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Shang Yue was able to function normally after two days of observation. After his powers stabilized, he went to conduct an energy test. The energy intensity was put directly on the table, and it was very amazing.

Because Jing Yang had exposed his powerful supernatural energy, he was highly valued by the military region. In the future, even if he wanted to do nothing but be lazy, it was unlikely to happen.

After all, in addition to fighting against zombies, the Eastern Army Region now had a competitive relationship with other military regions, but now it was just a secret fight without any actual open fighting. When there were fewer and fewer zombies in this world, it would be time for the most intense competition among the major military regions. With Shang Yue and Jing Yang, the Eastern Army Region had a stronger security force, and more peace of mind.

As soon as Shang Yue entered the room, he pressed Jing Yang on the bed and started kissing him, then he took off his clothes and pants and rubbed between his legs.

After being rubbed a few times by him, Jing Yang lost all strength and could only lie down on the bed and let him play. Jing Yang only felt that there was heat surging in his lower abdomen, but his body was incomparably empty. He wanted to vent at the same time as he wanted to be filled.

Shang Yue’s mouth and hands were not idle, he started kissing Jing Yang’s skin from his neck, then stopped at his chest, sucking hard.

Jing Yang hugged Shang Yue’s shoulders, then he opened his mouth and took a deep breath. He was sore, itchy and uncomfortable now, but he still wanted more and more exciting pleasure. He stretched his legs and wrapped it around Shang Yue’s waist, raised his waist and rubbed against his lower abdomen, urging him with a shaky breath, “Hurry up, hurry up, come in…”

Shang Yue’s palms were full of Jing Yang. After kneading on his elastic buttocks for a while, and helping him expand with his fingers, he rubbed against the middle of his legs for a while, and then he suddenly straightened his waist and completely entered Jing Yang’s body at once.

“Ah!” Jing Yang was stimulated for a moment, and his mind went blank for a moment. After Shang Yue started to move, he came back to his senses and looked down at the huge thing going in and out of his body. The double stimulation of vision and touch made him feel pleasure to the point of speechlessness.

Shang Yue leaned over and took Jing Yang into his arms, even though he was holding him tightly at the moment, even though he was in his body at the moment, Shang Yue still felt distant from him. From the time he left the military area, to the time he was injured and fell into a coma, to the moment he held him in his arms, he missed this person very, very much.

When Shang Yue was in a coma from the injury, his consciousness was still very clear. He was not at all afraid that he would not wake up. He didn’t know why he had a feeling that as long as Jing Yang was still alive in this world, he would definitely not die. It seemed that a force from nowhere had been protecting him, so he had such confidence.

But at the moment he fell into a coma, his thoughts about Jing Yang exploded instantly. He seemed to feel that they were separated by a far, far space and had not seen each other for a long time. He longed for him, but they were separated by time and space, as they chased each other like the sun and the moon, but they could never meet each other.

He thought that after seeing him, his thoughts about him would be relieved, but it didn’t. Even though the distance between them was now a negative number, he still felt heartache because he missed him too much.

Shang Yue didn’t know why he felt this way. He always felt that he was waiting for the person in his arms far, far away, and he really wanted to get rid of this piercing thought. But in a trance, he seemed to understand that there was no way for him to get rid of it now, and he didn’t know why he would have such a strange feeling.

The two climbed to the peak of desire at the same time, Shang Yue was in a trance, as if he felt a familiar energy enter his body and control his consciousness. He lowered his head to Jing Yang’s ear and said in a voice that didn’t seem to be his own, and in a very sad tone, “I miss you so much, come back soon.”

Jing Yang hadn’t calmed down yet, after hearing Shang Yue’s words, he opened his eyes immediately, holding Shang Yue’s face and looking at him.

He was shocked by Shang Yue’s eyes. He didn’t understand why the longing in these eyes was so intense, it was obvious that they were snuggling together so closely that even their skins were sticking to each other. But looking at it, Jing Yang shed tears involuntarily. He opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything.


Jing Yang didn’t care much after knowing that Qi Yun had left the military area. He never took Qi Yun in his eyes. His life and death could be controlled at will by him. And he had a hunch that even if Qi Yun left alone, he wouldn’t die so easily and then disappear, and they would definitely meet again.

Jing Yang counted the time, it was almost time for the second super power crystal nucleus to appear, he told Shang Yue about the super power crystal core, and Shang Yue reported the matter to the top leader. Then they took people over to get the super crystal nucleus.

The place they were going to was not too far away. In a mountainous area not far away, there was an unknown ancient tomb. There was a thousand-year-old corpse in the ancient tomb. This ancient corpse did not decay into bones, but it was preserved as if it had just died and had been that well preserved for thousands of years.

Jing Yang was sitting in the car, leaning on Shang Yue’s shoulders, feeling drowsy. In order to make him sleep better, Shang Yue put his body on the seat and let him sleep on his lap.

Because Jing Yang knew that in addition to him, Qi Yun also knew the location of the super power crystal nucleus, so he set off ahead of time, but when they arrived, there were already those who had arrived earlier than them.

Countless zombies blocked their way into the mountain. Such a huge number of zombies showed that there was a zombie king nearby.

As soon as the car stopped, Jing Yang woke up because he had already felt the strange feeling that shrouded around him. When he sat up and looked outside, he still had some doubts in his heart, because as far as he knew, within a period of time after the super power crystal nucleus appeared, the surrounding aura would slowly attract many zombies. But now the super crystal core had not really appeared, why did these zombies look like they had been waiting here for a long time?

Shang Yue held Jing Yang’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, although there are a lot of zombies, the soldiers we brought this time have very powerful abilities. We can solve them all in a little time.”

Jing Yang shook his head and said, “No, we must enter the mountain as fast as possible, otherwise it may be too late to take out the super crystal core, because there must be something waiting for us in the mountain, and it will also delay us for a certain period of time.”

Jing Yang looked up at the sunroof, and Shang Yue said, “Do you want to get on the roof again? I always have a question in my heart, why do you like standing on the roof so much?”

Jing Yang did not think that he would ask this question, so he blinked his eyes a few times, thought about it carefully, and said, “Probably because…, standing at a high place makes me look like I have a special aura?”

Shang Yue said with a bit of amusement. “Then you should stand on the top of the mountain, not the top of the car.”

“Oh, if I have a chance, I will stand on the top of the mountain again, but now I’ll stand on the top of the car.” After saying that, Jing Yang opened the sunroof and propped his head out.

The soldiers were already dealing with those zombies, but it was not easy to deal with those zombies since they were in groups, and there were so many of them that when all these zombies were eliminated, the soldiers were likely to also lose their combat effectiveness.

Sure enough, the IQ of the zombie king should not be underestimated, but what Jing Yang couldn’t understand was that the super crystal core was useless for the zombie king. Why did the zombie king appear here with so many zombies? Was it just to prevent them from getting the super crystal core? Jing Yang felt that things should not be so simple.

Shang Yue also stood on the roof of the car and stood back-to-back with Jing Yang. The two of them faced each other and Jing Yang said to Shang Yue, “Let the soldiers all retreat and get on the car, otherwise it will be bad if they are accidentally injured.”

They had been tested and trained before they came, and when the energy of the two of them was combined to attack, it was more than ten times the energy of one of them acting alone. Therefore, although they were facing many zombies now, if the two of them worked together, it would not be difficult to deal with these zombies.

Shang Yue ordered some soldiers to retreat first, and then covered signaled other soldiers to retreat to the car. After all the cars were gathered together, the two concentrated their energy and launched it.

With the continuous sound of explosions, for a while, the hands and feet and other parts of the zombies were flying around in the air. The soldiers were stunned. The scene in front of them made them think that they were in a large meat grinder.

Jing Yang actually controlled most of the energy and didn’t send it out. If it wasn’t for the fear of blowing up the road and then having to walk up the mountain, he would have blasted all the zombies in front of him into minced flesh in the shortest possible time.

Their car slowly moved towards the mountain, and with the corpses were flying all the way, they did not take much time to enter the mountain.

There was still a section of road that needed to be walked to reach the destination, so leaving a soldier to guard the car, Jing Yang and Shang Yue took some soldiers to start climbing.

When they finally reached their destination, they saw a large group of zombies waiting there again, and Jing Yang recognized the zombie king in the zombie group at a glance, because the zombie king was not as ugly and terrifying as other zombies but looked exactly like a normal human.

And next to the zombie king, Jing Yang also saw an acquaintance, that person was Qi Yun, although Jing Yang had long expected that Qi Yun would grab the opportunity and guard against him here, but he did not expect it to be in this way.

Jing Yang knew that Qi Yun was likely to seek refuge with other powerful people, but he thought that this powerful person would at least be human, but he didn’t expect him to mix with zombies. Or was it that he was no longer human at all, but was already a member of the zombies? And Qi Yun was standing next to the Zombie King, so he should be a Zombie King, right?

Although Qi Yun still looked like a normal human being, his abnormality could not escape Jing Yang’s eyes, especially after Jing Yang activated the system to observe him, he quickly determined that he was no longer a normal human.

But after a human became a zombie, he should not be like this, so there was only one possibility, that is, he must have made a deal with the zombie king, and then got the energy of the zombie king, even if he became a zombie, he would still look like a normal person.

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