RCFS Ch. 209

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The facts were right in front of them. This was an accounting firm, not a state agency, but a private profit-making unit. It was ok for others to do it, but it was a problem to do it yourself?

Don’t even think about it, someone must be behind the scenes spending money!

As for the one who would make trouble, there was no one else except her relatives.

However, they all underestimated her, fighting with money in front of Ye Yunxi?

Hehe, now that all of them added together couldn’t compete with Ye Yunxi’s financial resources!

Li Lei was stunned, he was stunned by the money, in fact everyone was stunned, but he was even more stunned by Ye Yunxi’s words, then he looked up at Ye Yunxi: “You, you…know, you know…”

The girl looked calm from the beginning to the end, not in a hurry or clamouring, laughing from the beginning to the end, she didn’t bother to answer Li Lei, but brought out another wad of cash, and tapped in the palm of her hand: “I’ll just ask you, how much did they give you?”

Li Lei hesitated for a moment, the marks on his face were still hot and painful, but the money on the table was bright red, and it was all real money!


Li Lei gritted his teeth and bid 10,000 more, Ye Junlai came and gave him 40,000, but the girl in front of him was obviously a fool with a lot of money, why shouldn’t he ask for 10,000 more! Think of it as a face-slapping medical bill!

Ye Yunxi smiled, then her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, the inside was cold and gloomy, which made Li Lei feel a little guilty for no reason.

Was he discovered?

How could it be!

The transaction he made with Ye Junlai was so secretive and he didn’t go to the bank, even if she could find out, who would know?

So, just fifty thousand!

“Fifty thousand!”

Ye Yunxi nodded and began to exchange banknotes.

She had plenty of money now, and now she took it, and would pay it back from her bank card when she came back, without depleting the Awesomeness XP, how easy was it?

When a pile of money like a small mountain was in front of him, Li Lei’s eyes were straightened.

Well, that’s a lot of money!!

“This is one hundred thousand, I still say that, our documents, where are they not detailed?”

The little woman sitting on the sofa was exquisite and gorgeous, her chin was slightly raised, and she had pulled out an arrogant arc. She looked like a queen coming to the world!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

Ding! Peach blossom value +10!

Di Junxie hooked the corners of his mouth, the admiration in his eyes was beyond words.

Of course, Li Lei over there was already intimidated, with so much money in front of him, what kind of backbone, what embarrassment, what kind of Lord Ye coming, everything could go to hell!

This was a whole hundred thousand yuan!!

“Detailed! Detailed! Detailed everywhere!”

Li Lei changed his face faster than turning the pages of a book, and Ye Yunji was stunned as he read it.

Fuck, why did they have such a manager?

He was simply a beggar for money!

To embarrass them for 50,000 yuan, now that he saw 100,000 yuan, he didn’t even want his own backbone!

Simply disgusting!

Therefore, after more than two hours of hard work, the real time spent from signing to reviewing and stamping was less than three minutes!

This was the charm of one hundred thousand yuan!!

Before leaving, Li Lei sent everyone to the door with great enthusiasm, and even sent a bunch of gifts, such as umbrellas, rice cookers, and tableware sets. They were all company gifts anyway, and it didn’t cost him much!

Just treat it as a favour!

“Come again!”

Li Lei was reluctant to let go, the 100,000 yuan was really easy to earn!

So, he should take advantage of it, come often in the future, definitely come often!

Li Lei was still complacent about taking advantage of her, but he didn’t see that Ye Yunxi glanced at him before getting in the car and curled her mouth, then she closed the car window with a gloomy expression.

Do you really think that Ye Yunxi’s money is easy to get?

Nonsense from beginning to end, who could take her money without giving her face?

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