MGSGW Ch. 141

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“We are reporters, it’s different, I have a press card.”

The reporter was very arrogant: “You are a female student, you don’t know how to behave, and you are not ashamed to bring a group of boys to help take pictures.”

Lin Mumu was really angry. After getting rid of the anger, she didn’t feel angry anymore, but she was able to look at them calmly.

“My lawyer will talk to you about this topic, what is nonsense without evidence, it is called slander.”

“You are still eloquent.”

“You’re not a good thing at first glance.”

“You still call the police, do you think the police belong to your family?”

The reporters chattered in unison, and they had already begun to criticize Lin Mumu.

On the contrary, Lin Mumu didn’t talk back, and just watched them as demons quietly.

Lin Mumu called the police because Fourth Young Master Qiu called Qiu Feng worked in the police system, so it was impossible that even a police force could not be mobilized.

Lin Mumu didn’t expect to really win the case against these reporters, but they disgusted her, and she didn’t mind disgusting them, and sent them to the police station by gathering a crowd to make trouble, and asked them to record their statements with the police, and then let the lawyer talk to them. Then she sent lawyers’ letters to them one by one.

It was not Lin Mumu’s style not to fight back after being beaten.

She couldn’t control the result, but she could control whether they would dare to embellish these things and write them in the newspaper. She could only be herself.

At this moment, sirens sounded, and the reporters who had surrounded Lin Mumu were completely dumbfounded and prepared to run away with oil on their feet.

“Bump!” A gunshot was fired into the sky, with green smoke still rising.

“Everyone, no one is allowed to move, we have received information that someone is trying to disrupt the national security!” The cold voice resounded over the entire market.

Those who were watching the bustle and doing business all felt shocked.

They just did some business or came to buy some flowers and plants, how did that suddenly become disrupting the national security?

And those reporters became even more afraid. If it was the noisiest ones here, then they would be the ones caught.

Afterwards, a combat unit surrounded them, and several police cars loaded them up and took them away.

Everyone, including Lin Mumu, Lili, Qiu Jun and others.

The atmosphere was a little stagnant for a moment.

“Lin Mumu, come here.” The familiar voice came to Lin Mumu’s ears, and her tears fell down without disappointment.

But she still endured her grievances and got into the special police jeep.

After getting into the car, a man in military uniform handed Lin Mumu a handkerchief, and Lin Mumu cried even harder, tears falling down like she didn’t want money.

Originally, she also wanted to be stronger, she also wanted to be a strong woman, and confront those reporters to the end! Who was afraid of whom, she was innocent, and the country still had a privacy protection policy for military wives.

Lin Mumu’s heart was bright, she knew that she won’t suffer even if she made trouble at the police station!

So, Lin Mumu should laugh, even if she was crying, she had to cry when the leader pretended to be wronged.

But at this moment, she couldn’t control her emotions at all. Because she heard Yun Ting’s voice, and now she saw this man more clearly.

All her grievances couldn’t be suppressed anymore, and it became what it was now.

Xiao Du raised the surrounding blinds winkingly to block the view from the car windows.

“Drive first.” Yun Ting’s expression was very cold, and had a murderous look on his face, which made him even more terrifying.

Lin Mumu was not afraid of him, she just leaned her head on Yun Ting’s arm while crying.

Yun Ting felt a little helpless by Lin Mumu’s crying, and let her lean on his arms stiffly.

Dj22031: Finally someone said what I’ve been wondering about for years, i.e. how are reporters so rampant in privacy invasion in these Chinese novels, why do the authors never show them calling the police against the nuisance caused by the reporters….

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