KHSW Ch. 243

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Ling Xi thought to herself, luckily her decision was right.

Seeing Yang Wei get up, Chi Jingyu grabbed his arm, “The person responsible for this matter should be Chi Jiayang, not you.”

Ling Xi got up and said lazily and calmly, “There’s no need to go.”

She just glanced at Chi Jingyu lightly, and he immediately realized something and inserted the USB flash drive in his pocket into the computer in the meeting room, and what was displayed in it was the whole process of Yang Wei’s “crime”.

Yang Wei was secretly startled. He deliberately cut off the circuit in the duty room yesterday, thinking that there would be no surveillance cameras to capture it. He should be glad that he admitted his mistake today.

“It turns out that Mrs. Xu and Mr. Chi knew about it a long time ago. I’m really ashamed.”

“The purpose of showing you this video is not for you to turn yourself in, but for us to know that you are sincerely repentant.” Chi Jingyu’s words made Yang Wei feel even more guilty.

Ling Xi added: “We don’t intend to let Yizhi know about this, so you can rest assured, but… you need to make up for it.”

“Madam Xu, don’t worry, I will definitely not be confused again this time.”

Yang Huilin breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at Ling Xi gratefully, “Ling Xi, I don’t even know how to thank you, you saved me before, and now you saved my nephew, I…”

“Aunt, didn’t you also help me a lot?”

Seeing what his Mom wanted to say, Chi Jingyu hurriedly said: “Mom, if you really want to thank my sister-in-law, at worst, you can sign a contract of sale and make me work for the Xu Group for the rest of my life?”

Chi Jingyu’s words made Ling Xi laugh, “That’s a good idea.”

Yang Huilin also nodded thoughtfully, “Okay, where can I sign the deed of sale? Mom will accompany you there.”


After sending Yang Huilin to the car, the three of them went back to Xu Yizhi’s office. Ling Xi found an excuse to ask Xu Yizhi to take her to the rooftop, while Chi Jingyu and Yang Wei stayed in the office so that the virus implanted in the computer could be wiped out.

She thought that Yizhi would not know, but she didn’t know that he had already discovered it when he was using the computer this morning, but he pretended not to know.

“Wow, I’ve never stood on the top of such a tall building to see the scenery.”

Seeing Ling Xi so happy, Xu Yizhi also seemed to be infected, a slight smile appearing on the corner of his mouth.

“By the way, husband, can you take a day off next weekend? Let’s go see Xiao Nuo’s master together. I promised him before that I will take him to see the master every month.”

Xu Yizhi paused slightly, “I’ll write a leave note later and I’ll give it to you.”

Ling Xi’s eyes were full of confusion, “Why will you give me a leave note?”

“Otherwise, who do you think I should ask for leave?” Xu Yizhi had a slight smile on his lips, and there seemed to be a bright starry sky in his eyes.

Ling Xi thought about it, it seemed yes, “…sure.”

Ou Mengxue didn’t fall asleep all night, all she was thinking about was the 60 million. When she got up, Chi Jiayang had already left the house.

Wang Suping was sitting on the sofa watching TV, when she saw Ou Mengxue coming downstairs, she said sarcastically, “Hey, this is really a young mistress who wakes up even later than the elders.”

Ou Mengxue said unnaturally, “I’m sorry, Mom.”

Wang Suping glared at her. She said before, was the daughter-in-law of the Chi family so easy to be?

Seeing that Ou Mengxue was neatly dressed, as if she was about to go out, she said in a bad tone: “Do you want to go out before you finish your work?”

Ou Mengxue looked at her suspiciously, “Mom, what did you say?”

She suspected that she had heard wrong just now.

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