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Qin Yize was even more embarrassed when he realized that he had actually fallen in love with Luo Ning, and when he met Luo Ning’s eyes again, he suddenly felt anger bubbling up, he just looked like a fool in front of Luo Ning, if Luo Ning knew the reason, how embarrassing would that be?

Luo Ning found that Qin Yize’s face had changed, and couldn’t help but wonder: “What are you angry about?”

Qin Yize turned his head stiffly and pretended to be calm: “It’s nothing. You go out first, I’ll find the feeling myself.”

Luo Ning shrugged and turned to go out.

He happened to meet Li Xin, the agent at the door, and Li Xin asked worriedly: “Are you all right?”

Luo Ning smiled at him and said, “Brother Li, Yize is sulking in the room, I don’t know why he suddenly got angry. If he’s like this, you should go and persuade him.”

Li Xin smiled and said, “He’s sulking? You don’t need to pay attention to him, he’s definitely not angry with you. He has to enter the role when he is filming, and his emotions will sometimes fluctuate greatly. He must be mad at his poor acting skills, don’t worry, he can adjust himself.”

Luo Ning nodded and turned away. Li Xin immediately pushed the door and entered the room.

Inside the room, Qin Yize did not look angry, instead he sat on the sofa in a daze, looking preoccupied.

If his fans saw this dull expression, they would never believe that this person was their “cold male god” Qin Yize.

Li Xin walked over, stretched out his fingers and shook it in front of his eyes: “What are you doing!”

Qin Yize finally came back to his senses, touched his nose embarrassingly, and said, “Well, can I trouble you with something?”

Li Xin frowned: “Being so polite to me, there must be no good thing, it should have something to do with Luo Ning, right?”

Qin Yize: “…”

Just at noon today, Li Xin helped him deliver food to Luo Ning, and he said with certainty, “I have nothing to do with Luo Ning,” but it didn’t take an hour before he realized that he really liked Luo Ning, after admitting it, his face was going to be so swollen.

Qin Yize was embarrassed to say it outright, so he decided to be a little more euphemistic and said lightly: “Go and find the director and change this kiss scene into one with angles.”

Li Xin wondered: “It’s unnecessary, right? Although your first screen kiss has been kept until now, but you have acted in movies for so many years, and your fan base is also very solid. It would not be so bad if you just kissed. Besides, Lin Su’s image and reputation are very good, and her popularity is as good as yours, if you cooperate with her, you can also hone your acting skills!”

Qin Yize frowned, “I really can’t kiss her.”

Li Xin gave him a look: “You’re still being picky when filming. Lin Su is so beautiful, why can’t you kiss her?”

Qin Yize lowered his voice and said solemnly, “The director is Luo Ning’s uncle, you should have guessed his identity?”

Li Xin immediately recovered: “He is His Majesty’s brother? That eldest prince Xi Wei?”

Qin Yize nodded: “That’s right.”

Li Xin was a little puzzled: “What does this have to do with whether you should film a kiss scene?”

Qin Yize said calmly: “I only met Luo Ning because of him. He and His Majesty have a very good relationship with each other. If he is free, His Majesty will call him back to the palace to chat. If His Majesty knows that I kissed other women in front of Luo Ning, do you think he will still believe that I love Luo Ning deeply?”

Li Xin suddenly realized: “It makes sense.”

Qin Yize said: “So this kiss scene should be shot using the angles. The more I care, the more his uncle will believe that me and Luo Ning are truly in love.”

Li Xin suppressed a smile and nodded: “Oh, but you’re just acting, right?”

Qin Yize said, “Of course.”

Li Xin didn’t bother to argue with him, and said, “Okay, I’ll help you this time.”

The agent quickly turned around and went to Director Xi Wei’s ear to discuss the situation, saying that Qin Yize only had Luo Ning in his heart, and he also had a mental cleanliness issue. Whether it was the first kiss or future kisses, he would only leave it to Luo Ning. Luo Ning couldn’t kiss him at the scene, so he might as well use angles to shoot this scene.

Xi Wei expressed his understanding and immediately decided to shoot the kiss scene according to the angle method, that was to say, the lips of the male and female protagonists did not need to really touch, instead the camera angle would be used to capture a hazy feeling.

Luo Ning continued to sit next to Xi Wei and watch.

Qin Yize put his arms around Lin Su’s waist lightly, and was about to act out a kiss, but his eyes just caught on the smiling Luo Ning, his heart skipped a beat, he immediately took a step back, and said to Lin Su solemnly, “This angle is not quite right, can you change the position?”

Lin Su asked with a question mark on her face: “How to change?”

Qin Yize said: “You come here, I will stand in your place.” This way, he could turn his back to someone watching a good show.

Lin Su smiled and nodded in agreement and exchanged places with Qin Yize.

After turning his back to Luo Ning, although Qin Yize felt that there was a meaningful gaze staring at his back, at least he didn’t have to face Luo Ning’s eyes, and his performance was much more natural.

This time, the angle kiss scene was approved by the director after NGing only three times, and Qin Yize finally breathed a sigh of relief.

After the most difficult scene was filmed, the following daily life, memories, etc. were all very warm scenes, but there were not many lines, and it was not difficult to act. Moreover, Qin Yize found a good way to deal with Luo Ning-turning his back to him, it seemed out of sight was out of mind.

The filming in the afternoon went smoothly, and the director was very happy, so he gave everyone an early holiday after dinner.

The Feng Mars Chen crew had received several hundred million in investment, so the place where the entire crew was living was also the hotel with the best environment in the film and television city, especially the leading actors Qin Yize and Lin Su, whose status in the circle was evident, they were both living in the most expensive suites in the hotel.

The studio was not too far from the hotel. After filming, Li Xin had his assistant ready to pick them up in a car, but Qin Yize did not leave immediately, instead he kept rubbing his temples in the lounge with a headache, as if he still had something on his mind.

Li Xin walked over and handed him a glass of water, then said, “The car to pick you up is parked outside.”

Qin Yize then said “um”, took the water glass and took two sips, and then asked casually: “Do you know where Luo Ning is staying tonight?”

Li Xin shook his head: “I don’t know, he just came this morning, so the accommodation may not have been arranged yet.”

Qin Yize’s eyes flickered, thoughtfully.

Li Xin looked at him and asked, “Are you worried that he won’t live well?”

Qin Yize said lightly: “Of course not, his uncle is the director, and he will definitely arrange well for him. Maybe he will stay with his uncle. I’m just afraid that his bad habits will affect others.”

Li Xin was suddenly very curious: “What bad habits?”

Qin Yize: “…”

For example, rubbing into someone’s arms, biting someone’s neck twice, etc… …

If Luo Ning bit a few teeth marks in the director’s neck, everyone would definitely think more, thinking that Luo Ning was brought into the crew by the director due to some unspoken rules. He didn’t want everyone to misunderstand the relationship between Luo Ning and the director.

Seeing that Qin Yize was silent, Li Xin couldn’t help joking: “Could it be that he was restless after falling asleep during the honeymoon days, kissing and biting you?”

Qin Yize immediately became serious: “Nothing like that happened!”

Li Xin shrugged: “Then what are you worried about? You don’t have any feelings for him.”

Qin Yize: “…”

Li Xin returned what he had just said to him at noon, and Qin Yize felt like he had slapped himself in the face. His ears went hot, and he immediately stood up and said, “Let’s go, go back to the hotel.”

The two of them had just left when they saw Xi Wei, Xue An’an, and Luo Ning.

Qin Yize took the initiative to walk over to say hello: “Director, Teacher Xue.”

Xi Wei patted him on the shoulder: “Today’s play went well as a whole, you have worked hard, go back and rest early.”

Qin Yize nodded, his eyes swept to Luo Ning, just in time to meet his clear eyes. Qin Yize’s heart jumped, he looked away from his face, looked back at Xi Wei, and asked, “This intern, do you have any arrangements for where to stay at night?”

Xi Wei looked at the assistant director next to him, and the assistant director immediately said with a smile: “Recently, several large-scale investment crews have entered the film and television city. The hotels are thus overfull. The hotel where our crew is staying has no vacancies.”

The assistant girl next to him also said: “I’m looking for other hotels nearby.”

Luo Ning looked at Xi Wei eagerly: “Can I live with the director? I want to learn something by the way.”

Xi Wei said helplessly: “I live in the same room with the assistant director, since there are no extra rooms available.”

Luo Ning looked at him with some embarrassment.

After a while, Qin Yize coughed lightly and said, “Why don’t you stay with me.”

Everyone turned their heads to look at Qin Yize.

Qin Yize endured the violent heartbeat and pretended to be calm: “The suite that the crew arranged for me has two large bedrooms, and my manager and I both live there. If you don’t mind, he can squeeze in with my manager. There is even an extra bed in Li Xin’s bedroom.”

Li Xin: “????”

Xue An’an said, “Xiao Luo is just an intern, is it convenient for him to live with you?”

Qin Yize said calmly: “Interns should study hard. Li Xin is a very experienced agent in the industry. He has a lot of experience. If he lives with Li Xin, he can just learn the rules of the entertainment industry from Li Xin. If it was not because he is my fan and for the sake of my face, I won’t bother about it either.”

This reason was impeccable, and Qin Yize’s face was cold and serious while saying this. From the outsider’s point of view, he was just helping the intern make arrangements to live with his manager. However, Xi Wei knew that Qin Yize was doing it on purpose, but Xi Wei did not dismantle his platform. Instead, he said, “What do you think, Xiao Luo? Would you like to live in a room with the agent temporarily?”

Luo Ning immediately smiled: “Of course I do. Brother Li is a senior in the circle. It is my honor to live with him. I just happen to be able to learn some rules from him, and I will try not to disturb Yize.”

Li Xin: “????” Why did he feel like Qin Yize had used him as a gunner.

Qin Yize looked away awkwardly, and said lightly, “We are going back to the hotel, so you can go back together with us.” After that, he turned around and left.

After Luo Ning said goodbye to his uncle and teacher, he followed him closely.

Xue An’an smiled meaningfully, leaned into Xi Wei’s ear and said, “People who just got married have a good relationship, and they can’t be separated even for a moment.”

Xi Wei also smiled, “The young couple just finished their honeymoon, and Qin Yize then joined the crew to film immediately, my family Luo Ning couldn’t bear to be apart from him at all, so, the crew just started 3 days ago, and he eagerly came chasing after him.”

Xue An’an said in a soft voice, looking a little worried: “However, we have a lot of people in the crew. We can’t let people know that he is an Omega, and that he has obtained the certificate with Qin Yize. They should keep a low profile.”

Xi Wei touched his chin and said, “I’ll tell the outside world that this was arranged by me personally. That is I asked Xiao Luo to learn the rules of the entertainment industry from Li Xin, and if anyone dares to talk behind their backs, I will deal with it myself.”

Xue An’an was relieved at this moment, with the support of the big director, it was estimated that there would be no waves.

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