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Hearing this, the girl suddenly knelt down in front of Han Yi, hugged his legs, and begged hard, “Yi, this is my first child with you, I beg you to keep it, I promise I will…I will never use it to blackmail you, let alone ask you to marry me, I just love you and want to give you a child that belongs to us, Yi, I beg you to let me keep it.”

Han Yi looked at her in disgust, to be precise, looking at her hand holding his legs, “Let go.”

His tone was cold, his eyes seemed to be freezing as he looked at her, and the girl’s face turned pale, so she immediately let go.

Yu Xiaoxuan understood some things when she heard this. It turned out that after making people’s stomach bigger, he wanted to abandon them. She didn’t expect this handsome man to be such a scumbag. Yu Xiaoxuan was angry, so took a step back and kicked open the door of the box.

“You scumbag, I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person. You make someone pregnant and you don’t want to be responsible. You are also forcing someone to have an abortion. Are you still human?” Yu Xiaoxuan pointed at Han Yi and yelled.

Neither Han Yi nor the girl on the ground had thought that someone would break in so they stayed still for a while. Then, the girl’s face turned paler, while Han Yi’s face turned dark.

“It’s none of your business, go out.” Han Yi said coldly, looking at Yu Xiaoxuan.

Yu Xiaoxuan was not afraid and looked straight at him, “How dare you do it, but don’t have the guts to admit it, you are so good-looking, I was really blind, you are really not a man.”

Han Yi said angrily, “You sure know how to talk nonsense.”

Yu Xiaoxuan stared at him fearlessly.

“Get out of here first.” Han Yi didn’t look at Yu Xiaoxuan, but looked at the girl on the ground coldly. The girl was stared at by his icy gaze, so her body trembled uncontrollably, and she picked up her bag and embarrassedly walked out of the box.

“Hey, don’t go, come back, I will help you.” Seeing the girl leaving, Yu Xiaoxuan wanted to chase after her and pull her back, but Han Yi grabbed her wrist.

“Let’s settle our account now.” Han Yi looked at her with a smile and spoke grimly.

Yu Xiaoxuan had a bad feeling and wanted to escape, but Han Yi grabbed her wrist and she couldn’t escape, so she just stared at him, “What should I do with you?”

“Who did you just say was not a man?” Han Yi laughed gently.

Yu Xiaoxuan’s neck froze, “Am I wrong, making someone pregnant but not taking responsibility, is this something a man would do?”

Seeing her repeating the old story, Han Yi’s face darkened again, and he smiled. He became more and more gentle, “I’ll let you know now if I’m a man or not.”

After speaking, he lowered his head and kissed Yu Xiaoxuan’s chattering little mouth that made his teeth itch with hatred.

Yu Xiaoxuan was stunned, looking at the enchanting face magnified in front of her, her mind went blank.

Her lips were unexpectedly soft, Han Yi couldn’t help sticking out his tongue and licking it, and then he skilfully pried open her teeth and began to attack her tongue. Han Yi had to admit that this girl’s taste was actually very good.

“Crack.” Yu Xiaoxuan reacted, pushed him away, slapped him on the face, covered her mouth, and was about to cry, “You dead shemale, stinky rascal.”

Han Yi’s face darkened, the anger in his eyes was even more intense, but he was stunned when he saw the crystals in her eyes, and his anger miraculously disappeared.

He watched Yu Xiaoxuan run out of the box.

He stretched out his hand, touched his cheek where Yu Xiaoxuan had slapped, and let out a soft hiss, this dead girl was really cruel, but a hint of guilt also rose in his heart.

Shen Xitong’s attention was not on Han Yi at this time, but on someone behind Han Yi, because looking back, there stood Shen Junyu, who was looking at her coldly.

Her face turned pale, she didn’t know when Shen Junyu arrived, and how much he had seen and heard about what happened just now. When she met his cold eyes, she held her skirt with one hand, and thought that this was where she had to use her best performance.

“Brother.” Shen Xitong forced a smile and said.

The other two men saw Shen Junyu just now, and they were about to go up to greet him with a smile, but they were overjoyed when they saw Shen Junyu walking over.

“Why don’t you go home early in the middle of the night but instead come out to the bar to hang out with nonsense people? What about your upbringing?” Shen Junyu said coldly, and the words were not polite at all.

Shen Xitong’s face turned pale. She thought that in public, Shen Junyu would save some face for her, but she didn’t expect that he would be… so indiscriminate.

Lin Yuan: …

The two men didn’t speak, but it was Lin Yuan who looked at Shen Junyu disapprovingly, “Mr. Shen, what you said is wrong, what do you mean by nonsense, we are Xitong’s friends, not nonsense like you call us, but your other sister,” she said this and glanced at Yu Xiaoxuan, “She has been uneducated since she was a child, and she always likes to hang out with some random people, so you shouldn’t harm Xitong’s reputation.”

As soon as these words came out, Shen Xitong’s face turned pale, and she secretly blamed Lin Yuan for speaking and doing things without thinking.

Predictably, Shen Junyu’s face turned colder, “Miss Lin is very well-bred, and I will definitely visit Mr. Lin someday and have a good discussion with him about the upbringing of the Lin family.”

Lin Yuan’s face also turned pale, and then she realized that she seemed to have done a mishap.

She remembered what Shen Junyu had said when he was on a TV show some time ago that Shen Qinglan was his most beloved sister. Could it be that this was not said for the outside world to hear, but true?

She glanced suspiciously at Shen Xitong, didn’t she say that she was the daughter that the Shen family valued? Mrs. Shen took her wherever she went, but it was her biological daughter who rarely showed up with her outside. And after listening to Shen Xitong’s words, it also seemed that her brother, Shen Junyu, was very fond of her.

“Brother, Yuanyuan didn’t mean that, she just…” Shen Xitong wanted to defend Lin Yuan. Among the people here, Lin Yuan’s status was quite high, she was the daughter of Lin’s group chairman, and she knew a lot of people.

“It was just because Miss Yu spoke too rudely, so she complained about me. She didn’t mean anything.”

“Haha.” Han Yi chuckled, “Xitong, just now, your brother and I heard everything from beginning to the end. We watched a good show.” The implication was that they had seen everything that happened just now, and they would not believe whatever Shen Xitong said.

Shen Xitong froze for a moment, and looked at Shen Junyu at a loss for what to say, “Brother, I’m not…”

Shen Junyu interrupted her, “No need to explain, I don’t care what you said or did before, I can understand it clearly now. I should tell you to not think about things that don’t belong to you, the result is not something you can afford.”

Shen Xitong’s face went as pale as paper, and she looked at Shen Junyu in disbelief.

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