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Yan Xi picked it up and saw her father in the photo, who was still young. There was a woman standing beside her who was not her mother. Her father was holding a little girl in his arms. The three people in the photo seemed to be having a good laugh.

Especially her father, she had never seen her father smile so happily, although her father loved her very much since she was a child, and smiled at her, but this kind of smile was different.

This photo was not the one she had seen last time, but the little girl on it was the same person.

Yan Xi stared at the photo blankly, her face turning pale.

“Xiao Xi, what are you doing?” Yan Anbang said in a deep voice.

Yan Xi was so frightened that all the boxes in her hand fell to the ground, and the letters scattered all over the floor. She only had the photo in her hand.

Yan Anbang looked at the photo in her hand and the letters scattered all over the floor, then his expression changed, he walked over quickly, and grabbed the photo in her hand, “Who told you to come in and rummage through other people’s things, that’s how your mother taught you?”

Yan Xi was frightened and pale, “Dad, I didn’t mean it.”

Yan Anbang looked at his daughter’s face and knew that he had scared her, so he calmed down, “Xiao Xi, don’t come into Dad’s study casually in the future, let alone browse through Dad’s things, do you understand?”

Yan Xi nodded, lowered her eyes, and looked at the photo in Yan Anbang’s hand, “Dad, the person in the photo is you? What is the relationship between those two people and you?”

Yan Anbang’s face changed slightly, but he quickly returned to normal, “You saw wrong, the person in it is just Dad’s friend, not Dad.”

“No, the person in it is Dad, I have seen the photos of Dad when he was young, and the person on it is you. But who are the two people in the picture with you, and why are you with them?”

“Yan Xi, I said that the person is just my friend, not me.”

“Dad, don’t treat me like a three-year-old child, okay? I’m nineteen years old and an adult. Could it be that I can’t even recognize my own father?” Yan Xi raised her head and looked at her father fixedly, with a stubborn face, although she was simple, she was not stupid, she could see that her father was very nervous about this photo, or the person in the photo.

What was their relationship? Why was dad so nervous? Yan Xi wanted to know an answer.

“If I said that you saw it wrong, then you are wrong.” Yan Anbang said in a deep voice, his voice turning a little cold.

“Father, if you don’t tell me, I’ll tell mom.”

“What do you want to tell me?” Mother Yan just came up to hear this and asked with a smile.

Yan Xi and Yan Anbang’s expressions changed instantly. They didn’t expect that Mother Yan would come in suddenly, and happen to hear their conversation. Yan Anbang quietly put the photo in his hand into his pocket, “It’s nothing, I was just joking with Xiao Xi.”

He didn’t notice the envelope on the ground, but Mother Yan did. Her expression changed, but nothing could be seen on her face. She glanced at Yan Anbang, and just said to Yan Xi, “Xiao Xi, it’s getting late, go back and take a shower and sleep.”

Yan Xi still wanted to ask about the photo, but she also knew now was not a good time, so she silently walked out of the study.

Yan Anbang followed Mother Yan’s line of sight, only to realize that she had noticed those envelopes. When Yan Xi walked out, he was about to pick them up, but Mother Yan was a step faster than him, squatting down, and picked up the envelopes on the ground.

“I didn’t expect that after so many years, you still have these things.” Mother Yan said lightly, with a mocking tone.

Yan Anbang’s face froze, “They’re all old things, just put them there and forgot to throw them away, don’t think too much about them.”

“I didn’t say anything, why are you acting guilty?” Mother Yan looked at her husband fixedly, but her eyes were dim, “Since it’s an old thing that you wanted to throw away, then I’ll throw it away for you.” As she said, she was about to tear up the letter.

Yan Anbang’s expression changed, and he snatched the letter from Mother Yan, “What are you doing?”

Mother Yan smiled, but laughed miserably, “Didn’t you say you were going to throw it away, and now you can’t bear to anymore, after all she wrote it to you, believed in you, you can’t bear to do it, if she stood in front of you, will you still abandon this family for her?”

Yan Anbang frowned, “She has been gone for so many years, why do you care about it?”

“I care about everything”, anger flashed in Mother Yan’s eyes, “Yan Anbang, ask yourself, in all these years, has your heart stayed on me even for a while? Others say that the living can’t compete with the dead, but what about me. If she was still alive, I can’t argue, but even after she died, do I have to just give way to a dead person?”

“Zhao Jiaqing, don’t mess around.” Yan Anbang’s face was ugly, and when old things were brought up, it was equivalent to opening the scars on his heart.

“I’m messing around, you Yan Anbang, I think you are still not awake, you have to remember clearly, it was not me who broke you up back then, it was your father, my father-in-law, you can’t blame your own father, but let me bear your anger, don’t you feel guilty in your heart? For so many years, you have been a good husband and father in the eyes of others, but you ask yourself whether you have really fulfilled the responsibility of a father.”

When the past was mentioned, Yan Anbang’s face turned pale. Back then, before he married Yan Xi’s mother, Zhao Jiaqing, he actually had a lover, named Qin Yan. But Qin Yan came from a humble background and was just an orphan, so his family didn’t agree with them being together. At that time, the Yan family was in crisis, and his father was being suppressed by his opponent because he was on the wrong team.

No one was willing to help their family, and at this time his father came to know the Zhao family. The Zhao family was considered a leader in Nancheng back then. If they were willing to help their family, then his father would be fine.

However, the relationship between their family and the Zhao family was average, and there was no intersection on weekdays, and others would not help for no reason, so his father thought of the way of marriage.

When Yan Anbang was young, he was considered a young talent in Nancheng. Zhao Jiaqing naturally liked Yan Anbang, so when Yan family came to propose marriage, her father didn’t refuse him outright.

Father Zhao knew the purpose of the Yan family’s marriage at this time, and he didn’t want to agree to it at first, but his only daughter liked the Yan family’s boy, so he could only agree. After all, the Yan family’s original problems were not impossible for the Zhao family to help with. So the marriage of the two families was finalized in this way.

When Yan Anbang found out, his father had already finalized the marriage for him, even the date of the wedding had been mixed. He made a big fuss at home, but it was of no avail. In order to prevent him from going to Zhao family house to talk nonsense, his father even locked him up at home and did not let him go out, then he went to find Qin Yan and drove Qin Yan out of Nancheng.

When he was free to look for Qin Yan, the person had long since disappeared. He searched all over the place but could not find her, and he knew the situation at home. Without the help of the Zhao family, his father’s future would be impossible. He almost broke. He married Zhao Jiaqing only after being disheartened.

And because the Yan family kept it a secret, the Zhao family didn’t know anything about Yan Anbang and Qin Yan’s affairs. Zhao Jiaqing could feel Yan Anbang’s indifference towards her. She only thought it was because of the marriage relationship. After getting along for a long time in the future, feelings would slowly be cultivated.

Yan Anbang originally wanted to live a good life with Zhao Jiaqing, but not long after marriage, about a month later, Qin Yan came back to him. Compared with before leaving, she was thinner and looked more haggard. She didn’t blame him either, but said softly, “I just miss you so much that my heart hurts, so I wanted to come back and take a look at you, just one look, and I’ll leave immediately.”

Yan Anbang loved her deeply in the first place. Qin Yan’s sudden appearance was unbearable, the two became entangled for some reason, then Yan Anbang rented a house for her outside, settled her down, visited her from time to time, and occasionally stayed overnight with her.

Zhao Jiaqing didn’t notice it at first, but after many times, she inevitably noticed it. After paying attention, she discovered the secret, and it was like a bolt from the blue.

She made a big fuss, and Yan Anbang’s father naturally got to know about it. Father Zhao was still alive at that time, so he naturally refused to let his daughter be bullied for nothing, and the two families staged a big drama.

But divorce was an ugly thing for women in those days, let alone people like them. The final result was that Qin Yan left, and she and Yan Anbang continued to live together.

It was just that they didn’t know at that time that within a month of Qin Yan’s absence, Yan Anbang found her back because she was pregnant, and they had a child later, named Qin Mu.

When Qin Mu was a hundred days old, Qin Yan came to look for Zhao Jiaqing, who was raising her baby at home with a big belly, with her baby in her arms. After being stimulated by her, Zhao Jiaqing gave birth prematurely and gave birth to Yan Shengyu.

Qin Yan knew that she had caused trouble, so she didn’t dare to stay in Nancheng anymore. By the time people from the Zhao family and Yan family went to find her, her house was already empty.

It was also at this time that the Zhao family and the Yan family found out that not only did Yan Anbang not break up with that person, but he even had a daughter, a daughter who was a few months older than Yan Shengyu. Father Zhao couldn’t stand the excitement, and went straight to the hospital in anger and Yan’s family was also in dire straits.

Yan Anbang also knew that it was his fault, so he knelt down in front of Father Zhao and begged for forgiveness. Father Zhao was not willing to forgive him easily, but his daughter had already given birth to a child, so what if he didn’t forgive him? Yan Anbang swore that he would never go to find Qin Yan. For the mother and daughter, he would not even recognize the child, so they gave up at this time.

Zhao Jiaqing also had a hard time. She wanted to divorce, but her father did not agree, and if she divorced, the child would definitely belong to the Yan family, so she couldn’t bear it, so she could only hold her nose and live with her husband.

The relationship between the husband and wife was as cold as ice for two years. Later, Zhao Jiaqing suffered from a serious illness and almost died. It was Yan Anbang who took care of her and worked busily. Zhao Jiaqing was moved and forgave him. The relationship between the couple began easing, and it seemed to be better than when they first got married.

Zhao Jiaqing thought that maybe she could still grow old with this man, as the saying goes, if a prodigal son returns, he will never go on the wrong path again. It wasn’t until four years later, when she was pregnant with Yan Xi, that she saw several letters in her husband’s book, and there were several photos in the letter, one of which was the one Yan Xi saw today, and she really gave up, she understood that that woman was the white moonlight in her husband’s heart.

It was not that she didn’t want to report her husband in the past. After all, he was a soldier. If his private life was not clean, he would lose his future. But at this moment, it was reported that the child was missing and could not be found. In the end, the woman was also mentally disturbed and left Nancheng.

Yan Anbang was in a daze for a while, and Zhao Jiaqing looked at her absent-minded husband and finally filed for divorce again, but Yan Anbang refused and even knelt down to beg her. That was the end of the matter. And in the end, Yan Anbang returned to his family.

In the following many years, Yan Anbang seemed to be the real prodigal son, staying at home with peace of mind, and loving his two children very much. Although the relationship between husband and wife was not as good as the outside world thought, at least they could still respect each other as guests.

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