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Jiang Lan was released in advance. When he walked slowly to the mall, he found that Ying Qiao was already waiting at the entrance of the mall.

He was tall, 1.9 meters by visual estimation, with broad shoulders, narrow waist and long legs. He stood out in the crowd, and he was very handsome. As Jiang Lan walked over at a faster pace, he saw that all the girls coming and going would give him a second look.

If Ying Qiao hadn’t said that he was just a social animal with a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan, Jiang Lan would almost have thought that he was the domineering president of some company with his arrogant aura.

He trotted over, stood still in front of Ying Qiao, and said a little embarrassedly: “Have you been waiting for a long time?”

Seeing him appear, Ying Qiao, who was originally surrounded by passers-by and who was a little impatient, looked slightly relieved, then he raised his left wrist and tapped his watch: “Not long, I came early. Where are we going to talk?”

The two met today to discuss how to operate as a “fake couple”.

But Jiang Lan was obviously not ready to get straight to the point, so he asked with a smile: “Have you had lunch?”

Ying Qiao hesitated for a moment, then shook his head: “No.”

Jiang Lan said: “Then let’s find a place to eat? How about hot pot? Do you have any taboos?”

Hot pot? Ying Qiao couldn’t help frowning at the thought of several pairs of chopsticks scooping up vegetables from the same pot. But seeing Jiang Lan’s expression of wanting to eat and thinking about his own fucking poor social animal persona, Ying Qiao finally suppressed his dislike, and nodded expressionlessly: “It’s up to you.”

At worst, he wouldn’t eat.

Seeing his agreement, Jiang Lan was really happy: “I know a very delicious hot pot restaurant, just wait for me, I will buy a roasted pig’s trotter and take you there.”

Then Ying Qiao watched him walk happily to the food stalls in front of the mall. These stalls were temporary simple tents, and pedestrians came and went from the tents, which was neither hygienic nor healthy. Seeing Jiang Lan come back after buying three roasted pig trotters, Ying Qiao’s brows were almost furrowed.

Jiang Lan looked very happy. He carried two sets and handed the other to Ying Qiao: “Please eat.”

Ying Qiao stared at it for a long time before reaching out to take it reluctantly. Jiang Lan didn’t notice his strangeness, and while leading the way ahead, he took a bite of the pig’s trotter: “I said this must taste good.”

Saying that, he didn’t move, and urged him to taste it quickly.

As an extremely fastidious dragon, Ying Qiao had never eaten at a roadside stall, nor tried to eat while walking on the street. He took a deep breath, tried to force a smile, and said, “I’ll eat it later.”

Jiang Lan said “Oh”, and his attention was quickly distracted— Suan Ni in the bag also smelled the smell and was rummaging in the bag in dissatisfaction: he also wanted to eat.

“I bought it for you, and I will give it to you when there is no one else around.”

Jiang Lan lowered his voice to comfort his younger brother, and he coaxed him with a few more words in a low voice, then only did the moving Suan Ni finally settle down.

The hot pot restaurant was at the end of the alley, and Jiang Lan led Ying Qiao through the alley on the right side of the mall. Halfway through, they heard arguing and calling for help from the opposite side. This alley was not as lively as the shopping mall, with only a few scattered passers-by watching.

Jiang Lan stopped and looked, and saw a young girl being half-dragged and half-carried towards the car by a middle-aged man in a gray suit. “Let me go.”

The middle-aged woman who was following the two wiped her tears and said while crying, “Qianqian, stop fighting with your parents, you have been running away for so many days, and your father and I have not closed our eyes for several days looking for you everywhere. Come back with us.”

While the middle-aged man said angrily, “What’s the use of crying in front of her? If she was obedient, would she steal the family’s money and run out?! This time, when we go home, I will send her to live in the school, and the child became like this, it is all because of you!”

The middle-aged man and woman sang together, one with a red face and the other with a pale face, and the passers-by who wanted to help also hesitated when they saw the girl struggling and calling for help.

Some old people even persuaded: “The child is young and ignorant, you adults should talk about it carefully, and you can’t use violence.”

Some people also taught the little girl: “It’s wrong to steal money from the family. Why don’t you learn well at a young age?”

The girl burst into tears, looked around to persuade passers-by, and begged: “I really don’t know them. They are human traffickers, please help me call the police.”

The middle-aged man slapped her on the back heavily and dragged her to the side of the car even more vigorously. “How many times have you called the police? The police have already said that if you make a false report to the police again to disrupt their official duties, you will be detained and punished…”

The middle-aged man and woman were well-dressed, and their confident look made the passers-by who were originally hesitant hesitate even more. After a short moment of hesitation, the girl was dragged to the side of the car. The onlookers were dubious. She held on to the car door with both hands and refused to get in the car. She could only desperately cry for help.

The moment the girl was about to be stuffed into the car, Jiang Lan quickly stuffed the shoulder bag and roasted pig’s trotters into Ying Qiao’s arms, then strode over and pulled the girl out of the car.    

Perhaps because he didn’t expect someone to make trouble, the middle-aged man’s expression changed, and he quickly reached out to pull the girl back: “Young man, this is our household matter.”

Screaming, the girl went straight to hide behind Jiang Lan: “I don’t know them!”

Jiang Lan grabbed the middle-aged man’s arm, and with the other hand, he took out his mobile phone and dialed 110: “Is it a household matter or not, let’s wait for the police to come. Naturally, it will become clear.”

The middle-aged man didn’t expect him to be so strong, he struggled for a while, and his expression became awkward: “Young man, there is a misunderstanding here, please let go first, let’s make it clear.”

Seeing the man struggling, the middle-aged woman knelt down straight, and cried to the girl hiding behind Jiang Lan: “Qianqian, stop making trouble, go back with your parents, if you continue to make trouble like this, your parents will really lose all face to live.”

Probably because the middle-aged woman cried so miserably, but the passers-by unconsciously leaned towards her.

Some people even persuaded Jiang Lan, “This is someone else’s household matter, so don’t meddle in it. When the police arrive, you will be the one who is embarrassed.”

“This child…”

Jiang Lan was unmoved, and only said to the onlookers: “It doesn’t matter if I made a mistake, but if these two people are really human traffickers, letting them take her away would be the end for this little girl. A human life is at stake. It’s better to wait for the police to figure it out.”

His tone was firm, and the passers-by who believed in the couple were also shaken. Someone even spontaneously surrounded the couple and echoed, “That’s right, there is a guard booth over there in the shopping mall, and someone has gone to call someone.”

The two waves of people were in a stalemate, when someone shouted: “The police are coming!”

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