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Yang Zi was a young man in his mid-twenties, and when Qin Fan stared at him with his pair of pitch-black eyes, cold sweat broke out all over his body. He stood up straight in an instant, and gave Qin Fan a military salute, “Reporting to the chief, I was the one who made the call. Because of the chief’s situation at the time, I had to ask for help. I thought that the number 1 button was the general’s number, who knew… …”

Qin Fan showed no expression, but the more expressionless he was, the scarier he seemed to be, “What did you tell him?”

Yang Zi: “General, the chief is having a headache again!”

Qin Fan: “…you did a great job this time, After I go back, I will personally teach you martial arts for three days.”

Yang Zi looked like the sky was falling, “Boss! You really don’t need to trouble yourself personally…”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Qin Fan shouted.

Yang Zi suddenly looked like a wilted eggplant.

Qin Fan stared at his mobile phone as if he had lost his mind.

Originally, he didn’t want the child to know about his illness. Who knew, it would not take long to be exposed? Not only was it exposed, but the child acted as if he knew about it a long time ago, as well as his effect on himself.

Qin Fan, who had calmed down at this time, remembered what happened half a month ago. He learned from Guo Chengxiong that the child was abducted and then taken away by Dou Wenqing. At that time, he only had time to call the current head of the Dou family. There was an unexpected situation, and he couldn’t tolerate even a little distraction. In order to complete the task earlier, and because of the inexplicable mood of going back to see the child earlier, he did not have a good rest for half a month. The highly concentrated workload made him fall into a state of madness.    

This time, the state was not to the point where there was no distinction between the enemy and the friend. He clearly remembered that the task had been completed perfectly. If it were not like this, the group of people under him would not have dared to use his mobile phone to make a call at this time.    

“Leave the aftermath to Zhang Chuan, let’s go back.” Qin Fan looked at the private message from Weibo from half a month ago and the display of the missed call displayed on the phone, and his heart felt as if it was being scratched and he wanted to see the child.    

Others, of course, had no objection.

This battle was successful mainly due to Qin Fan taking the lead and leading the troops, but they also worked hard, especially to keep up with the highly concentrated Qin Fan, which exhausted their mental and physical strength.

“I’m going to apply for a vacation after I go back. I haven’t seen my girlfriend for a long time. If someone poaches her, I’m done!”

“Hahaha! It’s not surprising if you are poached!”

“Is it a holiday, didn’t you hear that the chief said he would personally reward you?”

“Ahhhhh! You bastards with no sense of humanity!”

Qin Fan looked at a group of rough guys fighting with a blank expression, and the only idea that appeared in his mind from the bottom of his heart was: go back and deal with them one by one.

How can there be any idea of not doing it at all.

Sure enough, his child was different.

Qin Fan’s thoughts turned, but his high cold male god face did not reveal his inner thoughts at all.

The reason why Si Huang hung up Qin Fan’s phone here was because she felt that since the other party was sober, there was no need to continue talking. Secondly, there was a new call on the mobile phone, it was from Grandma Yu.

“Grandma.” Si Huang answered the phone.

“Xiao Huang, come to the school’s No. 101 recording studio, grandma is waiting for you here.” Grandma Yu’s cheerful voice sounded.

Just from the sound of the phone, Si Huang could feel her happiness, “Okay, I’ll be here soon.”

After hanging up the phone, Si Huang said to Yu Xi, “Go to Huaxing.”

Then they both stood up.

In ten minutes, Si Huang and Yu Xi arrived.

As the final exams were approaching, the shooting of “Red Moon” had also temporarily slowed down, allowing the students of Huaxing Art School to concentrate on preparing for the exams. Today was supposed to be the holiday time for the filming crew of “Red Moon”, but the arrival of Si Huang still attracted the attention of the students of Huaxing Art School. When the professor in class found that the number of students in his class was seriously reduced, he immediately thought of the reason-now there was only one person who could make Huaxing Art School students collectively absent themselves from class.

Studio 101.

After Si Huang knocked on the door a few times, the door opened from the inside.

“Come, come.” It was Grandma Yu who opened the door, and when she saw Si Huang, she held his hand excitedly, “It took half a month, but I finally didn’t lose face in front of you guys, look.”

She handed Si Huang the sheet music on the table.

After Si Huang politely greeted the vice principal and Mr. Tie in the recording studio, he carefully read the score given by Grandma Yu.

He was fascinated in one look, then she brought the rhythm into her mind, and got familiar with the simulation bit by bit.

Five or six minutes later, Si Huang came back to her senses and saw Grandma Yu and the others waiting for him quietly, “Sorry, I…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Grandma Yu knew what she wanted to say, so she waved her hand and smiled then she said, “How do you feel? Do you feel anything?”

“Very good, really.” Si Huang raised her head, and when she said this, her eyes were bright and serious.

Both Tie Lao and the vice-principal smiled.

Of course they were full of confidence in the work they had made together, but Si Huang’s attitude still won their favor.

“Let me just say this, even if we have retired for a few years, we are still young.” Grandma Yu smiled and asked Si Huang: “But this song is not easy, does Xiao Huang think there is any problem?”

Si Huang smiled, “Whether there is a problem or not, it’s up to you grandma to decide.”

Grandma Yu pointed to the inside of the recording studio, “Try singing a cappella. Don’t be nervous for the first time. I wouldn’t judge how good you are. Grandma just wants to see how high your voice can go. According to grandma’s experience, Xiao Huang’s voice can be adapted to any level.”

Si Huang nodded and walked to the other side of the glass partition.

After a few minutes of serious observation, she had already memorized the lyrics and melody, but she still put the score on the shelf in front of the condenser microphone.

Outside the glass window, Grandma Yu made a gesture, indicating that it was time to start.

Si Huang took a breath, then looked at the music score, and sang into the condenser microphone.

A low hoarse hum, instantly stimulated the physiological reactions of Grandma Yu and the others outside, and goose bumps appeared all over their body.

Grandma Yu’s eyes widened, and her eyes were full of love and appreciation, while the vice principal’s face suddenly became serious.

A person’s voice might be good, but his singing does not necessarily have to be as good. Grandma Yu believed that Si Huang could sing because of her rich experience, but Si Huang’s real performance still exceeded her expectations.

This was a song that condensed the essence of them several old people. There were not many lyrics. The prelude hummed to the most difficult dolphin sound, and the melody revealed ghosts and goblins. The combination of difficult singing skills and rich and varied emotions could make this song a classic, but it also proved its difficulty.

Originally, Grandma Yu was 70% sure that Si Huang could sing this song well, but she never thought that he could achieve this effect on the first try.

The humming of the prelude was low and hoarse, and the charm of the voice alone was enough to fascinate people. Entering the lyrics part, you could accurately grasp the changing melody, one pause, one fast and one slow, one high and one low, it always came so casually and strangely, it was full of exotic style, as if you were really among the goblins and ghosts, and there was suddenly a glimmer of life in the haze, like madness and coldness.

“Ah—” When the dolphin sound arrived in the middle, Si Huang opened his mouth and shouted.

The vice-principal’s heart trembled, and he accidentally bumped into something with his arm, but he didn’t pay attention, he just kept staring at Si Huang with wide eyes.

How could this not-so-strong body have such a powerful lung capacity and explosive voice!?

When it was high, it was like the roaring deep sea, which was heart-stirring and soul-stirring. When it was low, it was like the clear throat of a siren, fluttering and seductive, making one willing to sink into the night sea.

Songs had a power of expression that touched people’s hearts more than words, and it had always been like this from ancient times to the present. Because of this, songs had never left people’s lives. It was just that there were too many modern songs. More and more singers or composers no longer pursued quality, but only cared about the mass production and profits. Many times you heard a song that was similar in nature to another song, and thus it was difficult to make a deep impression on people.

The reason for this may be due to the composer’s carelessness, but the most important point lay in the singer.

Once a song with simple lyrics was sung seriously by a singer with superb singing skills and integrated with his own emotions, it would also give people a different feeling.

Grandma Yu asked Si Huang to try it at first, but she just wanted her to try the rhythm and resonance of this song “Crying of the Red Moon”.

Who knew this would be the case now!?

The three old people and Yu Xi in the recording studio had lost their speech, and their minds and five senses were captured by the person separated from them by a piece of glass.

He had already closed his eyes and didn’t need to continue looking at the music score, as if the lyrics and melody were already familiar to his heart.

Sadness, madness, tolerance, tenderness… the perfect transformation and emotional integration, all conveyed from the sensual singing to infect all listeners.

The few people in the recording studio didn’t know that Huaxing Art School’s courses were once again paralyzed at this time.

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