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Kang Xing Luo had found the answerer and he couldn’t wait to ask his doubts, but it was a sensitive topic, so he was somewhat embarrassed. “I have something to ask you about.”

Li Hongming smiled a full smile, “Ask me? What’s the matter, Doofus you can ask for sure.”

Kang Xing Luo was thin-skinned, and could not say those few words He coughed lightly and said, “You have raised a first-order evolutionary species, so you should know about that matter…”

Li Hongming said, “What matter?”

Kang Xing Luo pointed at the mobile phone calendar and desperately hinted: “Look at what day it is now, it starts today. It’s June.”

Li Hongming thought for a moment, then suddenly realized: “June 1st, Children’s Day?”

Kang Xing Luo: “…”


Fortunately, Li Hongming was just joking, and after careful observation, he succeeded in finding some clues on Kang Xing Luo’s face, “What happens in June? Your birthday? My birthday? Neither.” Suddenly, Li Hongming’s eyes lit up and his expression turned playful, “Could it be that! That!”

It was still called by another name, but the two looked at each other where one had a wretched look and the other had an embarrassed one, and it was clear that they had already reached the same page. Li Hongming became interested and said excitedly: “Why did you suddenly think of asking this, is it for Lai Yin Da?”

Kang Xing Luo instantly retorted, “Don’t think about it, Xiao Shizi doesn’t…”

The reaction was so quick, that it was more like a cover-up, so Li Hongming lengthened his voice, and laughed in the tone of a wretched old man: “Our Lai Yin has reached the age of blooming spring flowers~”

Kang Xing Luo glared at him indifferently, Li Hongming hurriedly covered his mouth, and said, “Yes, I won’t say it.”

He shouldn’t say what should not be said, but what should be said still had to be said, since the topic had already begun, he must understand something, so Kang Xing Luo asked: “What is the situation in this period?”

Li Hongming said: “It’s not a situation, it is similar to the nature of animals in the past, hormones flood their bodies at a certain period of time, which makes them especially want to leave behind their genes through offsprings.”

How could Li Hongming speak of such a big concept in only a few words, Kang Xing Luo frowned and said, “More details.”

Li Hongming thought for a while, not sure how detailed he should be, “Which aspect are you referring to?”

Kang Xing Luo was really embarrassed, “Emotions and physical state, are there any special reactions?”

Li Hongming hummed, but he was not an expert, so he could only explain what he knew. “The mood is definitely different from usual, more sensitive, they are easy to become happy and easy to get angry, this is the case with minks, I don’t know about other types, but I guess all mammals are similar, and they should also have this routine, all the experts on TV say this only.”

“As for the state, depending on the situation, some evolutionary species become restless for a long time before this period, while others are very regular, and have only a few days of impulsiveness. There are no special reactions…”

Kang Xing Luo ignored him and asked, “Will this period of time have any effect on the health of the evolutionary species?”

Li Hongming smiled and said, “What effect can it have? It’s normal, you don’t worry so much, you must know that evolutionary species are different from pure pets. They have their own consciousness, and even though they don’t feel good, and their bodies are impulsive during that time, still their minds are very clear. But…”

Kang Xing Luo: “But what??”

Li Hongming hesitated before speaking, and it took a long time before he lowered his voice and said mysteriously: “They can basically restrain themselves before it starts, but once it starts, 99% of them won’t be able to stop.”

Kang Xing Luo couldn’t react in time. “…What do you mean they can’t stop?”

Li Hongming smacked his lips and said, “You still don’t understand? For example, like a small electric motor, do you understand?”

Kang Xing Luo: “…” I don’t understand.

Electric little motor?

Kang Xing Luo had a certain nervous impulse, and suddenly he got hit with the point. Even if he was a man, he was still a little embarrassed. He slammed Li Hongming a little, then he asked helplessly: “How did you know this?”

Li Hongming said: “How do I know, where did you say I came from…” The voice froze, and Li Hongming raised his eyebrows, and said vigilantly, “You don’t care where I know it from.”

Kang Xing Luo didn’t want to get into this topic at all, “The last question.

Li Hongming said: “Ask.”

Kang Xing Luo: “As the master, what should I do?”

Li Hongming showed a mean smile. “Lai Yin is really big…”

Kang Xing Luo gritted his teeth: “After everything is said, can’t I be prepared?”

Li Hongming smiled: “Okay, you can do anything.” Then his smile gradually faded, “If you are seriously asking, then I really have a suggestion.”

Kang Xing Luo calmed down and asked, “What suggestion?”

Li Hongming said, “Stay away from him.”

Kang Xing Luo paused, “…what.”

Li Hongming said: “I just said that the evolutionary species in estrus have their own consciousness, and they will go out to solve this situation by themselves. As the past master, you have no role to play. If you accidentally get involved, there will be no good results. You know, no matter how much they look like people, they are not real people after all, do you understand?”

There was nothing wrong with these words, but Kang Xing Luo just felt that something was wrong, his heart sank suddenly, and it was as if he was being attacked by something.

Li Hongming thought about something don’t know what, and his expression was solemn for a few seconds, but he quickly returned to normal, and said with a smile: “Anyway, don’t worry about it, what is the condition of Lai Yin, a mere estrus period is nothing, there will naturally be a lot of beautiful women around when the time comes, don’t worry about it.”

That being said, there was really nothing to worry about.

But Kang Xing Luo’s mind came across the possibility of Xiao Shizi and other girls being together, and even as this thought just appeared, his emotions sank uncontrollably.

His Xiao Shizi would soon have a mate? Would someone else show up in their life?

His… Xiao Shizi?

Li Hongming knocked on his head and said, “Don’t just think about Boss Kang, you have a lot of things to do.”

Kang Xing Luo reluctantly recovered, twitched the corner of his mouth, and mobilized himself to devote himself to the work of opening the store.

The business of the store was really good. After it started business, Kang Xing Luo could not relax until the limited set menu was sold out.

“It’s not easy to make money.”

Kang Xing Luo echoed, “It’s not easy.”

The two were chatting, when the doorbell rang, and a young man with cat ears in a black leather coat entered the store. This man did not step in quickly but stopped for a few seconds by the notice for recruiting apprentices at the door.

Li Hongming showed a ruffian-like smile and said, “Welcome.”

The young man walked in and said, “The lion set meal.”

Just as Li Hongming was about to tell him that the lion set meal was already sold out, since it was already afternoon, Kang Xing Luo at the counter suddenly waved to the young man, and said cheerfully, “You’re here.”

Li Hongming was surprised: “You know each other?”

Of course, he did, this young man was a furball with whom he had deep karma.

Kang Xing Luo introduced him to Li Hongming with a smile. When he mentioned his name, the young man’s expression changed and he said coldly, “Don’t call me Mao Dandan.”

Kang Xing Luo paused, “Then I should call you…”

The young man said: “That name was given to me by the old one in the family, and my name is Mao Dan now.”

Mao Dan and Mao Dandan could be read almost indistinguishably, but Kang Xing Luo nodded obediently. “Okay.”

Li Hongming had never seen a cat dressed in such a cool style, so he asked with interest, “What kind of work does my little brother do?”

Kang Xing Luo was a little embarrassed, and his conditioned reflex took this as a sensitive topic, but Mao Dan candidly said: “Hourly worker.”

In a sense, he was really an hourly worker. Kang Xing Luo was shocked for a while, but Li Hongming didn’t notice this and started chatting happily with the other party.

“Is the hourly worker tiring, and is the income alright?”

Mao Dan said: “It’s okay, it’s just ordinary, but the job requires acting skills, which is troublesome.”

Li Hongming thought even hourly workers needed acting skills these days. He didn’t notice that Kang Xing Luo was about to hide under the table when he mentioned the need for acting skills.

Mao Dan briefly chatted with Li Hongming, but the point of his visit was to eat. Kang Xing Luo made him a lion set meal according to the agreement. After eating, Mao Dan’s eyes roved around and asked, “Your shop wants to recruit people.?”

Kang Xing Luo and Li Hongming were not busy for a while, so his words attracted both of their attention at the same time. “Yeah, are you interested in this?”

Mao Dan rolled his eyes and asked instead, “Is there any salary?”

Kang Xing Luo said, “Yes.”

“How much is the salary?”

Li Hongming told him the amount with a smile: “The salary is guaranteed, and the commission will be paid within a month after you learn the work. If you want to do it, you don’t have to worry about the salary at all. Don’t look at me now, in fact, I am super rich.”

Looking at Li Hongming, who was dressed as a waiter, Mao Dan said lazily, “Oh.”

Li Hongming snorted, “You still don’t believe me, I’m a real rich second generation, but I’ve had my mercury in retrograde recently. It’s not just me. The one behind the counter is richer. That rich person can rival the country’s wealth, really, believe me.”

Mao Dan looked at Kang Xing Luo, who couldn’t even pay for a cat, and showed a standard polite smile.

Li Hongming: “…”

Unexpectedly, even such obvious financial resources would be despised, Li Hongming suddenly became enthusiastic and tried his best to express that he was rich. However, the more he patted his chest, the more Mao Dan did not believe him.

After several awkward pauses, Comrade Mao Dan decided to reluctantly apply for an apprenticeship.

It was good to have the intention to apply, but not everyone could be Kang Xing Luo’s apprentice. After testing the basic conditions of Mao Dan’s sensitivity to ingredients, Kang Xing Luo was surprised to find that as a cat, Mao Dan’s aptitude for cooking was surprisingly high.

He was an especially good knife craftsman, as skillful as a senior master among human beings.

Mao Dan, who had used his real skills, said coldly and arrogantly, “Come to work tomorrow?”

Being able to get help so soon was a good thing for ‘Cat World’, Kang Xing Luo hurriedly agreed, “Okay, please, please.” His laugh counted as a response, and finally, a customer turned into the shopkeeper in an instant.

At this moment, Kang Xing Luo thought of a question, “How did you start looking for a job during the day? At night, um, won’t you do hourly work anymore?”

Mao Dan said: “Who said so?”

Kang Xing Luo was suddenly surprised, apprenticing during the day, and continuing to work at night, wouldn’t it be tiring?

Mao Dan seemed to know what he was thinking, “What if I’m tired, I want to make money.”

What did a cat need so much money for?    

Li Hongming, the rich second generation, asked the fatal question, “Did the price of cat food increase in the past two years?”

Mao Dan said: “…”

Mao Dan said: “Real estate prices! My family just has me, the cat. I want to buy a house for my grandma who took care of me. Besides, do you know how expensive house prices are now?”

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