai Yin groaned, “It’s not wrong, but in general, he only appears when the plot needs it.”

Kang Xing Luo: “…”



Kang Lai Yin said: “Don’t you know?”

Kang Xing Luo: “What don’t I know?”

Kang Lai Yin said: “Kang’s house rule: The secretary is a brick and moves where it needs to be moved.”

Kang Xing Luo: “…”

Kang Xing Luo was stunned for a while and couldn’t help but bursting out laughing.

Kang Lai Yin looked at him and said, “You are in a good mood today, did something good happen?”

Kang Xing Luo was stunned for a moment, and his smile suddenly stopped.

After being asked like this by Xiao Shizi, Kang Xing Luo suddenly became excited. He was eager to share the idea of opening an online store, but he was interrupted in the blink of an eye when Miao called him.

Kang Lai Yin had avoided looking at him, but who would have thought that he would be so keenly aware of Kang Xing Luo’s emotional changes.

Realizing this, Kang Xing Luo’s heart felt a little hot.

“Yes, I have something to tell you. Today I was chatting with Lao Li, and he thought of something… Hey, careful at the back.”

Kang Lai Yin raised his brows and was about to ask what was behind when someone suddenly kicked him in the back. He became unstable, and the whole person fell forward into the water.

As soon as he touched the surface of the water, Kang Lai Yin’s body changed rapidly, and his eyes could hardly keep up with his transformation speed. Within seconds, Kang Lai Yin instantly turned into a big cat form because of the huge panic.

After falling into the water, Kang Lai Yin’s long hair was soaked, and he shouted uncontrollably.


At the same moment, Kang Lai Yin rose flat in the water and jumped straight out of the water, it was exactly the same survival response as when he was facing the crisis of sterilization.

However, he just jumped up, and Prince Kang, who came from nowhere, grabbed his ankle and pulled down hard!

Kang Lai Yin fell back into the water and turned back from cat back to human.

He failed to jump out of the water once and fell into the water twice. Kang Lai Yin was obviously frightened. He fluttered hard and shouted in a low male voice. “Meow!!!!!!! Meow!!!!!!”

Kang Xing Luo hurried into the water to hug him, Kang Lai Yin held him like a driftwood, his long legs crossed Kang Xing Luo’s waist, and his arms wrapped around Kang Xing Luo acting as if he would fall to his death.

It’s okay if he didn’t hug, because even Kang Xing Luo couldn’t support this hug, so both of them started sinking.

Kang Xing Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he shouted: “Xiao Shizi! Stand up straight!! Don’t be afraid, straighten your legs first!”

Yes, they were at a depth of 1.8 meters, Kang Lai Yin was 1.95 meters tall and couldn’t drown in it.

However, Kang Lai Yin panicked and only held on to Kang Xing Luo’s body. In the end, Li Hongming and the secretary had to come over, and the two worked together to pull Kang Xing Luo and Kang Lai Yin ashore.

Kang Lai Yin was wet and panting.

Kang Miao shouted from behind: “Say eggplant.”

Kang Lai Yin turned back, the flashing light appeared, and Kang Miao’s black history album suddenly had another great achievement.

Kang Lai Yin: “…”

Prince Kang burst into laughter on the boat. “Hahahahahaha!! Look at your courage! It’s smaller than a mouse! Hahahaha!! Chang Maozi is so funny, hahahaha!”

Kang Lai Yin suddenly reached out and overturned Prince Kang’s boat, and as soon as he touched water, he started howling.


The second big cat falling into the water drama began to be staged on the water surface.

With the heights of Chai Ke Nai and the Prince, Kang Xing Luo was not too worried about him drowning.

Kang Lai Yin’s face was disastrous, and his hair was dripping with water. Kang Xing Luo only glanced at him and felt immediately distressed. He hurriedly helped Kang Lai Yin to sit on the reclining chair on the poolside.

While wiping the man’s hair, he reassured: “It’s alright, it’s alright.”

Kang Lai Yin looked at Xiao Miao, who was entering the water gracefully and confirmed that he would not be seen by the other two cats, then he said, “Woooooo.”

Kang Xing Luo’s heart melted.

Kang Xing Luo couldn’t help hugging Kang Lai Yin’s head and patting it lightly: “Don’t be afraid, we won’t go into the water again, we won’t go into the water anymore, it’s fine, don’t panic.”

Kang Lai Yin said: “Then you kiss me.”

Kang Xing Luo was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help but look at Kang Lai Yin, who pursed his lips and said, “Just kiss me.”

Kang Xing Luo’s heart beat violently, and at this moment, he didn’t think about what all this meant, but just followed his heart and kissed Kang Lai Yin’s forehead.

Kang Lai Yin said, “Not here.”

Kang Xing Luo’s lips landed on Kang Lai Yin’s cheek and he kissed him.

Kang Lai Yin shook his head and said, “It’s not here either.”

Kang Xing Luo didn’t move this time, only looked up at Kang Lai Yin’s eyes, Kang Lai Yin moved forward slightly, and dropped a kiss on Kang Xing Luo’s lips.

Then he said, “I’m fine.”

Before the kiss fell, Kang Xing Luo had room to dodge completely, but he didn’t dodge.

The person in front of him was his Xiao Shizi, but not in the form of a cat like last night, but as a tall man.

Kang Lai Yin kissed him with the appearance of a human man.

Mouth to mouth.

Kang Xing Luo blushed and said in a trance: “Xiao Shizi, you…”

He wanted to ask Kang Lai Yin what it meant when he kissed his lips in the human form, but after seeing Kang Lai Yin’s expression, he choked back what he wanted to say.

Kang Lai Yin’s fierce face was flushed, and when he saw him, he covered his face with both hands.

Such a tall man was acting as shy as a little girl, and Kang Xing Luo almost thought for a moment that he was the one who took the initiative to kiss him.

As a result, Kang Xing Luo felt even more shy than before.

Not anymore.

Xiao Shizi was so cute.

Kang Xing Luo’s heart seemed to almost explode.

Kang Miao swam around and went ashore. Prince Kang was also carried out of the water in a woeful manner. The two cats looked at this side and asked, “What are you doing?”

Kang Xing Luo felt agitated and stiff, so he hurriedly shifted the topic, “Ah, I suddenly remembered something, do you have time tomorrow? I want to bring a cat evolutionary species to our house.”

The air suddenly turned quiet.

At the same time, Crown Prince, Kang Lai Yin and Kang Miao Kang had a dark face, and while being expressionless, they asked in a cold voice: “What did you say?”

Kang Xing Luo: “…”


T/N: Guys, I just realized that KLY must have taken the name because it sounds like “Lion” which is the nickname KXL had given him…

And I feel this is the best representation of the cats falling in water: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPi1Bmsy0lU, watch it, it’s hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂 Just imagine the cats much bigger…

And this is CKN loving the water:

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