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That night, Tang Tang saw a strange and familiar little girl in her sleep.

This was a little girl with a low ponytail. Her skin was dark and rough, her body was thin, her clothes were worn out and loose, and she looked like she could be blown away by a gust of wind. But this thin little girl was carrying a big bucket of pig feed. She staggered to the pigsty with food, rolled up her sleeves and fed the pigs. After feeding the pigs, she picked up her back basket and went to the mountain to collect firewood. On the way home, she accidentally fell down on the mountain road several times because she couldn’t bear the weight, and her knees were bleeding, but she didn’t care about it, she just got up and continued to walk home.

A middle-aged woman saw her coming back, and poked her hard on the head, “You went up the mountain to pick up firewood and only came back now. Were you being lazy again? Why don’t you see you being lazy while eating? You money losing proposition!”

The girl pursed her lips, silently waiting for her to finish her scolding, and then walked into the kitchen to start cooking. However, when it was time to eat, there was only brown rice and vegetables in the girl’s bowl, not a piece of meat, and all the cooked meat went into the girl’s brother’s bowl.

Tang Tang was like an invisible person who was present at the scene, watching the girl’s every move but no one noticed her. She watched the girl busy herself from morning to night, and when the night was quiet, she quietly took out a candle and light it, while secretly reading and studying under the dim light.

Tang Tang didn’t understand why she came here, she wanted to leave but couldn’t, so she could only follow the girl every day, watching her live a tired and hard life, day after day, year after year. Until one day, for the first time, the girl’s expressionless face showed a happy smile, because she was admitted to the key university A, and she would soon be able to leave this barren and painful home!

The girl was so excited that she couldn’t sleep, she got up urgently to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, but when she passed by her parents’ room, she found that the light was still on in the room, and there were voices coming from inside. Shocked to the news that all limbs are cold: she was not the daughter of this family, she was deliberately swapped by the woman, she turned out to be the daughter of a wealthy family, and her home was in City A, the city where A University was located. Her father’s surname was Tang, and he was the president of the Tang Group.

And this couple who selfishly changed her life were afraid that she would destroy the happiness of their own daughter, so they even planned to marry her to someone in exchange for a bride price without letting her go to college.

Anger and unwillingness suddenly surged in the girl’s heart at this moment, why should they treat her like this! Why! So, the girl packed her luggage and ran away overnight. She rushed directly to City A, found the Tang Corporation, and after guarding the door for a few days, she finally met her biological parents.

The girl thought that her miserable life could finally come to an end, but she didn’t know that another abyss greeted her.

The alienation in the eyes of her biological parents made her dare not approach them. The magnificent villa made her even breathe carefully. But the girl who took her life away was like a real princess, receiving the attention and doting of thousands of people. Compared with this girl, she was like a servant of the Tang family.

What broke her the most was that her biological parents refused to admit her identity, saying that she was an adopted daughter and that girl was their biological daughter.

The girl cried secretly at night, night after night.

Tang Tang cried when she saw this, she knew who this girl was, she was the original Tang Tang.

“I’m so tired.” At this moment, a weak and desperate voice came from behind her. Tang Tang was startled, and turned her head to look, and what she saw was a white emptiness, and in this emptiness, a girl sitting while hugging her knees looked at her quietly.

Tang Tang was shocked, “Are you the original Tang Tang?”

‘Tang Tang’ looked at her with calm and empty eyes, “I am. But I don’t want to be named Tang, I regret it so much, I shouldn’t have come to find my biological parents, if I didn’t come, my life won’t have been filled with such despair.”

Tang Tang took two steps forward, “Where are we? Why are you here? Are you still alive?”

‘Tang Tang’ shook her head, “I’m dead, and now it’s just a ray of consciousness remaining in your body, I brought you here, I just want to talk to you for the last time before disappearing, don’t be afraid.”

Tang Tang couldn’t figure out what the matter was, but she instinctively felt that she would not hurt her, so she also sat down like her, ready to listen quietly.

‘Tang Tang’ laughed, “You are better than me, you are a girl worthy of love.”

Tang Tang didn’t know what to say.

“I’m going to disappear soon. It’s you and Ji Yan who solved all the regrets for me. I have no more nostalgia in this world, and I can finally leave with peace of mind.” ‘Tang Tang’ showed a relieved smile, “But before I leave, I want to say thank you, thank you for loving Xiaoying and Ji Yan so much, and thank you for helping me give them a good life. I was not a good mother or a good wife, I am sorry for them, but it really wasn’t intentional, I couldn’t control myself, I could only paralyze myself by getting drunk again and again, otherwise I really couldn’t live anymore, but I finally chose to end all this because I wanted to be completely free.”

Tang Tang was surprised, it turned out to be like this.

“Tang Tang, I am very glad that you replaced me and helped me live the way I wanted. Thank you very much. If you can, can you help me say these words to Ji Yan? Thank you, I want to thank him, thank him for rejecting that family’s request for a kidney donation for me, and thank him for asking for the 20% of the shares for me. Now I can completely end the obsession in my heart, and I can leave this world completely. Thank you.”

Tang Tang nodded with tears in his eyes, “Okay, I will tell him for you.”

‘Tang Tang’ smiled, “I hope you have a happy life, goodbye” After saying this, her body gradually became more and more transparent, and finally, it turned into a wisp of green smoke and completely dissipated from the world.

“Tang Tang!” Tang Tang suddenly opened her eyes from her sleep, and all she saw was the white ceiling, and she was lying on the big bed at home.

She woke up.

There was the sound of “tweeting” birdsong in her ear, Tang Tang turned her head and looked, the sunlight outside just came in from the window, casting a golden glow in the room, and outside the door, Ji Xiaoying and Nuonuo’s cheerful laughter faintly spread.

This was a happy life.

Tang Tang smiled slowly, and whispered softly, “I will, we will all be happy.”

——End of the full text——

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