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Jiang Zheng, who had completed the extra task, happily prepared to take the car home.

Han Yi’s mood was very complicated. Just now, Jiang Zheng clarified the scandal on such an important occasion. If this matter was put on other people, netizens would definitely scold them for creating topics and hyping themselves. However, everyone knew Jiang Zheng. First, there was no need for her to hype herself. Second, Jiang Zheng hated scandals. This time, she explained it personally, and this echoed her usual personality. Third, only someone like her who was “overbearing” would dare to occupy public resources for a personal matter at an awards ceremony.

However, today, the newly appointed emperor had been dazzled, and Jiang Zheng’s “glorious deeds” would surely be mentioned in the future. This award video would definitely be in the top ten hot searches.

But all this was an illusion.

Was this girl carrying private agenda? It didn’t matter if she was trained, she was walking by the river, dancing on high-voltage lines, and she would need to wet her shoes sooner or later, so she would be electrocuted sooner or later, right?[1]

Han Yi was ready to have a sincere talk with her, but then he saw Jiang Ran coming to pick up his sister for supper.

Jiang Ran’s face softened only when he faced Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng swallowed, looked down at the long dress that had led her to be hungry for two days, and then looked at Han Yi.    

“Why are you looking at him?” Jiang Ran squinted at Han Yi, “Brother finally beat Ms. Chen in rock-paper-scissors. We’ll have supper together tonight!”

Her smile was about to fade away, her feet moved towards her brother for a while, then towards her manager for a while… After struggling for a long time, she finally succumbed to the food.

What was the big deal, she would just have to go back and do 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, and an hour of rowing at night… woo woo woo she was going to be forced to stay up all night.

Jiang Zheng asked Han Yi to go with them. Han Yi shrunk into a quail, but it was not enough to satisfy Jiang Ran.

Jiang Ran said coldly, “He wants to lose weight today.”

Jiang Zheng looked at Han Yi’s thin body and muttered, “Those who should lose weight are not losing weight, and those who should not lose weight are losing weight.”

Jiang Ran smiled and touched the top of Jiang Zheng’s head, “Who said so!”

Han Yi: “…” Fake devils were easy to serve, but real devils were scary!

The Jiang brother and sister had a meal at Meimei, a private custom restaurant. Jiang Zheng watched her brother eat most of the time. Jiang Ran also knew that he would not be able to persuade her, but fortunately his sister still moved her chopsticks a little.

As soon as the two of them got home, their mother Chen Jinjiao wearing a black mask, wore her slippers, and walked over, after a little hesitation, she couldn’t help but say: “If you and Ji Muye fall in love someday, come and tell me in advance.”

Jiang Zheng was stunned, “Huh?”

Jiang Ran frowned, “No. Impossible. Absolutely imagined.”

They both denied.

Chen Jinjiao glared at him, “Shut up. I’m talking about Zhengzheng.”

Jiang Zheng almost spit out, did her mother become a fan of Ji Muye? Oh no, she turned the road of a prospective mother-in-law?

Jiang Ran said angrily: “Ms. Chen. I’ll answer for her. It’s impossible for this day to appear. You should not think about such things.” No matter how many people, they all talked that kid with the surname Ji. Weird.

Chen Jinjiao was too lazy to pay attention to him and called Jiang Zheng to accompany her to do beauty treatments.

As she walked to the door of the room, she turned her head and said coolly, “I really envy Ji Muye’s mother. How can someone’s son be so gentle?”

Jiang Ran: “…” Were these people setting him up?!! The whole thing was a disguise! He believed that he was a gentle ghost!

Jiang Zheng had an accident last time she was filming “Chang’an Beauty Walk”, and the last filming scene had not been finished yet. In order not to delay the progress, Jiang Zheng took some time to go to the studio to make up for the last scene.

This time, Chen Jinjiao and Jiang Ran didn’t use rock-paper-scissors to decide who won or lost. The two of them turned into left and right guardians and followed Jiang Zheng to the studio, making sure to bring her back intact.

When they arrived on the set, the director and producer immediately trotted over, caringly, and apologized, with sincerity on their faces.

Jiang Zheng had heard from Han Yi that the producer in front of her right now was the behind-the-scenes sponsor of the second female lead Qiao Xi. Because of this, Qiao Xi had had the courage to pull her into the water to hype herself up, but before she lost her memory, she did not deal with her. After that incident, Qiao Xi posted a 40-character apology at the top of Weibo and backtracked.

Enmmm her strength was so great?

The producer became afraid when he saw Jiang Zheng, but when he saw Jiang Ran behind Jiang Zheng, he was even more afraid. He still remembered that a few days ago, the investment tycoon who saw the beginning and the end of the dragon[2] appeared in front of him, and gave him a cruel threat, either Qiao Xi disappeared or he would disappear.

Although Qiao Xi was beautiful, there were many people who looked down on her. Although he felt it was ruthless, but who could live without money. Besides, Qiao Xi hurt Jiang Zheng, and no one could help her anymore.

So, he cut off the relationship, got rid of his involvement, and coaxed Qiao Xi to apologize and quit the circle. As for what would happen to her later, it could only be left to chance.

The people who pretended to be busy eating melon saw that the big devil Jiang came to the set intact. In addition to her manager, there were two more bosses who didn’t seem to be easy to mess with.

One was a tall and stern man with tough eyebrows and a detached temperament, but he was always attentive to Jiang Zheng. Someone recognized this person as Jiang Ran, the boss of Zhewei Trust Group. He held hundreds of billions of assets and had a wide range of investments. He also had a lot of experience in the film and television industry. He was a shareholder of many film and television companies.    

Everyone immediately understood, it was no wonder that Jiang Zheng was able to run rampant, and it turned out that she relied on such an awesome gold master. Qiao Xi’s gold master was no match for Jiang Zheng’s gold master, so she could only retreat in despair.    

Another beautiful and elegant middle-aged woman, dressed in a sassy outfit, who had a rather cold temperament, and had excellent skin care, stood with Jiang Zheng like sisters.    

Elder sister? Sister Jin?    

Some good people searched and asked, it turned out that this sister was not a small person, she was Chen Jinjiao, the founder of the EIEDA brand fashion clothing company, and many celebrities highly admired the clothes she designed.    

One king bomb was already powerful, but Jiang Zheng held two king bombs in her hand, blowing people away in minutes.    

So, the question was, was the big devil Jiang straight or bent?

Jiang Zheng didn’t know that in the eyes of others, her sexuality had become severely debated.

She sat in the dressing room, combing her hair into a Tang Dynasty hairstyle, and putting on makeup, while tapping her fingers on the table one by one.    

After finally waiting for the makeup artist to go out, she immediately turned around, pouted and said, “Han Yi, did you buy me insurance for the whole body?”

Han Yi: “?”

First there was the swing, then she had to float on a bamboo pole, and today she had to step on the rope without any safety equipment… why didn’t she know that she was a cool girl who loved adventure?

Jiang Ran, who was out of the industry, shook the fan in his hand, “Then don’t act.” Although there was not a huge demand for ancient time dramas, but if the script, actors, directors, and costumes were all online, it was still easy to make a hit. That is why, he had also secretly invested in this “Chang’an Beauty Walk”.

Chen Jinjiao rubbed her fingers on the long pleated brocade skirt, and shrugged, “Then go home!” This material was good, maybe she could have a Tang style fashion show next time.

Jiang Zheng: “Doting is also a kind of harm. I was just being casually afraid.” Your career is important, but my career is not important?

The two bosses: “…”

Jiang Zheng felt infinite loneliness in her heart and walked out with a sullen face and a long skirt.

Chen Jinjiao and Jiang Ran quickly followed. Han Yi wiped his sweat, it seemed that the days when he would be unemployed were quite near.

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[1] He is thinking that her admiration for JM will be exposed sooner or later.

[2] Hugely successful.

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