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After closing the live broadcast room, the food for the lottery winners was sent out. Su Yemu and Mother Jiang sent the food to the construction site. At this time, work was over and everyone was resting. Only Da Zhuang and the four boys were still building stones.

“Your Excellency.”

Discovering Su Yemu’s arrival, Da Zhuang walked up to Su Yemu, put his right hand on his chest, and saluted Su Yemu.

“You called me?” Su Yemu was a little strange. Was this what the interstellar age employees called their employers?

“Yes, Your Excellency, I don’t know if I can bring it up before, but I have a grievance.”

The tall man showed embarrassment and seemed at a loss.

“Tell me.”

“Can I bring back the food that your Excellency gave me for my sister to eat?”

“Of course, what is given to you is yours. Also, you don’t have to be so polite.”

Since Su Yemu came here, although he had not come into contact with many people, in fact there were only a few, but no one had been as respectful as this.

With Su Yemu’s permission, Da Zhuang saluted Su Yemu again, and left with his portion of the meal.

“Don’t be surprised, Da Zhuang was abducted when he was in his twenties, and he became strict when he came back, but he is a kind-hearted person.” Father Jiang was afraid that Su Yemu would not have a good impression of Da Zhuang, so he quickly explained.

“Well, by the way, Uncle Jiang, when will the water be brought in, I want to plant vegetables first.”

“Tomorrow will do.”

Father Jiang patted his chest in response.

Da Zhuang returned to a dilapidated house with food, and there was a violent coughing sound inside. Da Zhuang strode in. A girl aged seventeen or eighteen was lying on the bedside, coughing until her face was flushed.

“Brother, you’re back.”

“Well, I brought your food back today, you drink the soup first, and if it’s better, then eat some food.”

The girl was momentarily surprised, her brother had never said such a long sentence.

“Is it the person my brother came back yesterday and said he would pledge allegiance to?”

“Yeah! Drink!”

The soup was poured out, and the rich smell of broth filled the small room. She understood why her brother suddenly awakened his spiritual power.

“Does brother want to protect him?”

“He is a good man.”

“Well, as long as brother is happy.”

The cabin became quiet again.

At this time, on Neptune.

“You let me out.” Professor Li was so angry that he blew his beard and stared at the person who was blocking him with his slippers.

As for the several assistants who blocked him, many of them had already been hit, with clear shoe prints on their faces and foreheads.

“Professor Li, the principal has asked the secretary-general to complain to the TV platform. You are already old enough to settle accounts with him yourself.”

“Nonsense, who asked you to complain? Have you become stupid after eating only nutrient solution?”

Professor Li’s angry face was puffed up: “Also, who said that I want to go to him to settle accounts, I have an urgent matter with him, get out of the way, if you let him run away, I won’t spare you.”

He was in trouble, these people felt pity for the little anchor inexplicably, it had nothing to do with him if the students watched his live broadcast, but he was actually hated by Professor Li.

“Professor, why don’t I ask your students to come over and ask them to apologize to you?”

“What do you want them for? A bunch of bastards, just to piss me off, I…” Professor Li was stunned: “Wait, wait, no, the terminal, Where’s my terminal!”


Professor Li took the terminal handed over by the assistant, and then thought of a big question: “What’s the name of that live broadcast room?”

The assistant professors looked at each other and shook their heads.

“What’s the use of you, huh!”

Professor Li said to the terminal: “Food live broadcast.”

After swiping the star network, tens of millions of messages came out.

Professor Li frowned: “Huaxia Qing Dynasty.”

Jumping out in the first row was Su Yemu’s live broadcast room. Professor Li clicked in and the latest update of Su Yemu’s live broadcast room appeared. When he saw Su Yemu singing “Man Jiang Hong”, the eyes of the nearly three hundred-year-old professor turned red.

“Yes, it must be. We have been searching for so long and finally found it.”

The teaching assistant who had been by the side was also surprised. Although they had never heard the song and the words Su Yemu sang, the heroic ambition in the melody, the courage to swallow mountains and rivers with arrogance, still shocked them.

“This song is really special.”

A young teaching assistant scratched his head, but he was completely bewildered.

“I don’t know what to say.”

Professor Li snorted, fixed his eyes on the projection, couldn’t turn his eyes away, and waved his hand by the way, meaning that you can get out.

Professor Li was fascinated by it, and he decided to get to know Su Yemu first before going to find Su Yemu.

Several teaching assistants looked at each other, turned and went out; after reaching the corridor, they opened the terminals one after another, as they could smell the soup just now across the planet.

He was dreaming again, with a dull pain in his shoulder.

This time he was in a bedroom, everything was neatly arranged, and it was obvious that this person had obsessive-compulsive disorder.

A small sound of water came out, and Su Yemu’s forehead twitched, yes, it was pornography again.

The sound of the water disappeared, the bathroom door was opened, and the naked man came out wrapped in a towel, still battered, but still in top shape, Su Yemu admitted, feeling jealous.

So Su Yemu took the lead: “Although I don’t know what unfinished wish you have, but I really can’t fulfil it for you.”


This time he should not come again.

After washing up, Su Yemu placed an order for today’s ingredients on Star Net, and received a call from Grandpa Zong, saying that he had found all the workers and was going to test the kiln, and that Boss Hei had also stepped in.

Su Yemu immediately agreed to go there tomorrow, and today, he would plant vegetables. But before that, Su Yemu made breakfast first and called his two apprentices over.

Su Yemu pointed to the glutinous rice chicken[1] and ginkgo porridge[2] on the table: “Is it delicious?”

Erha and Jiang Xiaoyu’s eyes were straightened, and they kept swallowing: “Sweet.”

Su Yemu: “When you can hold back your saliva, you can eat it.”

Erha and Jiang Xiaoyu: “Master…”

“No need to discuss, Xiao Nan, watch them.”

“Okay, brother, don’t worry.”

After Su Yemu left, Su Xiaonan took the peeled glutinous rice chicken, and after breaking it open, she could see the yellow chicken inside, glistening bright with fat, as the steamed glutinous rice and the aroma of chicken melded into a unique food aroma.

Su Xiaonan took the glutinous rice chicken and brought it to their noses lightly: “Is it delicious?”

The two of them grumbled their stomachs and nodded vigorously: “Sweet.”

Su Xiaonan took a bite: “Yes, it’s really delicious.”

The two of them: …

Su Yemu bought so many kinds of vegetables that he couldn’t grow them all at once. Besides, he had to transplant strawberries, which was a lot of work, so Su Yemu was going to use them first.

The ground had been dug up, and the top was slightly wet. According to Su Yemu’s memory of growing vegetables, the seeds were first bred, and then the seeds were loosely sprinkled on a small piece of ground. After they grew into seedlings, they were planted one by one.

The vegetables planted first all had leaves, such as Chinese cabbage, and some melons. Their planting method was different from that of vegetables, and three seeds were placed in each hole. After they grew into seedlings, they would be planted separately. Su Yemu first planted pumpkins and cucumbers.

Su Yemu spent the whole morning growing vegetables here, and only turned to the poultry area at noon. Then, he was stopped by a duck.

Su Yemu froze and took two steps back silently.

“Your Excellency, don’t you want to go in and have a look?”

Su Yemu turned around, saw Da Zhuang carrying a fruit tree, as he asked him with a dull face.

Su Yemu stretched out his hand and poked the fruit tree, it turned out to be real.

“Is it heavy?”

“Not heavy.”

“Quack! Quack! Quack!”

A duck called from behind, and Su Yemu hurriedly said, “I’m leaving first, you keep busy.”

After saying that, he left in a hurry.

“Da Zhuang, why are you smirking? Hurry up and carry the tree.”

“Here I come.”

It turned out that he was afraid of ducks.

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