YXBG Ch. 28.1: Ten Years Later

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You were a little girl when we met and flying with you was my wish.

Ever since I left home with my luggage, I have cherished this wish deeply.

You don’t know how much trauma I have gone through, and you don’t know that I have become strong.

Ever since I walked on the way home, I dared not imagine the sadness facing you.

Ten years, ten years, ten years of cold windows, everything is forgotten;

Ten years, ten years back to my hometown, I don’t know how to feel sentimental.

The mall opposite the building was holding an event, and a young male singer sang a quiet song with a clear voice, which seemed a little abrupt in the busy city. Inferior speakers increased his decibels, making people who passed by have a feeling of eardrum trembling.

Different from the hustle and bustle below, Yin Ruoji’s office had a cold and hard atmosphere all year round, but what was incompatible with this office was a pair of immature crayon paintings on the wall. Over the years, the colors of the paintings were still bright, with a strong possessiveness, proclaiming their own existence. Zhang Xiangyi stared at the paintings on the wall. Even though he had entered and exited the office hundreds of times, he still found their existence very strange. Which master’s work was this? Was it deliberately distorted and immature, or was it simply a young master’s scribbling? In any case, with Yin Ruoji’s critical eye, and his willingness to hang this painting in the office, there must be something extraordinary about it.

“Xiangyi,” Yin Ruoji immediately reminded him when he saw him staring at the drawings again, “What’s the matter?”

“Oh, Uncle Yin, this is the blueprint sent by the design department below. Take a look.” He handed over the drawing and began to explain, “This time the new product is mainly aimed at young women, so the bottle is slender and light, and the pattern on it is also more elegant and lively. But I personally think that since the concept of our product is pure natural whitening with no additions, this should be highlighted on the product packaging, or the advertisement should be used to explain this.”

“Bottle is designed very well.” Yin Ruoji said turning his attention back to him, “As for advertising, what do you think?”

“Now everyone’s opinion is relatively confused, and some people tend to prefer Hong Kong and Taiwan models to advertise their products, and some choose pure Mainland celebrities. I personally still tend towards celebrities. After all, young women now like following the celebrity trends the most. Choosing the celebrities they like will definitely have a better effect.”

“Okay, I believe in you, give me results. Let me see!” Yin Ruoji smiled, expressing his approval. Zhang Xiangyi felt that Yin Ruoji had really changed a lot over the years. He was not so prone to laughter before, but now he was always gentle and approachable.

As soon as Zhang Xiangyi walked out of the office, the employees who were at the door showed him a look of searching. He gave them a “V” gesture: “Pass.”

“Yeah!” Everyone cheered, as their hard work for such a long time was finally not in vain.

“Now, we just have to find the person who would endorse the product, do you have any ideas?” He smiled relievedly. Over the years, Zhang Xiangyi’s beard had grown unabated, and his whole person was like Darwin’s reincarnation. No wonder people in his department called him “daddy”. He looked like that, really unlike a young man under thirty, he looked like an old man rushing towards the forty-year-old mark.

But Zhang Xiangyi didn’t take it seriously. He thought it was good, at least unlike that person, who was about to be chased out of his office by women.

“Take Ye Ziyun! She is a sexy goddess!” Someone had already proposed.

“What are you saying! Ye Ziyun is so vulgar, with all that plastic surgery and rib-sucking, it is not in line with the concept of our product!”

“I say we should go for Xiaoxiao, she is so pure.”

“Please, that woman is so contrived. Is being a vase good? And the current girls don’t have a good impression of her!”

Soon, the fight for the spokesperson turned into a battle to defend their idols.

“Wait a minute!” yelled a male employee wearing glasses. “I know someone who is the best candidate!” He jumped onto the table, “You guys would have nothing to say about her! Fiona!”

“Fiona? Ah, my goodness, me. I like her!”

“Is that the cold-blooded killer in “Breaking Agents”, I absolutely love her!”

“My goddess! But can we get her? She must have a sky-high price!” The group of people instantly established a united front.

Zhang Xiangyi, who had been silently watching them go crazy, finally couldn’t help but ask, “Who is Fiona?”

“Daddy, you are really out of touch! Have you not seen “Breaking Agents”, the global box office champion? Fiona is one of the killers in it, you should really take a look, she is absolutely fascinating! And she recently intends to return to China to develop, we must seize this opportunity, and we can also expand the company in the name of helping her promote and increase her popularity. She is the person all little girls are trying to imitate. You see the girls on the street wearing those large plaid shirts recently. This is what they learned from her!”

“A Zhong,” Zhang Xiangyi stopped him with a headache. “Then you go make the arrangements. If she is really as you said, then no matter how much money it is, we have to win her over.” The influence of that actress could be seen in her appeal. A Zhong had been studying abroad for a long time, and he had a good relationship with the agents of various celebrities, and he always been the most informed about the entertainment industry.

“Yeah!” Everyone cheered again, doing this with 120% enthusiasm like they had been injected with chicken blood.

Zhang Xiangyi smiled. When he took over this department, others were dissuading him because this department was called the lunatic department. Although the people in it were very talented, it was very difficult to manage. But Zhang Xiangyi didn’t care at all, he never deliberately restrained these people, as long as the direction was right, they were free to play. However, it turned out that this method was very effective.

He walked into the elevator and came upstairs. Upstairs was the company’s R&D department, which occupied an entire floor. He walked out of the elevator, and the security guard immediately greeted him: “Mr. Zhang, Mr. Yin said that he has something to do today and can’t go back.”

“He won’t eat dinner anymore?” He raised his eyebrows. “This guy is really a workaholic.”

“Isn’t that certain?” The security guard’s tone was also helpless. Zhang Xiangyi shrugged, turned and went down again.

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