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The man who had been aggressively intimidating her, and protecting her everywhere, fell in front of her without any warning.

The lethality of this picture was unexpectedly strong for Yan Qing.

She was so frightened that her hands were shaking, and even the nerves on her temples were beating wildly, as if some emotions in the depths of her soul was boiling over, and she rushed to the gate like a huge wave.


Where did it come from?

Yan Qing’s vision blurred, she felt a little dizzy, and her mind was cluttered into an unsolvable mess.

“Miss Yan? Please help me.”

Yan Qing suddenly woke up. The confusion a few seconds ago quickly disappeared. She tried to calm her breathing. She didn’t know what happened just now, but the numbness in her heart was still there, and she twitched and condensed it into her subconscious. It reminded her that she was feeling sorry for this person.

Min Jing was in a cold sweat, but he didn’t panic. He was well-trained and helped Huo Yunshen into the car. The other person was completely unconscious and was unable to sit firmly. Yan Qing hurriedly cooperated and took him into her arms and used her body to support him.

Her fingertips inadvertently touched his face, and it was burning hot.

“Hurry up,” She had no time to think about anything else, and whispered to Min Jing in a crying voice, “Go to the hospital! After falling into the water, he must have caught a cold and now has a high fever!”

Min Jing stepped on the accelerator, but his tone was relatively steady: “Brother Shen doesn’t like to go to the hospital. Whenever he is not well, he lets the family doctor come and treat him at home. He has experience.”


Min Jing paused, complaining silently and reluctantly explained: “Brother Shen has been overly exhausted in the past three years. Not to mention that he hasn’t slept for several days, chasing you around during the day, and could only work at night. At first, his stomach was not good. Since he couldn’t eat anything, he must have definitely felt uncomfortable. I also endured and said nothing. It’s a miracle that he could persist until he fell.”

Yan Qing was stunned, and Huo Yunshen’s deep, hot breath splashed on her cheeks, it felt as if it was roasting her, even her heart also felt like it was on fire.

She took the initiative to hug him so tightly for the first time, and she really felt that he was very thin, and she could touch the protruding bones of his shoulders through his clothes.

In fact, it was not without warning.

Two times before, she thought he was asleep, but he was actually awake, which proved that his insomnia was serious. Today she also saw him with poor complexion and blue eyes. She knew that he had stomach problems, knew that he must have had a headache, and it was cold. He also rescued her from the water, his clothes were drenched and he stayed in the cold wind in his wet clothes for so long, just to help her clarify, and personally seek justice for her.

She clearly knew everything, but she didn’t want to approach him, so she deliberately ignored it.

Yan Qing hung her head, her forehead touched Huo Yunshen’s shoulder unknowingly.

What was wrong with Huo Yunshen, he was trying his best to meet her requests and take care of her in every possible way. She agreed to sign the contract, and the marriage was also agreed to by her. She was to be responsible for him for these three years, but after receiving the certificate, in addition to her enjoying the preferential treatment provided by Mr. Huo, was there anything that got better for him?

Not at all.

She also said that she would treat him well and play the role of Yun Qing. She was fine, just staying away from him as before and ran away.

She… was too brave and it was too much.

Mr. Huo made it very clear before marriage that the medicines didn’t work for him, that she was his medicine, and so Mr. Huo was waiting for her to save his life.

If this continued, Mr. Huo might one day be tortured to death by his mind and body. What did she want to do? Did she want to inherit his fortune as his wife?!


As the car drove back to the villa, the family doctor waited dignifiedly for them outside and then he helped Huo Yunshen out of the car. She thought that Yan Qing would be able to avoid it, but unexpectedly she was uncharacteristically holding Huo Yunshen’s arm, so she went upstairs with them.

When they arrived in the bedroom, Yan Qing immediately pushed Min Jing in: “His inner clothes are still wet, you can change it for him, dry his body and get him the injection.”

Huo Yunshen did not wake up even after being tossed like this all the way, the more Yan Qing thought about it, the sadder she was. After fidgeting outside for ten minutes, she still didn’t see Min Jing come out.

She couldn’t wait on any longer, so she opened the door and went in, all of them were stunned.

Huo Yunshen was supported by someone, his upper body naked, his side facing her, the doctor sighed again and again, and carefully applied medicine on his back.

Mottled scars left by strong acid corrosion could be seen on his body. It had only been a few days since the incident, and if he were changed to someone else, they would find ot so painful that they would be unable to keep quiet. As for him, how much suffering must he have been endured running out after her.

The tears that Yan Qing never shed suddenly sprang up. She bit her hand and exited the room, leaned on the corridor railing, buried her face in her arms, and cried silently.

Wasn’t this bullying?

She thought she was weak, but emotionally, she was the abuser.

Yan Qing wiped away the tears, and took a picture of the glass decorated on the wall. Damn, there was no makeup at all. The cosmetics Huo Yunshen bought for her were so good, she did not use any others.

She had to be conscientious. Mr. Huo had rescued her again and again, and she also knew about his health.

Without delay, starting from today, she would officially take up her post and be a qualified stand-in for Goddess Yun Qing and heal Mr. Huo.

The premise was that she must keep her heart steady and never really fall in love with him.

She believed that she could carry it out cleanly and could actually do it.

Yan Qing regained her spirit and first called An Lan. There was chaos on An Lan’s side. She told her not to show up for the time being. The program team would handle Yun Ling’s affairs in an official capacity, and the rest of the program would be postponed to the evening before recording.

She calmed down and went to the kitchen downstairs to find the ingredients and wanted to cook something for her legal husband. However, the refrigerator was empty. She was worried, when there were footsteps. Min Jing leaned against the door and asked softly, unexpectedly, “When Brother Shen passed out, did you call him… Yunshen.”

Yan Qing was in a trance for a while.

Did she?

Yunshen, wasn’t what Yun Qing used to call him? She should have called him by his full name at that time.

She tried to recall, but the details at that moment were vague. She shook her head, feeling that there was no doubt about it. She must have used his full name. She turned around and looked at Min Jing sympathetically: “Special Assistant Min, you must have gotten it wrong, I understand what you mean. It’s just that even a person like President Huo has accepted the fact that I am not Yun Qing. Why are you still struggling?” You don’t seem to have a high IQ.

Min Jing was blocked by her and felt speechless.

It was too annoying.

She rejected it herself, she didn’t admit it at the moment, and she also blamed him for being too innocent.

Yan Qing said again: “If you are not busy, can you help me buy some ingredients and I will cook a meal for Shenshen.”

“… Shenshen?!”

Yan Qing blinked her watery eyes: “I can’t grab Goddess Yun Qing’s name, and if I want to get closer to him, I can’t always call Mr. Huo by his full name. There are three characters in his name, I have to take one, what do you think Huohuo, Yunyun or Shenshen, which one is better?”

Min Jing’s emotions disappeared, and he tried his best to suppress a smile. In fact, his little sister-in-law was as cute as in the past. She was unchanged.

He conceded and said: “It sounds very nice.”

“Yes.” Yan Qing smiled, gradually getting serious, and whispered to him, “Besides, please tell me the truth about his current physical and psychological conditions. From now, I will be responsible for him.”

Huo Yunshen woke up with a severe headache, tried to get up, and his hands were hurt by the inserted infusion tube.

He looked around, the faint hope in his eyes was shattered, and he fell back to the bed silently, his dark eyes looking at the roof.

The bedroom was empty and quiet, and Qingqing was not there, she probably… didn’t follow him back.

She was always trying to hide from him.

Huo Yunshen let his headache expand masochistically, thinking that if he was bleeding and was injured like before, Qingqing would ran over holding the medicine box in a panic, she would squat and carefully clean up his would and bandaged him. He was hated and talked about by others. Everyone treated him as an evil spirit, but she would defend him firmly, supporting him with her thin shoulders.

She never saw the look in his eyes.

He couldn’t wait to swallow her in, or hide her, or lock her in a place where no one else could see her, and secretly cherish her.

Until now.

He didn’t dare to reveal too much of his possessiveness because she bloomed in front of others, she was loved by a group of people, and there were countless admirers. His heart was crushed and he could only stand silently. Her care for him had become his delusion.

Huo Yunshen licked his dry mouth.

This torture was no stranger to him.

Before he got Qingqing, he used to be a jerk and regard the little girl’s tenderness and consideration for him as a terrible scourge.

Once, Qingqing had sent him lunch made by her own hands and given it to him, the lunch still had a lingering sweet scent, but he refused to take it with a cold face, and deliberately threw it in the dirty flowerbed, and said fiercely to her: “Can you please stop bothering me!” When she walked away, he let go of his clenched teeth, picked out the lunch box, wiped it over and over again, and carefully swallowed the cold food.

But it was still delicious.

He had never eaten such good things.

On a rainy night, he was besieged by a group of people, and he won. He walked in the dirty alley covered with blood. Qingqing chased him with an umbrella, trying to protect him from the rain. Yes, the thin and soft hands, white as mutton jade under the rain tried to protect him at every turn.

It was different from his blood-covered form.

She looked very dazzling, he was afraid that any sunlight that was destined to not belong to him would seep into his purgatory, so he savagely avoided her: “There is no need! Haven’t you heard those words outside? I’m a lunatic, I have killed someone, you still dare to do follow me, I’ll hit you, believe it or not!”

Qingqing’s eyes were red and she left. He was half a street away, quietly following her step by step, before she turned around in the heavy rain, just as his heart was about to crack.

She walked up to him tirelessly and touched his cold body with her red fingertips.

The warmer he got, the more afraid he got, the more she liked him, the more he tried to hide from her.

Finally at that time, Huo Linchuan, his so-called elder brother from the Huo family, made trouble for him and arranged a group of people to wait for him outside the school with clubs. He threw his school uniform away, but was caught by the little girl.

She opened her eyes and said, “Don’t go.” He was afraid that she would be seen by the group of people. He couldn’t bear to throw her hand away, but he still pushed her away. He said something serious to her: “Don’t you understand me? My business has nothing to do with you. Stay away from me! I get annoyed when I see you!”

Qingqing cried, and her tears broke him to pieces.

He went out to fight with the people desperately and came back with bruises all over his body and an apology lingering on his lips, but then he found that Qingqing had already left. Since then, she would never show up in front of him again, there was no lunch box, no umbrella, no caring. Even sometimes when he saw her from a distance, she would go around him specially without looking at him.

She had finally listened to him.

He was so happy that he curled up on the cot in the middle of the night, his eye sockets hot, as he bit the back of his hand to endure the collapse of his heart.

The former lonely and desperate lair, after tasting her warmth, he couldn’t go back to it.

He couldn’t help being bitter and went to Qingqing’s class in silence to see her from a distance. She came out of class with her classmates and passed by him without stopping, treating him as a stranger. He was hurt again, and several holes were cut in the palm of his hand, and the blood kept flowing down. He didn’t want to do anything. He just wanted to go to Qingqing’s place to ask for her concern.

But she was standing at the door of the class talking to another boy, who put his hand on her hair.

He never knew that people could hurt so much. He wouldn’t utter a word after fighting with people and losing blood. But at this time, he was trembling all over, and the pain was too much to bear.

He kicked over the sign in the corridor, turned around and walked back in strides, clutching his injured hand with brute force, blood dripping all the way.

When he rushed to the outside of the building, gentle footsteps came up behind him. The hand that he was longing for day and night grabbed his hem and muttered: “You hate me. Don’t think if you will bleed I will sympathize with you.”

He wanted to shed tears, but his mouth showed the worst and the most bitter smile, and he held her tightly and did not let go.

Now… If he bled, could he get her sympathy and concern?

Even a little bit was good.

Huo Yunshen turned his head deeply, looked at the needle on the back of his hand, and simply pulled it out, trying to find her.

He had just pulled it, when the bedroom door was suddenly pushed open from the outside. Before he could see her face clearly, he saw a figure rushing over, “slapping” the tray and squatting by the bed. Staring at him, she raised her head angrily and said fiercely: “Huo Yunshen! What are you doing!”

Huo Yunshen stared at her in a daze.

Qingqing… how could she be there.

Yan Qing almost had a heart attack, fortunately she came up in time to prevent her husband who had occasional madness from losing blood.

She was so angry that she asked again: “Don’t you know it hurts?! You still dare to pull it out!”

Huo Yunshen still stared at her straightforwardly, his eyes gradually turning hot, causing the room temperature to soar, revealing the duality of body and spirit..

Yan Qing was reminded of his state, and she patted his hands.

She couldn’t be fierce with him.

Her personality had changed. She was now a gentle healing little wife, and she couldn’t lose her temper at him casually.

Steady, calm, you can do it, your debut must be successful.

Yan Qing closed her eyes, tried her best to adjust her expression and tone, cleared her throat for a long time, ready to fully raise her face again.

She had big bright slightly curved eyes, her red lips curled up in the sweetest arc, allowing the sun to shine from an oblique 45 degree angle, reflecting the golden light on her profile, a proper little angel of truth, kindness and beauty.

Then she grabbed Huo Yunshen’s hand, stared at him, and said softly and sincerely: “Shenshen, don’t touch the needle, I don’t want you to hurt.”

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