KHSW Ch. 244

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“What? Can’t understand human language? Since you has become the daughter-in-law of my Chi family, you must follow the rules of my Chi family. Every morning, breakfast must be prepared before the whole family gets up, the bowls must all be cleaned by you, and the ground, windows, and furniture on the first and second floors have to be wiped clean by you…”

Listening to Wang Suping’s series of “house rules”, Ou Mengxue felt impatient for a long time, “Mom, I still have to go to work, so shouldn’t I just leave these things to the servants?”

After finishing speaking, she still turned to go outside.

“Stop, passing this door would mean that you don’t take your mother-in-law seriously? Back then, you didn’t want to get rid of this child, and you had to marry Jiayang. These are your own decisions. After yesterday’s trouble, everyone knows that my Chi family has such a corrupt daughter-in-law, let me tell you, from the moment you stepped into my Chi family’s door, you are our Chi family’s servant!”

Now that there was no one else in the family, Wang Suping’s face of “abominable mother-in-law” was completely exposed. She slightly curled her lips, and was so contemptuous that she didn’t even bother to look at her. “Otherwise go and receive the divorce certificate.”

Hearing this, Ou Mengxue restrained herself and pretended to be docile, “Mom, I’m going to work right now.”

She put her bag on the sofa, and when she was going to the bathroom, Wang Suping kicked a rag under her feet. “The ground, because it is wiped clean in this way, I have worked hard for you.”

Ou Mengxue looked at the mopping cloth under her feet, then looked up at Wang Suping, and finally knelt down to wipe the floor. For the sake of future prosperity and brother Jiayang, these small tortures were nothing, she could endure…

After working hard for a long time, Ou Mengxue finally wiped every floor and tile on the first and second floors. After this, Wang Suping should have nothing to say, right?

“Mom, I’ve finished wiping, can I go now?”

Wang Suping pressed the pause button on the remote control, got up to check, touched the handrail, there was a layer of dust on it, looked at the glass of the floor-to-ceiling windows, and there were stains… “Is this the housework you do? It really is the same as doing nothing, the windows are full of dust and stains…”

At this moment, Yang Huilin came back. Seeing the scene where Wang Suping taught Ou Mengxue a lesson, a trace of sarcasm appeared on the corner of her mouth, remembering what Ling Xi had told her, she knew that Ou Mengxue and Wang Suping were actually the same kind of person, but one mountain could not accommodate two tigers, they were too similar to each other. Instead, there would be a sense of crisis. Ling Xi said that as long as she provoked a little, they would bite each other. Now it seemed that they couldn’t tolerate each other even before she took the effort to provoke them.

Ling Xi’s business was her own business, and Ling Xi’s enemy was also her enemy.

“What is happening here? Is the mother-in-law teaching her daughter-in-law a lesson?”

As long as she saw Yang Huilin’s face, Wang Suping would easily lose her mind, “I’m teaching my daughter-in-law, what’s your business?”

“Of course it’s none of my business, but isn’t Mengxue going to pay back the 60 million to Ling Xi today? If Mengxue doesn’t pay back the money, will it be you?”

She now understood Wang Suping’s personality very well, as long as it was someone she wanted to protect, Wang Suping would do everything possible to destroy and torture.

Ou Mengxue really thought that Chi Jingyu’s mother was speaking for her, and her heart gradually turned towards her.

Wang Suping tried her best to hide her unease, and said coldly to Ou Mengxue, “Hurry up and get out, so you don’t get in the way.”

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