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When Si Huang woke up, she still remembered the scene in her dream clearly. She clearly dreamed of all kinds of hardships in her life at the beginning, but finally the inexplicable scene changed, from a realistic ordeal movie to a fantasy movie. She dreamed that she had turned into an egg, was carried into her nest by a huge beast, who then wrapped her tightly, chanting: “Hatch the egg, hatch the egg, hatch the little flesh, raise it to be fat, then eat it again~ eat it~ eat it!”

As an egg, she was wrapped tightly and felt hot, such that she was about to die from the heat and wanted to break free, but she was afraid that she would be eaten by the beast if she really came out.

Eventually, she was woken up by the heat.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw darkness, and for a moment she was puzzled. Five Treasure coughed lightly in her mind: [Cough, Your Majesty, raise your head. 】

Si Huang raised her head slightly, and her pupils shrank tightly.

It turned out that her face was in someone’s chest just now, and only when she raised her head did she stick out of the quilt and saw a face that filled her heart with complexity.

He slept soundly, which she could tell just by his breathing. This made Si Huang feel incredible, shouldn’t a person like him be so cautious even when he slept that he would wake up after just a little movement? Thinking like this, Si Huang’s eyes gradually settled down, then weakening her sense of existence, she silently observed Qin Fan.

Once she lost her awe and excess prejudice, looking at this person, she noticed a lot of details that she hadn’t noticed before.

For example, this person looked younger than the lunatic in her memory, and was also unexpectedly handsome, with sword eyebrows piercing his temples like a knife. It may be that he slept well, but his eyebrows still looked tough and steep after stretching, but they were not as majestic as when his eyes were open. His nose was very straight, and the lips were naturally diamond-shaped. It looked like he was smiling even when he was not. A hint of surprise flashed in Si Huang’s heart. Probably few people would realize this, and how much did this man hate to smile? This kind of affinity and powerful lip shape was ruined in his hands.

Si Huang didn’t expect to see Qin Fan again so soon, and that too in this way. Recalling his previous performance in Weiming Mountain, and looking at Qin Fan who was sleeping, Si Huang was not afraid.

She was no longer the innocent girl who had just come of age in her previous life. In fact, she was no longer afraid of Qin Fan after the many experiences in her previous life, especially after hearing a lot of talk about him in the mouths of those high-class people, she was even less afraid, but had a little respect for him in her heart.

This man was a real soldier.

No matter how fierce and stubborn he was towards people, he was still much better than those people who were famous for their reputation, but were actually sanctimonious, and killed without blood. Compared with those dirty methods, the scene where she met with him for the first time could no longer make the future Si Huang afraid, instead, it had become a kind of memory for her.

It was a pity that she only saw him once in her previous life, and after leaving her such an indelible memory, they never saw each other again. And he died a year before her. She heard that he died on a foreign mission. Even she couldn’t find out the specific information.

Si Huang narrowed her eyes slightly.

She hated many people, but she didn’t hate Qin Fan. Even if he was the cause of the beginning of her tragedy, she was angry at first when she was young, but she understood the truth later. It all depended on her choice, she couldn’t see the situation clearly, so what she should hate most was her own ignorance and incompetence at the beginning.

However, not hating did not mean that she would go with the flow in this life. She originally saw Qin Fan again after more than a year. With her plan, she would already have had the ability to protect herself by that time, and she would not be let down again and would never be at the mercy of Si Zhihan, further she also wanted to avoid having contact with Qin Fan. Who knew…the plan would not keep up with the changes?

[Your Majesty, Your Majesty! 】

Si Huang’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Five Treasure.

Thinking that she was still in Qin Fan’s arms, even lying on his bed, Si Huang didn’t have time to think about why. The point was to get rid of the other party first.

As soon as she moved, the arms around her waist tightened immediately, and instead of freeing herself, Si Huang, who was not aware of it for a while, pressed closer to the hot and broad chest.

The scorching temperature, the heavy and powerful heartbeat, both were full of masculinity that could not be ignored.

Si Huang’s heart clenched, and a faint but unignorable feeling ran through her body like an electric shock, strange and exciting.

[His Majesty! Are you awake? I have something very important to tell you! 】 Five Treasure’s tone was both excited and careful.

Si Huang said silently in her consciousness: “Wait first.” It was not that she doesn’t want to hear the so-called important thing of the Five Treasure. At present, what she had to deal with was the master whose eyes had suddenly opened, in front of her.

Qin Fan had woken up.

As if a sleeping lion had woken up, even if it was a little lazy at first, the momentum of the beast king had silently recovered.

As soon as his arms were loosened, Si Huang thought he was going to let go of her, who knew that the next moment he would give her a big hug and hug her like a big pillow. He rubbed his head against her head rudely, and his scratchy beard rubbed against Si Huang’s delicate cheeks, causing itching and pain. This was not the point, the point was what was Qin Fan doing!? What was up with the instant vision of a large dog!?

“…What are you doing?” Si Huang was just stunned for a second, then pushed Qin Fan’s face away with both hands.

Qin Fan, who was rejected, frowned, and the expression on his face became cold in the next second, and his misty eyes gradually focused sharply. A flawlessly beautiful face was reflected in his black pupils, and his eyebrows suddenly turned full of vitality. Seeing this, Si Huang shrank, Qin Fan lifted the quilt and got up, and asked Si Huang, “What’s wrong?”

So, he easily ignored what happened on the bed just now? Si Huang didn’t hold on tight and got up from the bed. Her body’s resilience should have also been strengthened, and there was not much pain in the back of her head. She said coldly, “It’s okay.”

With a cool face, he went to fold the blanket seriously.

Seeing his skillful technique and the perfect tofu shape he had folded the quilt in, Si Huang felt unexpectedly calm, and took a leisurely look at him. From this point of view, he was quite a normal person.

Suddenly, Qin Fan turned his head, and his eyes met Si Huang without any deviation. Si Huang calmly didn’t dodge his gaze and said indifferently: “As the culprit who caused my injury, it should have been left up to you to help me recuperate, so I don’t need to say thank you. If there is nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

Qin Fan did not speak.

Si Huang took it as if he agreed and turned around to open the door. Just as her hand reached the doorknob, a gust of wind came from behind, causing Si Huang to instinctively turn back and fight back.

With a bang, the two’s arms touched. That iron-like hardness made Si Huang shake her eyebrows, as she raised her cold eyes and stared at Qin Fan, “What do you mean?”

“Continue.” Qin Fan didn’t look sideways.

She took back what she said before, how was this person normal, he was still an incomprehensible lunatic.

Si Huang was silent for two seconds. Anyway, in the woods, her skills were clearly seen by this person, and she was not afraid of revealing anything. She got angry and grabbed the doorknob again, but Qin Fan stopped her again. This time, she didn’t ask why, and went straight to Qin Fan.

As soon as the two of them reached each other, their fists and feet met. After a few moments, Si Huang found that Qin Fan was only defending and not attacking. Otherwise, according to his skill, it was impossible to for her to be able to fight for so long. Until finally Si Huang tripped over her foot and slammed her back on the floor. Then Qin Fan knelt on her waist with one leg, one knee pressed against her lower abdomen, while his other hand successfully grabbed her two wrists.

[Tsk tsk, this pose~] Five Treasure cooed in Si Huang’s mind.

Qin Fan didn’t even move his eyebrows, “Do you only eat grass? How can you be so thin?”

Si Huang: “…” Don’t think that just because you have a coffin face, I can’t hear your contempt! “What the hell do you want to do?” she asked quietly.

Qin Fan’s free hand touched Si Huang’s face, the soft touch made him pause for a moment, how could it be like an egg, wouldn’t it really break when squeezed? With the kind of psychology of conducting a strange experiment, Qin Fan controlled his strength and squeezed her cheek, but her face was not broken, it just turned red.

Si Huang’s eyes were also on fire, especially when Qin Fan’s hand touched her chin and her face, then her neck… “Are you underage? The Adam’s apple is not protruding.” Further down was the chest! Was he trying to touch her chest muscles?

“Stop—!” Si Huang scolded coldly.

This emotional outburst successfully made Qin Fan stop, staring at her blushing face, he didn’t know whether it was his pinching that had caused him to be angry, so he frowned and exhorted: “Are you a woman?”

Si Huang gritted his teeth: “No!”

“Then why are you tossing about.” Despise, definitely despise.

Si Huang was so angry that she threw a meaningful look at Qin Fan’s slanted eyes and said while laughing: “Men can’t be touched casually. If you touch it, you will be responsible. If you want to fuck me! I don’t care.

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