SN Ch. 24

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Huo Yunshen’s words were ringing in Yan Qing’s ears, as his lips touched her.

Yan Qing almost died of nervousness, as she was steamed by the faint heat of the man’s breath, coupled with his aggressive light rubs, her skin had gone numb, like being stimulated by a small electric current, while there was a flush spreading uncontrollably from the roots of her ears all the way to her collarbone.

She clearly realized that every time Huo Yunshen hugged her, his arm was like a strong cage.

Time and time again, he wanted to lock her with his body and the strength of her struggle became smaller and smaller every time, because she was not so afraid of him at first when she had never noticed it, and was willing to believe that he would not really hurt or force himself on her.

But going on like this was very dangerous.

Sure enough, Huo Yunshen tightened his hold on her waist, indulging in a hug that seemed to last a day and night. He couldn’t help kissing her face as he breathed more and more quickly.

Yan Qing’s heart throbbed, and she attributed all her reactions to the shame of being caught on the spot, and hurriedly pushed him away greatly: “Why did you come back early? Didn’t you say that you will come after dark?”

Huo Yunshen whispered: “My wife is home, I don’t want to wander outside.”

Of course, Yan Qing didn’t expect him to be deliberate, but she should have realized that the driver would definitely report to Mr. Huo after sending her off. She was too stupid. She was so swaying and arrogant but she ended up looking completely stupid in his eyes. The most important thing was that she was still wearing very little clothes!

What a shame!

Yan Qing relied on being thin and got out of his restraint, grabbed the clothes and wore them blushingly and said: “I have told you that we should not touch each other, so, don’t come too close or you will break your promise again.”

Huo Yunshen hung his arms down and refused to admit it: “You ran into me yourself, don’t blame me.”

Yan Qing was even more embarrassed, and was thinking about hitting her head to death, who told her to be smug, she deserved it!

Huo Yunshen took a step forward slowly, pulled off her long hair sticking to her face, and repeated his wish: “You danced very well, I want to watch it again.”

Yan Qing had smoke coming out of her ears, this kind of brainless praise who believed it nowadays. Also, no one was stupid.

She was quite confident when she danced alone, but she was a performer after all. She really wanted to perform in front of others, especially for heavyweight audiences like Huo Yunshen. She always felt that she didn’t dance well enough, her dancing has a big gap as compared with Ouyang and the others.

That’s why she practiced hard every day.

But after practicing for so long, she still didn’t have much confidence.

She didn’t dare to guarantee the effect when she danced seriously, let alone when she just jumped around casually, so Huo Yunshen must have been laughing at her!

Yan Qing walked out with a sullen look and grumbled grievously: “Stop making trouble, I’m going to prepare dinner.”

Not only the little wife, she also spontaneously added the role of a little cook, very well-behaved.

Huo Yunshen’s heart collapsed, so he stopped her, and raised her face.

The tip of the little girl’s nose had turned red, and the end of her eyes also had two touching red glimmers. It could not be said whether it was because of embarrassment or lack of self-confidence. No matter what, Huo Yunshen would not accept it.

He leaned down slightly, touched her hair, and said solemnly: “Yan Qing, you dance better than anyone else. I want to see you perform, I’m not teasing you, instead I really like it.”

Yan Qing bit her lip, her hands slightly clenched.

He asked again: “Who do you want to show, when you work so hard?”

“For you… for fans.”

Yan Qing always remembered those figures outside the playground who held up banners and cameras for her, and she didn’t want to perform in public and let anyone down.

Huo Yunshen knew the result, but his heart was still stabbed, showing a wry smile.

In the past, he was very brutal and did not restrain his possessiveness. He forced Qingqing to ask, “Who do you sing for?”

He was afraid of hearing other possibilities, couldn’t bear it, and wanted to know the answer.

Qingqing laughed very sweetly at that time, dragging a long tone to tease him. While he simulated countless imaginary enemies and almost kissed her with red eyes, she cocked her head playfully and said: “I just want to sing for Huo Yunshen.”

At this moment, he was no longer in her answer.

It doesn’t matter, he didn’t hurt, he would control himself and walk towards her on his own initiative.

Huo Yunshen concealed the gloominess in his eyes, and his voice rolled with gravel: “I am your fan too.” Yan Qing was startled.

He stared at her straight and deep: “Yan Qing, can you dance for me?”

Five minutes later, Yan Qing put on a pair of fluttering wide-leg pants and stood on the floor of the recording studio again, feeling as if she had lost 80% of her mind. She really listened to what Huo Yunshen said, and decided to give him a show.

Mr. Huo behaved really too sincerely!

He pushed all the equipment that was in the way out, freed the space, adjusted the roof lights, and produced a beam of spotlight. For this, he rolled up his sleeves and replaced two brighter light bulbs, and used the small coloured lights on the windows temporarily. He made a bunch of light sticks and sat on the small sofa expectantly.

After seeing this scene, if Yan Qing did not dance, she would not be able to face Huo Yunshen’s scorching eyes.

“I…I am really starting!” Yan Qing said loudly.

“You can’t laugh at me!”

Huo Yunshen tried his best to hold a serious face: “I am a very sensible fan. I will give you objective opinions, help you improve, and perform better in the real performance.”

Yan Qing gritted her teeth and gave up her hesitation. Anyway, Mr. Huo’s aura alone could equal thousands of troops. If she overcame him, then how could any audiences on the stage be able to make her fear.

Let’s just dance.

Huo Yunshen was three meters away from her, mobilizing all the strength in his body to keep himself still.

For a two-and-a-half minute dance, the light sticks in his hand were gripped tightly, and the skin was cut through the incision to remind him of his current identity.

He closed his eyes several times to restrain his impulses, but sitting on the sofa, a thought rushed into his mind.

Don’t want to show it to others.

When Qingqing recovered her memory and accepted him, he might be so perverted as to make her dance again. In the middle of the performance, he would rush to interrupt and press her down, on the floor, on the table, on the sofa, anywhere, and do whatever he wanted with her.

But now, after Qingqing finished the dance, all he could do was applaud, hide his expression with shadows, and repeat the compliments he wanted to say from beginning to end.

Yan Qing panted, listening to Mr. Huo blowing rainbow farts rigorously, then laughed without holding back, went to his side, squatted down, and asked with her face looking up at him: “Aren’t you a stupid fan? Isn’t all this just to coax me?”

Huo Yunshen said looking down at her: “Of course it’s true, but I have a suggestion.”

Yan Qing sternly said: “You say it.”

Huo Yunshen calmly gave her advice: “The next elimination game, the level of your team is uneven. You as the captain, if your singing and dancing are not that good, it wouldn’t be good for the whole team, you should choose someone who is better at it, and distribute the other aspects to others to perform.”

Yan Qing was unexpectedly directed, and after thinking about the team, she suddenly became less annoyed. Suddenly, there was a new way for the performance of the team, a song did not necessarily have to remain the same, she could intersperse in the interlude of dance music for Ouyang, and then splice the gentle lyrisc and the rap that would ignite the atmosphere and arrange it for each suitable member and cover up their shortcomings and highlight their advantages.

Based on a main song, she could skewer it into various styles of clips, other groups may not be able to do it, but she could, she was good at arranging, and could do the job.

Yan Qing shook Huo Yunshen’s arm in surprise: “Shenshen, you are too good, the problem seems to be solved! I will be responsible for the treble and to arrange the music!”

Huo Yunshen’s tight body was shaken by her, and he asked in a calm voice: “You won’t dance anymore?”

“I won’t dance anymore,” she bent her eyes happily, “I’ll talk to you next time.”

Huo Yunshen’s purpose was achieved and he raised his hand. He seemingly stroked the back of her head softly, but the strength couldn’t be denied: “Since I helped, can I ask for some reward?” The voice fell, and without waiting for Yan Qing’s opinion, he held on to her head calmly, bowed his head and kissed her on the corner of her mouth.

Yan Qing was scalded, she felt deceived, so she opened her eyes wide, and said in a dissatisfied manner: “You are good at being a fan! How can fans with professional ethics kiss their idols!”

Huo Yunshen moved his lips slightly, rubbing her face: “Before being a fan, I am your husband first.”

Yan Qing went to the kitchen with a tomato-red face, waved her knife in shame, and cut the cucumber on the cutting board in half.

In the end, Mr. Huo got his way.

Huo Yunshen changed into his home clothes and stood behind her, with his arms wrapped around her, took the knife, and cut it in thin slices to help her to get out of the spot.

He was close, but they were separated by a distance, and he didn’t really let their bodies fit together.

They happened to be able to feel each other’s body temperature and heartbeat and were entangled with each other, but still kept space between them.

Yan Qing couldn’t find a reason to say that he violated the rules.

She tried to shrink herself into a little quail and stay in the small space he circled.

It was a pity that Mr. Huo could cook well but he couldn’t eat it himself.

Yan Qing tilted her head to raise the matter to him: “You always have insomnia and no appetite. How can your body get better? We have to find a way to solve it. Don’t talk about me sleeping with you and feeding you every day. I think it is impossible…”

Huo Yunshen held the knife with his hand wrapped around her fingers, as he slowly cut the ingredients, then he corrected her: “These are indeed other methods that can be used, but you don’t accept it. You should understand that emotional comfort is as important as physical comfort. Forcibly removing half of it is useless.”

Yan Qing opened her mouth, knowing that Mr. Huo actually made sense.

How to express feelings, for people who had been severely traumatized, how could a sense of security be re-established? Did he just speak out his thoughts? In the end, physical contact was still indispensable. Holding hands, hugging, kissing, and even deeper levels were all effective tools for emotional catharsis.

He was very ill, and the medicine he needed was naturally not simple.

It was so easy to heal him without paying for any doctors.

Yan Qing lowered her head, looking at the white and slender pair of hands in front of her, and looked at how they were burnt, she finally made up her mind and said: “Why else dear… to the extent of your face, but like a kindergartener, I will set a score sheet for you.”

Huo Yunshen took a deep breath and asked: “A score sheet?”

She nodded, “Let’s solve the problem of eating first. You can’t eat. It is subjective resistance to eating. From tomorrow onwards, if you eat a meal by yourself, it will be counted as a point, and when you have enough, you can redeem the corresponding physical contact. Do you feel…interested? Can you develop a little passion for eating?”

Huo Yunshen swallowed deeply, letting his voice calm as usual: “I’m interested, what about insomnia?”

“Insomnia is a bit difficult.” Yan Qing was sad.

His wrist was a little unstable: “A bed with two quilts, okay?”


“I’ll go to your room to sleep on the floor.”


“Before going to bed, I will hug you.”

“…No, isn’t that conflicting with the score table? The opinion is rejected.”

Huo Yunshen stopped talking, stir fried the dishes, and put them on the table.

Even though it was the first dinner where the two people were sitting at home, Yan Qing was not in a good mood, always feeling that Mr. Huo was very depressed.

In the evening, he walked fast when it was time for them to go back to their rooms after they finished eating and cleaned up.

Yan Qing stood in the corridor and persuaded him with insufficient confidence: “Shenshen, try again. My bedroom is not far from you. Tell yourself that I am here. Maybe it will be useful and you can fall asleep.”

Huo Yunshen was sending her to the door of the bedroom, he suddenly touched her ponytail: “Can you give me your hairband?”

Yan Qing stunned, took the ribbon off and handed it to him.

He held it hard, without asking too much.

Yan Qing entered the room and closed the door, assigned a lot of work tasks to herself, trying not to think about him as much as possible, but when she went to bed late at night, her heart was not fine, and she couldn’t feel calm.

Mr. Huo… Have you slept yet?

She pulled the quilt to cover her head, held back her conscience for a long time, turned over to sit up, tiptoed out of bed, and went to take a look at Huo Yunshen’s door. If the light was dark, she would come back.

If the light was on… she would respond accordingly.

She couldn’t continue to fall asleep so casually anyway.

Yan Qing moved out of the room and saw the door halfway across the corridor. Not only was the light on, but it was not even closed tightly, revealing a wide crack in the door.

It was so late…

She hesitated a little, still walking in tiptoe, she looked in secretly through the gap.

She was stunned at a glance.

Huo Yunshen’s large workbench was full of documents and materials, obviously he had been busy, but at this moment, he had closed the computer, and had dragged a large cream-white cat doll next to him, and had tied her hair ribbon to the cat’s ear.

Then he squeezed the cat’s face, leaned over, hugged it, buried his head in it, and bent his thin back wearily.

Yan Qing felt funny at first, but more emotions climbed up in an instant, and turned into unspeakable sadness.

Huo Yunshen was longing for a hug before going to bed.

Yan Qing stared at the tips of her shoes, unable to resist the sourness in her heart, she quietly pushed the door open, and slowly approached him step by step.

Before he looked back, she walked behind him, opened her arms, and embraced his broad but thin shoulders.

Yan Qing felt him tremble.

She couldn’t help but hug him a little tighter, put her forehead against his neck, and say softly, “Shenshen, I’m here.”

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