KHSW Ch. 151

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Xu Yizhi looked at this little dumpling, whose eyebrows and eyes were really similar to his own. The blood in his body was the same as his own.

Ling Xi looked at Xu Yizhi in surprise, a little distracted.

Chi Jingyu thought to himself that when the word “Dad” came out of his brother’s mouth, it seemed that there was no sense of disobedience at all.

“Dad.” Xiao Nuo said crisply, soft like a glutinous rice dumpling.

When Xu Yizhi heard him call him “Dad”, he felt as if a stream was rushing out from his heart, and it seemed like a treasure that had been lost was found, and he wanted to hold it in the palm of his hand.

A smile appeared on his handsome face, which made Xiao Nuo confused for a while, as he thought, Dad is really good-looking.

Ling Xi’s heart was indescribably uncomfortable. If he was really the child of herself and Yizhi, how good would it be?


“Yizhi, Xiao Nuo, let’s go eat.”

“Oh, I’m your nanny now.” Chi Jingyu sighed and walked to the kitchen to bring the dishes.

The sumptuous meal was served on the table, evoking an exclamation from the soft dumpling, this taste was very fragrant.

There were so many dishes here, it would be great if Master could also eat it.

“Baby, mom will give you some vegetables, what do you want to eat, do you want mom to feed you?”

“Xiao Nuo is not a picky eater. Xiao Nuo will eat whatever his mother will give him. Xiao Nuo can use chopsticks by himself, so she doesn’t need to feed him.”

Ling Xi’s heart seemed to have been filled by his cuteness, “Come on, this is tofu mixed with shallots.”

“Thanks Mom.”

Seeing that Xiao Nuo was taught to be so polite by Master Xuanzhen, Ling Xi’s gratitude grew stronger again.

Chi Jingyu nervously watched the little guy eat it, “Is it delicious?”

There was always a happy smile on Xu Yizhi’s face.

Xiao Nuo nodded, “Well, it’s delicious, better than Xiao Nuo’s.”

“Can you cook?”

The three people’s hearts were filled with incredible feelings.

Xiao Nuo nodded again, “Master has taught Xiao Nuo, but the stove is too high, so Xiao Nuo has to step on the stool every time.”

He had no idea how distressing his words were.

Chi Jingyu was heartbroken for a while, and couldn’t help but swear, “Damn it, your master is too bad, how can he let a child cook?”

Xiao Nuo knew that he was not as malicious as the three monks who spoke ill of his master before, so he just corrected him, “Master is not bad, master treats Xiao Nuo very well, the master said that if he is gone one day, Xiao Nuo will be able to live well.”

Knowing that he had misunderstood his master, Chi Jingyu looked at him distressedly, “Baby Xiao Nuo is so pitiful, it’s uncle’s fault, uncle shouldn’t speak ill of your master.”

A complex light flashed in Xu Yizhi’s eyes. It was his fault. If he had known about his existence earlier, Xiao Nuo would not have suffered so much.

Ling Xi felt a tingling pain in her heart, but she held back the tears in her eyes, not wanting it to drip.

“Okay, baby, come and eat this.”

Ling Xi put the fish into Xiao Nuo’s bowl.

Xiao Nuo wondered, “Mom, what is this?”

Chi Jingyu chopped the fish into pieces and did not keep the fish intact, so Xiao Nuo didn’t recognize it.

“This is boiled fish. It’s delicious. Come and try it.”

“Fish.” Xiao Nuo moved his eyes to the fish and didn’t move his chopsticks for a while.

His nose twitched lightly and suddenly tears began to accumulate in his eyes.

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