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Content Warning; sexual references

Seeing Gu Anxin agree, the corners of Ling Yue’s lips raised greatly.

This smile suddenly made Gu Anxin feel a little scared. Where did he get his confidence? How was a cripple going to get her into bed?

“What do you mean?” Gu Anxin stared at his smile and took a step back.

“You agreed.” Ling Yue’s eyes dimmed. Sure enough, hiding it from her for a while after his legs and feet healed still had a certain effect. At least for now, it was extraordinary.

“I agreed, but I will never go to bed voluntarily. Since you lost, you can tell me everything about you now.” Gu Anxin took a step closer and said.

“You can come closer.” Ling Yue said.

Gu Anxin refused to come close and stood five meters away from Ling Yue. “I’m afraid you will cheat, so I’ll just listen from here. It’s fine.”

“You are very confident.” Ling Yue’s legs on the wheelchair moved invisibly.

Gu Anxin looked at his legs and suddenly had a bad premonition. She stared at him motionless. He was obviously a cripple, so she didn’t know where this bad premonition came from.

Ling Yue stretched out his hand, tugged on his tie, and loosened the collar. He then took off his tie and folded it on a chair nearby. He then unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his lean collarbone. Just with this, he immediately changed from a business elite into a bohemian man.

“You…” Gu Anxin’s bad premonition became stronger and stronger, and she saw Ling Yue suddenly take a step back.

At this time, Ling Yue’s legs moved completely. He stretched out one foot, stepped out, and then supported his whole body to stand up straight. His whole body was shrouded in the faint light, making him look extra tall.

He had a pair of legs with golden proportions, which he was only now showing off.

“You, you!” Gu Anxin looked at him in shock, her fingers pointing at him trembling with fear, as if she had seen a ghost, “What’s wrong with you? How did you stand up!”

He was pushed upstairs by Alice just now! And when he knocked on the door before, she obviously saw him sitting in a wheelchair through the peephole!

If it was before, Gu Anxin would be happy and shocked by the amazing surprise that he could stand up, but now, her expression was only one of shock.

She couldn’t be happy anymore, because Ling Yue was already approaching her, step by step, calmly and solidly, walking towards her quickly!

Gu Anxin immediately turned around and fled towards the door.

However, before she could open the door, Ling Yue had trapped her on the back of the door.

His breath enveloped her, and his arms supported her sides. This was the first time Gu Anxin looked directly at his height, and she realized that he was actually a head taller than her. He looked taller when he stood up than when he was sitting and he also had a different aura.

He gently pinched her chin, and Ling Yue looked at her with a smile, “It seems that I won the bet.”

“Not yet, am I in bed now?” Gu Anxin was still making the final struggle.

“It seems that you can’t wait to be carried to bed.” Ling Yue obviously misunderstood what she meant. He leaned over slightly, picked up Gu Anxin, and went straight to the bedroom.

“Wait! Wait a minute!” Gu Anxin just said it casually, but she didn’t expect that he would actually hug her to bed, and she felt panicked.

But Ling Yue was obviously disobedient. Why wait? How could he wait at this time? He couldn’t wait.

The advantage of a small house was that it only took a few steps from the living room to the bedroom. Ling Yue didn’t spend any energy at all, he just threw Gu Anxin on the bed with a snap, and then hovered over her before she could escape.

“You pervert! You actually lied to me!” Gu Anxin couldn’t hold anything, so she stretched out her hand to pinch his ears, “You can obviously walk, but you lied to me that you’re a cripple. How many other things are you lying to me about?”

Ling Yue felt his ears being lightly poked, and his eyes turned heavy, but he was not disgusted, nor did he ask her to take her hand away immediately, “You are the first woman who dares to act so wildly on my head.”

“You haven’t answered me yet, why did you lie to me? I’ve been serving you for so long and you treated me like a nanny, but in the end, you tell me that you were not a cripple. Although this is good news, I still feel deeply deceived! “Gu Anxin didn’t care and continued to grab his ears.

“I think the position we are in now is not suitable for discussing these irrelevant topics.” Ling Yue looked at her with a pair of bright eyes.

Gu Anxin reacted, looked down, and realized the situation the two of them were in now, Ling Yue was covering her body, and all their body parts were in contact with each other very closely. Just looking at this, Gu Anxin’s expression changed, and she turned flushed in an instant, “You…get down.”

However, at this moment, Ling Yue’s eyes were already red, especially when he saw her shy and flushed face, the joy in his heart overflowed. How could he go down after holding her in his arms?

He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “Anxin.”

He had never been so gentle before. Every time before, he would always call her by her full name or not. This attitude made Gu Anxin’s body go weak.

Not only women’s tenderness, but men’s tenderness was also terrifying.

Kisses followed quickly, with a strong and domineering touch, attacking her mouth and sweeping across her lips and tongue, which seemed to contain his thoughts for many days.

Ling Yue tasted it and suddenly found that he seemed to like her taste more than he thought.

Lovers who liked each other always exuded sweetness when they were close to each other, the sweet smell spreading around them, being closer to each other made them happy.

Gu Anxin suddenly stopped struggling. She discovered that she actually liked his kiss. During this time, her heart was instantly filled, and all the grievances seemed to disappear in this kiss.

At this moment, Gu Anxin didn’t want to think about why he suddenly disappeared, nor did she want to investigate what secrets he had. She just wanted to immerse herself in the moment, with a kind of indulgence to vent her emotions.

However, Ling Yue suddenly let go of her at this moment and raised his head.

Gu Anxin’s face, neck, and even ears had all turned a lovely pink color. In this dark night, it was so beautiful that people couldn’t bear to take their eyes away.

Gu Anxin’s face turned red when he looked at her like this. She finally felt a little emotional and relaxed, but she suddenly stopped and kicked the sheets.

Ling Yue’s eyes darkened completely because of her small movement, and his voice became hoarse and sexy, “What? Are you anxious?”

“I’m not!” Gu Anxin denied it with wide eyes, and got up after saying that.

With a squeaking sound, the single bed let out a cry under Ling Yue’s brutal force. He pushed Gu Anxin back down again, “Don’t worry, the night is still very long.”

After saying that, he stopped being polite, kissed her red lips gently, and then a pair of big hands came over.

Gu Anxin gasped, imitating his behaviour and biting his lips, slowly closing her eyes. She suddenly remembered what she had said before.

If a man and a woman live together in the same room, there would definitely be problems.

The night was just right and the love was strong.

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