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The subway in city B was always crowded, Shen Yu didn’t seem to know how to ride the subway, he was a little silly, but Xu Maomao took him into the station and transferred very skillfully. In the end, the two of them stood on the subway as stiff as a piece of wood at an almost embracing face-to-face angle.

No matter how unbelievable and chaotic it was, tonight seemed to be their first date…

Both of them obviously realized that they were very nervous about each other, breathing very carefully, for fear of destroying the ambiguity of this moment.

Shen Yu looked down at the boy who was a bit shorter than him—Xu Maomao after the transformation was shorter and younger than before, with flushed cheeks and light hair, which was a bit close to the hair on Oscar’s back, so fluffy that it made him eager to touch.

Ah, he was blinking… his ears were slightly red… his hands were twisting in the subway loops a little uneasily…

Shen Yu just watched with ecstasy, so focused that the noisy voices around him seemed to disappear, his heart full of only the person in front of him, only he was left in his eyes, and he was so itchy to see that he couldn’t help raising his hand, about to hug Xu Maomao, who was standing staggeringly, touching his body from time to time, into his arms.

And Xu Maomao also saw his hand ready to move from the corner of his eye, and his heart was so nervous that it was about to jump out of his throat, a voice kept repeating in his mind: the male god is going to hug me in public, hug me, hug me, I’m gone…

It was— suddenly there was a scream!

“Hey! There’s a black cat!”

“It’s a black panther!”

Xu Maomao also woke up from the enchantment, and quickly looked towards the voice of the people, only to see a black shadow that was so fast that it was almost impossible to flash by, rushing out of the carriage they were in! Its speed was really too fast, and it was not just crawling under people’s feet, it seemed to be flying over the eaves and walls, shuttling on the poles and rings above its head!

There was a commotion in the carriage, until the subway door opened and it rushed out, the passengers were still in shock.

The beautiful and pure little atmosphere was completely interrupted immediately, Shen Yu sighed inwardly, and asked helplessly: “Did it scare you?”

Xu Maomao also stopped his wild thoughts: “No, no.”

Both of them stood up straight, one looked down at the person, and the other squinted at the subway station announcement board. Even though they didn’t look at each other, their ears turned red at the same time, as if the sweetness flowing just now was still quietly lingering back, but they didn’t act rashly anymore, quietly enjoying the ambiguous ambiguity.

After all, it was still half-baked! Take it easy~

After two stops, they also got off the carriage and walked to the restaurant Shen Yu mentioned one after the other.

The restaurant that Shen Yu would rather take the subway to come to was not very expensive, and it was not even very famous. It was a bit like a private club, very quiet, and only popular in a small circle. Many celebrities or dignitaries liked to come here to relax and enjoy delicious food.

After being seated, Shen Yu asked Xu Maomao to order. Of course Xu Maomao didn’t understand anything, so he admitted honestly: “Mr. Shen, come on, I usually only eat KFC and takeaways, I don’t care for things that are too high-end.” Even choosing a coffee shop for that blind date was pretending, you don’t want to know how I usually pick my feet at home!

Shen Yu smiled: “It’s not that exaggerated. I brought you here just to relax. There is no need for any table manners here, and at the same time, it has the freshest seafood in city B.”


“You are a cat now, Xu Maomao.” Shen Yu blinked, “Remember? I said I would treat you to a good meal.” Yes, their first meal was only twenty-five yuan…

Xu Maomao felt an indescribable sweetness in his heart. It felt so good to get the promise fulfilled.

“Thank you, thank you. I like fish both as a human and as a cat.”

Shen Yu finished ordering the meals with a smile. During the waiting period, the waiter came to the box to prepare meals and pour wine for them in advance.

It was still a sweet iced white wine, Xu Maomao asked in a low voice: “I like to drink this, can I drink it?”

Shen Yu frowned: “Don’t forget that you are a cat.”

Xu Maomao: “Now. No, it should be fine.”


“Just take a sip.” Xu Maomao bargained with him, “I’ll become a drunk cat at worst. What are you afraid of…?”

Xu Maomao blinked his eyes while saying so, his eyes were full of pitiful expressions of “please”.

This expression combined with his bigger, rounder and waterier eyes after transforming was really foul!

Shen Yu, who felt so cute that his heart trembled, held his forehead, and nodded with difficulty: “Just a small sip.”

As a result, Xu Maomao drank the small half of the cup in one gulp, which made Shen Yu nervous, afraid that he might have made a mistake. But then Xu Maomao had nothing to do, maybe after turning into a human form, the scruples about eating and drinking were indeed much less.

Their sashimi platter served on ice finally arrived.

The juicy and creamy salmon and the fresh sea urchin were all good. The crispy arctic clam and the huge king crab sashimi were really exciting. Xu Maomao’s eyes were shining, and he couldn’t wait to eat up.

The seafood was so delicious that Xu Maomao got carried away eating it, and he ate the fish boats one after another.

Shen Yu was a little worried that it would be bad for him to eat too much cold food, so he said, “Slow down, I’ll go to the kitchen and ask someone to get you some unseasoned hot food.”

Because cats couldn’t eat seasoning, Shen Yu had to supervise it himself.

Xu Maomao was bored while waiting and felt that the shit shoveling officer was making a big fuss, at least he didn’t feel any discomfort after eating so many boats. When his eyes fell on the bottle of iced white wine on the table, he swallowed his saliva, thinking that he would take another sip, Shen Yu would not know anyway.

So the little greedy cat poured half a glass for himself, and was drinking heavily when the door of the private room opened again. This scared Xu Maomao who was stealing food, until he almost knocked over the wine glass.

It turned out that the person who came in was the waiter who had come to deliver the food. He was dressed in a uniform black suit and vest with a white shirt. The moment he entered, the lighting in the entire box went dark for two seconds, and there was a rattling sound.

As the light dimmed, his upturned cat eyes glowed with a golden glow that was fleeting.

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