TBLF Ch. 15

After that week, Ji Rang did not go to school.

His skipping class was a routine occurrence, and the class teacher couldn’t control him. He was accustomed to it. In addition to noticing, he would also call the parent’s number he had left at the beginning of the school.

But no one ever answered.

He had encountered many such self-defeating students in his teaching career. Class 9 teacher Liu Yao glanced at the noisy students at the back of the classroom, secretly shook his head and sighed, he then put away his lesson plan.

After school on Friday, Qu Dazhuang made an appointment with few people to go to the Internet cafe to play games.

Luo Bing came over from the next classroom and asked, “When are we going to find Brother Rang?”

Qu Dazhuang scolded him: “What is there to look for, Brother hates being disturbed during his rest, do you want to get beaten up?”

Luo Bingyu: “He didn’t come to school for a week, I’m worried.”

Qu Dazhuang didn’t care much: “It’s not the first time. Why are you talking so much, I will not take you to play games!”

The few people made a lot of noise as they moved out. As soon as they came out of the back door of the classroom, they saw a girl with a ponytail standing quietly while carrying a schoolbag. When she saw them, her moist eyes immediately bent into a smile.

Qu Dazhuang was startled and poked Liu Haiyang with his elbow: “What is she doing here?”

Liu Haiyang hesitated and said, “Is she here to find Brother Rang?”

Sure enough, they saw the girl handing over a notebook paper that said: I want to find Ji Rang.

Qu Dazhuang’s expression was complicated: “I don’t know sign language.” He thought for a while, “How does Brother usually communicate with her?”

Liu Haiyang: “Brother relies on typing.”

He took out his cell phone and typed it out for Qi Ying: We don’t know where he is.

Ha, there are many girls in the school who want to find Ji Rang. Do we tell all of them? As if we are not afraid of being killed by Brother.

The several teenagers shoved each other and walked quickly towards the entrance of the corridor. Qi Ying was stunned, and then started following two steps behind them.

She followed them all the way to the school gate.

From time to time Qu Dazhuang glanced back: “She is still following us, what is she doing!”

She followed them all the way to the entrance of the Internet cafe, Luo Bingyu said to Liu Haiyang: “Didn’t you say that Brother is different towards her? Would he be angry if he knew that we brought her into the Internet cafe?”

When all the people heard this, it seemed like the truth and they didn’t dare to go inside.

Qi Ying finally caught up with them, trotting all the way, she was panting a little, her cheeks flushed, obediently pursing the corners of his lips, all the while looking at them with an expectant look.

Who could stand that look?

Qu Dazhuang surrendered first: “Forget it, it’s okay to let her go and have a look. It’s not necessary for us to take her there.”

He typed Ji Rang’s address in a memo to show Qi Ying.

Qi Ying took a picture with her mobile phone and silently said to the few people, “Thank you.”

Ji Rang lived in a new property near the suburbs.

A large apartment that had just been constructed in the last two years, big enough so that it was suitable for three generations living together. In recent years, Haicheng’s house prices had been rising as violently as a rocket. But when buying this big house that was not suitable for him, Ji Rang did not even blink.

At that time, Ji Weiyan also did not stop him, just said: buy it if you like it.

He also sent someone to help him buy furniture.

It was a little far from the school. It took two bus transfers to get there.

When Qi Ying got out of the taxi on reaching there, it was already dark and there was a light rain.

Ji Rang lived in the second unit in Building Eight, some distance from the gate of the community. Qi Ying filled in the visitor registration; put her hand over head, and trotted all the way to the building.

She found Ji Rang’s home according to the house number. The thick anti-theft door glowed cold under the incandescent lamp in the corridor. She wiped the rain water on her hair and clothes and rang the doorbell.

She pressed three times and waited for five minutes each time, no one came to open the door.

Qi Ying rubbed the small goose bumps that had appeared on her arm because of the cold, thought about it, and sat down at the doorway.

She waited for an hour.

She used the time to work on a math paper.

While taking out an English paper to fill in the blanks, the elevator at the entrance of the corridor opened with a click. Ji Rang arrived with a black umbrella and walked in while splashing water.

Seeing the young girl sitting at the door doing her homework, his pupils dilated, and he froze in place.

Qi Ying couldn’t hear, and thus didn’t know that someone was coming, so she kept on writing with her head buried in the paper. When she encountered a difficult question, she crooked her head and bit her pen, her face full of distress.

There was strong wind and rain outside the building, and sometimes a cold wind came in. At that time, she rubbed her arms feeling cold, then after thinking about it, she put the finished math paper on her arm to block the wind. Maybe she thought that this method was very useful, and so she tilted her head and smiled.

Ji Rang squeezed the umbrella, his grip so tight that his knuckles had turned white.

He walked two steps forward slowly, his shadow projecting on the ground, Qi Ying looked at it, looked up, and her eyes suddenly bent into a smile. She folded the papers, stood up holding her schoolbag, and smiled at him obediently.

Ji Ran felt like his heart was being tickled, and he couldn’t breathe.

He actually wanted to curse.

Did she know what she was doing?

This place was dark and distant. In case he didn’t return today, how long was she going to wait?

There was heavy rain outside and it was difficult to call a taxi. How was she going to go back?

In the suburbs, there were fewer people, what would she do if she met bad people?

He almost shouted the entire clamor rushing to his brain, but at the end, there was only one word: “Fuck.”

He strode over, took out the key to open the door, and rudely gave Qi Ying a push into the house. He threw the black umbrella on the entryway and rushed to the bathroom.

Qi Ying was pushed by him so she felt a little embarrassed. She didn’t know why the general was angry when he saw her, so she stood staring blankly into the hallway. Ji Rang came out soon, he was holding a large white towel in his hand, he wrapped it around Qi Ying’s body, covering her from head to toe.

His face was gloomy and he was a little rough, Qi Ying watched his face carefully and thought that she might have done something wrong again.

She dropped her head, annoyed with herself.

She was just worried about him.

Ji Rang took a look into the refrigerator, but found nothing, so he went to the kitchen to boil a pot of hot water.

After boiling, he took two glasses of water and poured them back and forth. When the water temperature dropped and it was no longer too hot, he placed the glass in Qi Ying’s hand and said coldly, “Drink!”

Qi Ying obediently took it and drank the water with her head down, fearing making him angrier, such that she didn’t even dare to look at him again.

Ji Rang was angry for a while, but after seeing her pale look, he began to reflect on himself.

Was he too fierce just now?

But you can’t blame him, who wouldn’t get angry!

After Qi Ying drank the hot water, she slowly took out her mobile phone and typed. Ji Rang stood beside her and squinted at the screen. Her delicate index finger moved slowly on the keypad like a snail, writing word by word: Will you come back to school next week?

Ji Rang said, “You study committee member, you also supervise whether I go to school or not.”

Since he spoke very fast, Qi Ying didn’t understand. Looking into her blank and clear eyes, Ji Rang nodded with thin lips.

She was a little happy, but remembered that the general was still angry, so she didn’t dare to get carried away, she just lowered her head and typed slowly: Then I’m going back.

Ji Rang typed expressionlessly asking: Do you know it is raining heavily outside?

Qi Ying replied: I don’t know.

Damn it.

Ji Rang laughed angrily: So how do you plan to go back?

Qi Ying had a hunch that if this question was not answered well, she might get beaten. Her fingertips shook and trembled, and she didn’t dare to type anything for a long time.

Ji Rang licked one corner of his mouth, his eyes drooped slightly, and he smiled coldly, and said with his lips, “You type.”

He had smiled like this once before. She had sneaked out of the house while the general was not at home, but she encountered a famous person of Beijing. She was almost tied back and taken to the governor’s mansion. Later the general came and took her to his study, he let her stand in front of the desk and think about her crimes.

What did she do at that time?

Hmm… She seemed to have kissed the corner of the general’s lips on tiptoe. The general really calmed down.

Qi Ying carefully looked up at Ji Rang.

Woo, no, she didn’t dare this time.

Looking at her aggrieved look, Ji Rang pursed the corners of her lips; his pretentious coldness was a bit unsustainable. After getting closer, he smelled the faint sweet smell on her again.

Was she strawberry candy??? Why did she smell so sweet???

Ji Rang straightened up, rushed to the bedroom, found a black shirt and threw it at her: “Put it on and I’ll send you home!”

Qi Ying obediently took off the bath towel and put on the shirt.

His shirt was too big for her, the hem of his shirt almost fell to her knees, and the ponytail was tucked in the back. He glanced at it and reached out towards her.

The soft hair brushed across his palm like feathers.

He called a special car with his mobile phone. When the car reached the designated location, he picked up the black umbrella on the ground, opened the door, and went out. Qi Ying followed him obediently. She didn’t know Ji Rang was going to send her off. She went into the elevator and found that Ji Rang was not going back, and blinked curiously.

Ji Rang squinted and said, “What are you looking at, can’t I also want to be a good person today?”

There was cold wind and rain outside the building.

Qi Ying felt a little cold, so she tightened her jacket. Ji Rang opened his umbrella and walked out with her by his side.

She was afraid of him being angry, so she dared not get too close to him. When Ji Rang leaned a little to the right, she leaned a little to the left, which finally frustrated Ji Rang.

He scolded: “You are hiding from Laozi!”

Then he stretched out his arm and hugged her in his arms.

The palm of his hand touched her right arm, and it was already wet by the rain. With a calm face, he rubbed her cold arms back and forth, then moved the umbrella to her side, speeding up his pace.

Qi Ying smelled something light on him, like the smell of hospital disinfectant.

But it was quickly washed away by the rain.

Outside the gate, the special car flashed its headlights in the rain.

Ji Rang pulled open the door of the back seat and waited for her to sit in, and then took the umbrella and got into the car. Most of his body was soaking wet, and his hair was dripping, so he dusted it with his hands and told the driver in a cold voice: “Turn on the heating.”

The warm wind began to spread in the small space, and Qi Ying finally became warmer. Ji Rang didn’t speak, but calmly watched the rain pouring outside the car window, but when they passed the bustling downtown, he suddenly thought of something.

He turned to glance at Qi Ying again.

Qi Ying, sitting next to him, holding her schoolbag: ………

Oh, she obviously didn’t do anything now.

Ji Rang asked the driver to pull over and got out of the car without taking the umbrella. He ran out in the rain.

Qi Ying thought he was suddenly angry and didn’t want her, so her eyes got red. Sitting on the seat with her lips pursed, her heart was aggrieved.

He returned after a while, carrying a cup of hot milk tea, a burger, and a fries.

After getting in the car, he gave her the stuff and said, “Eat!”

Qi Ying rubbed her eyes, sniffed, took a bite of the hamburger, and then drank milk tea.

Very fragrant and sweet.

When the car reached outside Qi Ying’s home complex, it was already past eight in the evening.

At the end of school in the afternoon, Qi Ying had sent separate messages to Yu Cheng and Yu Zhuo, saying that she would go shopping with classmates and then go home later.

She just didn’t expect that it would rain so suddenly. Yu Cheng couldn’t help worrying at home, and sent a message to Qi Ying, asking when she would come back and whether she had brought an umbrella.

She replied: I am at the gate of the community, and I have an umbrella.

After receiving the news, Yu Cheng called Yu Zhuo, who was lying on the sofa and playing a game: “Go downstairs to pick up your sister.”

Yu Zhuo was at a critical juncture in his game, and reluctantly said, “She’s not ignorant of the way. Dad, can you stop treating her as a child, she just can’t speak and hear, she’s not stupid!”

That being said, he still got up and went down.

Of course, the game could not be exited. He played while walking. As soon as he rushed to the front of the opponent and took a triple kill, he saw at the end of the dimly lit community road, someone holding an umbrella approaching him.

Yu Zhuo took a look and thought it was his sister who came back, so he didn’t look anymore. In cooperation with his teammates, he quickly took down the enemy crystal. The corner of his mouth had just risen into a victory smile, when he looked up and his smile turned stiff.

He saw Ji Rang.

And in Ji Rang’s arms, his sister …


His sister???

The two approached him, Ji Rang was almost drenched all over, but Qi Ying was dry, still holding a cup of milk tea in her hand. Seeing him, Qi Ying paused, with a hesitant look on her face.

It was a bit embarrassing for her lie to be caught by her brother on the spot.

Ji Rang smiled when he saw Yu Zhuo, but how Yu Zhuo hated that smile, he always felt that the smile was deliberately provocative.

He shivered, suddenly remembering what Ji Rang had said before.

It’s different, you don’t know until you have played.

He burst out in cold sweat.

He broke down and roared towards Ji Rang: “What did you do to my sister?!”

Ji Rang: “………”

If he beat this fool right now, Qi Ying shouldn’t blame him, right?

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