KHSW Ch. 112: Embarrassing Her

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In fact, Meng Xinyan used to be the editor-in-chief of the “Fashion” magazine, which ranked first in the weekly magazine list, so she was hired because of her exceptional qualifications.

The director of publicity rubbed his forehead, “I’ll give you one last chance. If you don’t do well, go to the editor-in-chief and resign immediately. We don’t support the disabled here.”

“I’ll do it well, thank you.”

What was the matter! She agreed so easily! The publicity director was used to misusing his power, and naturally looked down on her.

“Ling Xi turned down an invitation from us before. If you can invite her to shoot the cover, you can stay here. If you can’t, then I’m sorry, the gate is over there.” He pointed to the door with his right hand.

Meng Xinyan couldn’t help but repeat: “Ling Xi?”

There was a look of contempt in the eyes of the publicity director, “What? You swore just now, but it can’t be done now?”

“No…no, I just want to make sure that as long as I invite her, I can stay here, right?”

“That’s right, but I only give you two days.”

Seeing Meng Xinyan walking out, the entertainment reporters all formed a group.

“The director clearly wanted to embarrass her! In fact, I have read it, and the manuscript she wrote is very good.”

“This Ling Xi hasn’t received any interviews since joining ‘Yi Ling’. Last time, even the top-ranked “Fashion” magazine was refused by her. Meng Xinyan will definitely not be able to finish the task!”

“And it’s only two days. I’ve never seen the director being so mean.”

The director of publicity suddenly appeared behind them like a ghost, and snorted coldly, “People who don’t have the strength don’t deserve to stay here. Are you all idle now?”

The entertainment reporters immediately moved away and went to work on the matters at hand.

Ling Xi could quickly become popular in three years. At first glance, she was a potential stock, and now it’s worth has doubled. What if I just want to embarrass her?


As soon as Meng Xinyan came back, she saw an extra pair of high-heeled shoes on the shoe rack, thinking that Ling Xi must be here, finally a hint of joy appeared on her face.

“Mom, you are back.”

When Meng Xinyan saw her daughter, it seemed that all her worries disappeared.

“Xi’er, haven’t you been rehearsing hip-hop these days?”

“Well, I came to see Mom, and I’ll be leaving in a while.”

“Then sit down first, and Mom will cut some fruit for you.”

“No need for Mom to do this, you can sit too.” Ling Xi dragged Meng Xinyan to sit on the sofa, “Mom, when are you free? Yizhi’s parents said they wanted to see you.”

Meng Xinyan was suddenly at a loss, “Meet me? But I…” When she first saw Xu Yizhi, she felt that he was extravagant. He should be the young master or son of a wealthy family, so if she met his parents like this, it may embarrass Ling Xi!

If Ling Xi were to know that Meng Xinyan let her marry Xu Yizhi without even knowing his family situation, she would be surprised.

After all, Meng Xinyan knew about it at that time…

Seeing her unease, Ling Xi said softly, “Mom, don’t worry! Mother-in-law and the others are very good people.”

“Then… wait until the recording of your show is over!”

“Well, no problem, oh~ Also, I heard Zidi say you found a job as an entertainment reporter, right?”

“Yeah, it’s going well. As soon as they heard that I had worked in “Fashion” magazine before, they immediately decided to hire me. You don’t have to worry about Mom.”

The more she said this, the more Ling Xi didn’t believe it. That’s what she said last time, and she also said it was a decent job, but the result was… She was by no means looking down on that profession, but she was rather distressed by her doing such a job.

“Which weekly?”

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