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“What’s the matter?” Yu Mo fixed the number plate. Seeing that Chi Fang’s expression was wrong, he followed his gaze.

Chi Fang shook his head and withdrew his gaze, but he was a little wary in his heart.

The morning of the first day of the sports meeting was the opening ceremony, and the 400-meter races were all put on the first day in order to arouse the atmosphere. Chi Fang was pretending not to have something on his mind, but when he watched the race, he always looked at the corner before.

Who was it?

There were a lot of people in that corner, but Chi Fang was not familiar with most of them. There were only three or four who could be considered to have stared, but Chi Fang suspected that it was another person.

Zhu Ling.

Since this girl was pitted by Chi Fang last time, she stopped for a long time, and she didn’t dare to talk nonsense in the class anymore. It was just that every time she saw Chi Fang, her eyes were a little dodgy. Chi Fang couldn’t make trouble with a little girl, so he ignored her.

If it was really her…Chi Fang lowered his head slightly, the bangs on his forehead blocking his cold eyes.

On the side, Yu Mo saw Chi Fang’s expression, and his heart was a little complicated for a while. Although he had expected that Chi Fang would not be as well-behaved inside as he was on the outside, but… Originally a white and tender bun, he took a bite and found that it was filled with red bean paste, although he also liked it very much…

The weather in late April was already a little bit hot, and Chi Fang took off his school uniform jacket and set it aside on the steps. It was half past ten after the opening ceremony, and only the sprint and the long jump were played in the morning.

It was a bit hot, Chi Fang glanced at the sun, hesitating to go to the small shop to buy a bottle of drinks, but he was reluctant to leave this only shady place.

“Would you like some water?”

Zhu Ling handed a bottle of water to Chi Fang.

Chi Fang glanced at the bottle of water, took it with a faint smile, and said, “Thank you.”

Zhu Ling looked at the bottle of water, her eyes flashed, and smiled: “Don’t leave it for too long. It won’t be cold anymore.”

Chi Fang nodded, but still holding the water, it seemed that he had no desire to drink.

A trace of disappointment flashed across Zhu Ling’s face, she handed Yu Mo a bottle of water and went back to sit.

“Is there a problem with the water?” Yu Mo had been sitting aside, clearly seeing the mockery in Chi Fang’s eyes.

Chi Fang shook the water bottle, pressed the cap slightly, and then unscrewed the bottle cap. It was obvious that the bottle of water had been opened before. “Probably a laxative or something.” Chi Fang said indifferently and put the bottle down.

Yu Mo frowned slightly, dissatisfied with Chi Fang’s calmness, “Don’t you want to teach her?”

“She’s just a little girl.” Chi Fang smiled.

Yu Mo stared at Chi Fang for a few seconds before taking his gaze back, “She has an enmity with you?”

Chi Fang pulled his mouth and looked at Yu Mo’s unknowing expression, gritted his teeth, “Don’t you know her?” “

Yu Mo paused, looked at Zhu Ling for a few seconds, shook his head, “I don’t remember.” Such a person who was not important to him, he could never remember what happened.

Chi Fang looked at him speechlessly and didn’t want to speak.

The morning games ended quickly. Pang Zifei sneaked away after running his 400 meters, and Chi Fang didn’t want to move, so he only ate the snacks he brought at noon. At two in the afternoon, 3000-meter race was about to begin, Chi Fang heard the announcer on the loudspeakers shouting his name, he stood up, put his clothes aside and told Yu Mo, “Do not forget to help me refuel ah.”

Yu Mo nodded seriously.

The three-kilometer registration was indeed a problem for each class. When Chi Fang arrived on the track, he was stunned by the player on his left. The man was 1.7 meters tall and weighed almost 170 pounds. The whole body was circular. Chi Fang couldn’t figure out how this man would finish these three kilometers.

“Haha, don’t look at me.” The man was big-hearted and even-tempered. Seeing Chi Fang’s slightly surprised gaze, he just waved his hand with a smile, “I’m here to make up the number of people. I’ll probably stop after two hundred meters. It’s not just me, it’s probably the case with all of them.”

Chi Fang looked in the direction he was pointing, and the other people on the starting line were even stranger than he was. The only normal physiques were him and the boy on the second runway on the right. Chi Fang didn’t pay attention when his name was being called. He blinked and asked the fat boy, “Do you know that person?”

The boy glanced at him, “Ah, that’s Zhu Jiaguang, from Class 10. I heard he’s in the school team. Yes, it must be him who will come first.”

Chi Fang nodded, but he didn’t have any mood to fight for the first position, but his surname… made Chi Fang feel a little wary.

The starting gun rang, and Chi Fang set off slowly. The three kilometers was not like a sprint. At the beginning, if he rushed too fast, it was estimated that he would not even be able to walk when he reached the finish line. Before the rebirth of Chi Fang, he used to run at night. Although it was a bit different, it was still possible for him to run for three kilometers.

The man named Zhu Jiaguang didn’t rush too fast either, just running not far in front of Chi Fang.

As he said, the fat boy ran less than two hundred meters, and he stopped and sat on the ground. The referee and the surrounding classmates went forward to drag him, but he was dragged down several times.

As one lap, two laps, and the fifth lap went by, more and more classmates stopped. By the end of the fifth lap, only five people were still running, and two of them had already fallen for half of the lap. Chi Fang has been dangling behind Zhu Jiaguang, and another student followed behind Chi Fang.

On the sixth lap, Chi Fang’s forehead was also sweating, but his speed still did not change much, but Zhu Jiaguang who was in front of him, his speed actually slowed down a little. Zhu Jiaguang was also aware of this, he glanced at Chi Fang behind him, gritted his teeth and increased his speed. It was just that his stamina was running out, and forcibly speeding up had accelerated his loss of stamina.

On the last lap, Chi Fang was already one meter behind Zhu Jiaguang, and the distance between them was slowly shortening. After the last half lap, Chi Fang suddenly accelerated.

Zhu Jiaguang had no idea that Chi Fang still retained the strength to sprint. He saw that Chi Fang was about to surpass him, and subconsciously wanted to bump into him to stop him.

The classmates on the sidelines all saw his movements and exclaimed.

Chi Fang saw Zhu Jiaguang’s movements, and the corners of his mouth twitched. The speed of the sprint accelerated sharply, and he swept past him directly.

Yu Mo was standing at the end point. Seeing Chi Fang avoiding Zhu Jiaguang, he stopped rushing forward. He waited until Chi Fang crossed the finish line before he took a step forward and took the Chi Fang who hadn’t reacted yet in his arms.

Chi Fang couldn’t see the surrounding situation anymore. He increased the speed too fast in the end. His heart was beating very fast now, and his eyes were completely blank. He could only barely support himself with the help of the person next to him, so he didn’t directly collapse to the ground.

Chi Fang stood on the spot, took two big breaths, and then gradually recovered. He narrowed his eyes slightly and saw that it was Yu Mo supporting him, and his whole body was directly leaning on Yu Mo, allowing him to take his own body slowly forward.

“I want to drink water.” After Chi Fang’s breathing slowed down, he rummaged in Yu Mo’s hands. However, Yu Mo’s hands were empty, and he did not bring water at all. Chi Fang stared at Yu Mo aggrievedly, “Water!”

Yu Mo half helped Chi Fang walk forward and said: “It’s not good to drink water just after running.”

Chi Fang curled his lips. He didn’t know this common sense. Just after running, the dry throat was about to explode, “Okay, do it.”

When he calmed down, he realized that he was in Yu Mo’s arms, and even Yu Mo’s hand was still on his waist. Chi Fang’s waist was his most sensitive area, and he subconsciously grabbed his waist and jumped out for two steps.

Yu Mo paused and looked at him suspiciously.

Chi Fang coughed slightly, “It’s okay, I can go by myself.”

Yu Mo nodded, and followed Chi Fang, the soft touch on his left hand still not dissipated. He lowered his eyes slightly, and as expected, Chi Fang’s waist was very soft.

Yu Mo, who had fulfilled a wish, looked in a good mood.

When Chi Fang returned to the stand, Yu Mo handed him a bottle of water, “I bought it, don’t worry.”

Chi Fang took two sips and heard the announcement of the cancellation of Zhu Jiaguang’s results. As for the punishment afterwards, he won’t know until the sports meeting is over. Chi Fang didn’t feel much, anyway, he didn’t suffer any injuries. While drinking water, he turned his eyes to look at Zhu Ling who was sitting below.

Zhu Ling was stunned. She didn’t go to the race just now, so she didn’t know what happened.

Yu Mo also saw Chi Fang’s gaze. He stared at Zhu Ling for a few seconds before moving his gaze away.

Soon, the radio began to broadcast the number for the second race. Yu Mo was also ready to go to the race. Chi Fang looked at Yu Mo and smiled: “Jiayou.”

Yu Mo nodded and went down to prepare.

Chi Fang sat in the stands for a while and started looking for his school uniform. He put his school uniform on the stand before, but now it was gone. Chi Fang had another spare, but he always felt a little awkward if he didn’t find the clothes.

He turned around and asked a few classmates, but they didn’t even notice a school uniform jacket. There were also many school uniforms nearby. Chi Fang looked at them one by one, but none of them belonged to him.

He frowned, his gaze swept across Zhu Ling who was sitting underneath in a daze, and then he glanced near her, his eyes a little cold.

“Hello.” Zhu Ling raised her head, Chi Fang smiled at her slightly, “Did you see my school uniform?”

Zhu Ling was taken aback, her eyes panicked, she grasped the pants with a slight force, ” No, no.”

“Ah…Is that so?” Chi Fang smiled, his expression a little distressed, “Hey, I don’t know where it is. My wallet is still in the school uniform.”

A male student around hearing this asked, “Did it get stolen?”

Zhu Ling’s face instantly turned pale.

Chi Fang smiled and glanced at Zhu Ling, “No, who should have got it must have taken it by mistake, I will look for it again.”

When Chi Fang left, Zhu Ling couldn’t sit still at all. She subconsciously recalled whether there was anything in the uniform pocket, but the more she thought about it, the more confused she got. In the end, she stood up and ran over to the steps on the side of the stand without saying a word.

Chi Fang raised his eyebrows and followed behind her.

Zhu Ling didn’t run too far. She hid under the stands, took out her mobile phone and called in a panic: “Hey, hello! You…”

Chi Fang reached out and took the mobile phone out of Zhu Ling’s hand and took a look. The note on the phone, and then smiled: “Zhu Jiaguang, right? Please send my clothes to the side door of the stand, thank you.”

He didn’t hear the reply from the person opposite to the phone, so he threw the phone back to Zhu Ling.

“Let’s talk.” Chi Fang smiled without any anger, “Why steal my clothes?”

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