CFCS Ch. 211.1: Apocalypse World (15)

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Qi Yun didn’t expect Jing Yang and the others to come so quickly. He thought that such a huge group of zombies could at least delay them until he took out the super crystal core. It seemed that he still underestimated them.

Jing Yang watched Qi Yun walk towards them through the zombie group, but Qi Yun kept his eyes on Shang Yue, and there were a lot of inexplicable emotions in his eyes.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” Qi Yun looked at Shang Yue affectionately and said, “You’re finally here.”

Shang Yue was bewildered by Qi Yun. He didn’t understand what was going on with Qi Yun’s reaction. Looking at Jing Yang, he explained himself, “I don’t know him.”

Of course, Jing Yang knew that Shang Yue didn’t know Qi Yun, and he knew from the look of Qi Yun that he had fallen in love with his lover once again amongst his wishful thinking. Jing Yang knew that his lover was good enough to make anyone feel fascinated, but in recent lives, his opponent had always fallen in love with his lover even when he had a lover, which made him think there might be a reason for that.

Jing Yang sneered at Qi Yun and said, “You don’t have to be so affectionate to him, he doesn’t know you at all, even if he knows who you are, do you think he will be tempted by you who is no longer human?”

Qi Yun’s eyes turned to Jing Yang, and the anger and hatred ignited in his eyes instantly. “You are just lucky, because God is always biased towards you, you have the confidence to talk to me now. If it wasn’t for your luck, is there anything on you that can compare to me? How can you stand by his side?”

Jing Yang said sarcastically, “Even if I am really useless as you said and you are better than me in everything, you and him being together is absolutely impossible. He can never have a little crush on you. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him.”

Qi Yun turned his attention to Shang Yue again, but before he could speak, Shang Yue said, “In my life, whether I live or die, I would only love Qiu Jin alone. I can’t possibly like anyone else, including you.”

“What he can do for you, I can too.” Qi Yun looked at Shang Yue with sincerity and said, “I can also help you get the super power crystal core, and I also know the positions of the rest of the super power crystal core. I can also help you get a higher status. As long as you are willing to give me a chance, you will definitely find that I am much better than him.”

Shang Yue couldn’t help frowning, he thought that Qi Yun might have a brain problem, he couldn’t help feeling disgusted in his heart, but he didn’t want to talk nonsense with him, so he directly launched his ability to attack him.

Before Qi Yun could react, the Zombie King had moved in front of him at lightning speed, blocking the attack for him.

Shang Yue’s attack was not light, it was an energy attack with the aim to kill Qi Yun. The Zombie King had made a deal with Qi Yun and stored part of his energy in Qi Yun’s body, so he could not let Qi Yun suffer a powerful attack, thus he had to come out to help him block.

The Zombie King now regretted making a deal with Qi Yun. He didn’t think that Qi Yun had so many entanglements with these people, and it seemed that he could not destroy these people as easily as Qi Yun had told him. Although Qi Yun’s reason for persuading him before was perfect enough, but now he felt that he had been deceived, and the Zombie King was very annoyed.

When Shang Yue attacked Qi Yun and the Zombie King came out to block it, the battle on both sides officially began. Shang Yue and the Zombie King fought together, and the other soldiers and the zombies also fought desperately, only Qi Yun stood motionless while looking at Shang Yue.

Qi Yun thought that he really liked and loved Shang Yue but falling in love with someone who didn’t even want to look at him was doomed to failure. In fact, he knew in his heart that this would be the result, but he was still unwilling, really unwilling! He just wanted to live a happy life, why was it so difficult?

Qi Yun looked up at the sky and cried out in despair, ‘God, you are so unfair! Why can’t you make me happy once? Why can’t you do it?! You are so biased!’

Jing Yang looked at Qi Yun, who was shrouded in despair for a while. He could actually kill him immediately. Under the attack of Shang Yue, the Zombie King was almost unable to hold on, so if he attacked Qi Yun now, he only needed one attack to kill him. But Jing Yang didn’t know why, he didn’t want to let Qi Yun die now, just like before, he didn’t want to kill him.

Jing Yang felt that it was actually quite good to let Qi Yun suffer in life. When he died, everything disappeared and everything was over. He didn’t want it to end so soon.

Under the continuous attacks of Shang Yue, the Zombie King could no longer resist, and he lay on the ground covered in bruises and scars. When Shang Yue was about to give him the final blow, he looked at Qi Yun and wanted to retrieve the energy stored in Qi Yun’s body. As long as he got back the energy, he could at least escape, or he really would have to wait to die.

When Shang Yue activated his energy, Qi Yun seemed to have finally recovered from his sadness and concentrated the energy of the Zombie King in his body.

The Zombie King thought that Qi Yun was going to return the energy to him, but when he was about to receive it, Qi Yun used all the energy to attack Jing Yang.

Qi Yun had already predicted that he would not have a good ending. He thought to himself that even if he died, he would still take Qiu Jin with him. This was also the reason why he would rather use his body to make a deal with the Zombie King. Even if he couldn’t get happiness, he didn’t want Qiu Jin to continue to be happy.

Shang Yue’s energy was originally intended to attack the Zombie King, but when he saw Qi Yun was about to attack Jing Yang from the corner of his eye, he immediately blocked the energy emitted by Qi Yun with his own energy.

Originally, he just felt that Qi Yun disgusted him. Although he wanted to kill him, he was not in a hurry to let him die that instant. But his attack on Jing Yang completely angered Shang Yue, and Shang Yue didn’t want him to live another minute.

As for Qi Yun’s attack, Jing Yang could actually block it easily, so he did not avoid it. When he saw Shang Yue attacking Qi Yun, he even subconsciously wanted to stop it.

“Don’t kill him!” While Jing Yang blurted out without thinking, Shang Yue’s fist had already passed through Qi Yun’s body.

Qi Yun endured the pain, looked at Shang Yue with all his strength and said, “I am, really, yes, I like…”

Before Qi Yun finished speaking, he was kicked away by Shang Yue and he flew far away.

Jing Yang looked at Qi Yun, who was torn apart because of Shang Yue’s energy, and felt a strange feeling in his heart that he couldn’t recognize. This kind of feeling seemed to be a bit regretful, but why would he regret Qi Yun’s death. If there was no reason, it would be ridiculous.

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