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Huo Yunshen also held the cat doll in a daze, when Yan Qing hugged him. She thought such a scene must look silly, but she was in it and just wanted to cry.

She couldn’t tell whether she was doing right or not, and she felt confused and conflicted.

She was willing to give pure emotional comfort, approaching him, cooking and eating with him, singing and coaxing him, all of which she was willing to do.

But active physical contact had another meaning to her. She wanted to give her love to a person who would truly love her, rather than…being a stand-in.

In addition, Yan Qing was even more afraid that excessive physical intimacy would confuse the relationship. Once she broke down her defences, she would be bewitched by him and sink all the way down.

What would she do when the three-year deadline was up?

If she entered the play too deeply, she would be crushed and unable to get out.

But all the worries and hesitations collapsed when she witnessed Huo Yunshen holding the doll.

She was so sad that she wanted to make him happy, even if she knew it was a bottomless pit, as long as she could warm him up, she wanted to choose to jump repeatedly.

Yan Qing rubbed the wetness of her eyelashes against the tips of Huo Yunshen’s hair, folded her arms, and wrapped his shoulders.

She was just hugging him! What’s the big deal!

She tried to keep her heart strong, so that she didn’t fall for him.

“Look at poor you, you have to tie a hair band to the doll,” Yan Qing said with a nasal voice, “I admit that I was too unkind before, isn’t that why I came to hug you.”

Huo Yunshen couldn’t clearly hear Qingqing’s voice through the loud bang in his ears, however he could feel her fierce heartbeat.

He slowly put the cat doll aside, with blue veins bulging on the back of his hand.

Yan Qing asked worriedly: “Is it better? Can you try to sleep? You—”

Halfway through her sentence, the man she was hugging suddenly pulled her arm away, turned the chair and turned around, and hugged her tightly face to face, and cleverly pinched her waist, so that her body softened, and she sat down on his lap.

This position was more suitable for intimacy.

Huo Yunshen embedded her in his chest, pressing her back with one hand, and holding her turbulent head with the other, confining her half-forcefully, eagerly drawing on her temperature.

Yan Qing’s body temperature soared, and she wanted to push him, but she didn’t think it was appropriate. After all, she had willingly come here herself.

She gave up, and honestly lay on his chest for a long time, until he hugged her more and more fiercely, almost strangling her, she talked with a slightly dumb voice: “Shen, I can’t breathe…”

Huo Yunshen didn’t let go, but raised her a little bit higher to let her breathe smoothly.

Yan Qing’s ears were too hot, and she embarrassedly pulled her hair to block his sight: “Is it all right? You can’t hold me for nothing, you have to fight for a good sleep tonight.”

“Not enough,” he muffled and refused, “Hold for another ten minutes.”

“You timed it accurately,” Yan Qing laughed and said, “Don’t be too aggressive all of a sudden.”

Huo Yunshen stubbornly trapped her: “I don’t know how long I would have to wait for next time.” Yan Qing had been mentally prepared, this kind of thing was not sexual, but she had to be responsible when she opened her mouth.

She reluctantly circled his stiff neck, and said softly, “I promise you that if your sleep does improve tonight, I will give you a hug before going to bed every day I stay at home. Not counted in the category of points exchange, okay.”

Huo Yunshen’s arm was stretched hard, and he rushed to agree: “Okay.”

Yan Qing tried to move, and asked euphemistically: “Then you let me get up?”

Huo Yunshen didn’t. To fulfil Yan Qing’s wish, he turned her in the same direction as his legs, turned her back to him, and continued to embrace her, then he took a blank piece of paper from the edge of the table, and put the pen into her hand: “Points, the rules for the payment must be set now, otherwise you won’t be able to sleep.”

This reason was an all-purpose killer. Yan Qing sat on Huo Yunshen’s thigh like a child, holding the pen to do her homework.

The rules… couldn’t be too simple.

If it was easily achieved, he would still lose enthusiasm for eating.

Yan Qing wrote one stroke at a time: “Eat three meals a day, in the standard amount provided by the dietitian and take video recordings. Every ten times, holding hands, twenty times, hugs, full …”

She paused. After a while, she noticed that his pulse was accelerating, and bit her lip and wrote: “…Thirty times, hold your face and kiss your forehead.”

Then ahe added: “After each exchange, the points are cleared and recorded again.”

“So, you accept it?”

Huo Yunshen didn’t say a word, but wrapped her hand with his large palm, and continued to write with her pen holding hand: “Forty times, I will go to your room to sleep on the floor, fifty times…”

He was too strong, and the tip of his pen pierced the paper: “Give me a kiss.”

Yan Qing’s eyelashes flicked, she turned her head and looked at the man’s stern eyes, and asked: “Huo Yunshen, do you remember who I am?” She was not Yun Qing… how could he kiss.

Huo Yunshen stared at her and bit her red lips: “Of course I remember, no one remembers it more clearly than I do.”

After that, Yan Qing still respected Huo Yunshen’s thoughts. Fifty meals of up to standard meals, judging from his current situation, absolutely it was a difficult problem, but if there were so many rewards ahead, he would definitely redeem it. She didn’t know when it would be his turn to kiss.

Let’s agree first, the big deal was that when that day came, it would not be a lie.

For the time being… She didn’t want to disappoint him.

Yan Qing went back to the room and took a box. It was the heart rate monitoring bracelet she bought for Mr. Huo on the Internet. It happened to arrive tonight.

She put the bracelet on him, and said: “This can test the quality of sleep, and the results will be checked tomorrow morning. If there is progress, the promise of hugs will take effect.”

Yan Qing was also afraid that Huo Yunshen would dislike this worthless and beautiful little thing but did not think that he would caress it back and forth lovingly, his eyes gleaming when he raised his eyes: “You gave me a gift.”

She said in a threatening tone: “If behaviour is not good, the gift will be taken back.”

Huo Yunshen looked at her deeply, smiled faintly, and leaned forward, then next to her ear, he said one word at a time: “Don’t even think about it.”

As a result, it was now Yan Qing’s turn to suffer insomnia. She was trapped in the soft big bed, full of strength and suffocation in Huo Yunshen’s deep embrace. In the early morning, she barely fell asleep, with a pair of strong arms in her dream, and he hugged her as hard as he did, calling “Qingqing”, crying and sighing.

Yan Qing woke up with cold sweat and wet temples.

She couldn’t help remembering that in the past, someone called her “Qingqing”, she couldn’t accept it at all, but Huo Yunshen had been calling her like that since she knew him, and she didn’t feel any discomfort.

Probably… she had gotten used to it!!!

At first, she had a death and life grudge against him, so she probably didn’t care about these trivial matters. Later, after listening to it too much, she must have adapted.

Yan Qing thought so in her heart, but there was something like a needle poking deep in her mind. She shook her head, pressed her eyebrows, and the phone next to her pillow shook: “My wife, breakfast is ready.”

Huo Yunshen had woken up!!!

She hurriedly got out of bed, took care of herself, and rushed downstairs to check the results: “How was it?”

Huo Yunshen’s deep lips were a little redder than yesterday. He raised his eyebrows and showed her a clear waveform graph, with a trace in his voice. He smiled: “Deep sleep for an hour and a half, without interruption in the middle of the night.”

Yan Qing couldn’t be happier, but she also felt a little uncomfortable.

Even sleeping for an hour and a half could make him happily show off. How did he get through so many long days and nights before?

He saw her serious look, thought she was regretting, and the smile disappeared suddenly, he tightened his eyebrows to confirm: “Yan Qing, I have made progress, you can’t deny it.”

Yan Qing took a deep breath, and sweetly curled her eyes: “I can do it.”

The next knockout round was coming soon, and she needed to hurry up on new ideas for team performance. The fate of the six people hung on her. Her time was completely insufficient, and she couldn’t sleep in the last few days, before she hugged him.

After the meal, Huo Yunshen sent Yan Qing to the program group.

Before leaving, Yan Qing had already opened the car door, but she couldn’t help but glance back at him.

The light in the morning was still very weak, and only thin strands came through the car window, spreading on Huo Yunshen’s side profile, making him look handsome, forbearing, with a hidden well of deep tenderness.

She couldn’t help asking: “I can’t put you first, are you angry?”

Huo Yunshen smiled quietly: “I am learning to make it a habit, and I will improve.”

Sleep would improve, and eating would improve.

Even learning to accept the fact that she would sometimes ignore him would make progress.

Progress to the point that she could fall in love with him again one day.

Yan Qing entered the practice room, hung up a four-day countdown, and started preparations for sleepless nights and no meals.

In the little time left, she overturned the previous arrangements and rebuilt the new plan. She received unanimous support from the team. Everyone volunteered to center her and cooperate as best as they could while keeping their confidence.

Little Curly said angrily: “You don’t know, right, because the members of our team have the largest level difference. Several groups are waiting to watch the excitement, and they are discussing secretly, saying that the final stage effect of our performance would definitely not be strong. Not only your S level won’t be able to be kept any longer, all six of us would have to fall to the end.”

Ouyang curled her lips and said: “Those little girls are all clutter-ups. When they are instigated, they will gossip along. Don’t care about them.”

Yan Qing smiled.

Huo Yunshen was unconditionally satisfied with her wishes. She didn’t want any ambiguous rumours from the outside world, so he went out to cast the net, and made high-profile investments in several popular variety shows, including a men’s team draft. In media companies, many first-line artists learned that it was Huo Yunshen’s handwriting, and they were all about to sign the past.

With the guidance of such a few gossip news and marketing accounts, the public naturally obscured the primary assessment. Huo Yunshen’s special protection for her gradually evolved into “Huo Yunshen is just deliberately investing into the entertainment industry, so he just started like this. He just wants to sign some new faces that can be red.”

Yan Qing’s name was classified as one of the “new faces” and was put together with many other people. Although her topic and popularity had steadily increased because of her connection with Huo Yunshen and the so-called “big lady”, but it was gradually diminishing.

Moreover, Huo Yunshen himself was a famous cold-blooded man with no feelings, no one could have imagined that a young newcomer he seemed to have taken care of by accident would be his legitimate wife that he regarded as a treasure.

The superficial contact with Mr. Huo was weak. In addition, during the recent incident of being framed by Yun Ling, Yan Qing had not shown any special identity background. This group of young girls who had seen the gossip on the Internet inevitably fell prey to the wind and did not treat her well. After the diligence and awe from before, some people were still uncomfortable in their lives.

Yan Qing just said: “Don’t worry about them, just be yourself.”

At the beginning of this round of elimination, the role of the mentor team would change from “decisive” to “auxiliary”. The ranking and staying of each player would be determined by the online voting channel. A comprehensive decision was made with the vote of a thousand public judges at the recording site of the show.

They were about to face real audiences and fans, and it would be fake to say that they were not nervous.

The night before the recording, in the sweaty practice room, Little Curly asked Yan Qing nervously: “Aren’t you panicking? So many people will watch us perform.”

Yan Qing looked at the starry sky outside the window and remembered the light stick Huo Yunshen waved for her at home that night. With the light stick made temporarily, he had said to her, “You are better than anyone.”

She was a little lost.

She went out early and returned late for four consecutive days. She didn’t look at the phone much, but Huo Yunshen sent regular videos of eating every day. She could see that he was not eating smoothly. He was embarrassed to swallow according his proper appetite, but he still had a shallow angle towards the camera.

After recording this episode, she would go home a few more days to accompany him…

“Yanyan, what are you thinking? The announcement was just made, let’s hurry up and pick the costume.”

Yan Qing was stunned.

She actually… was thinking of him.

Yan Qing exhaled and seized the time to lead the team.

The title of their performance was “Flying Bird”. In order to achieve the best stage effect, costumes were very important, and the styles provided by the program group were limited. They had to go early to choose the right one as much as possible.

A group of six people also came out from the practice room next door, walking in front of them, talking about each other and ridiculing others.

“Does Yan Qing really have a background? The previous rehearsal was so big, she shouldn’t just blow out this one.”

“Who knows, Mr. Huo has not showed up since the last incident, it seems he does not care about her anymore.”

“The people from tail of cranes end would certainly be finished, and it is still mysterious about the others. I guess she is going to give up the team effect, just because she sings well, and then she will be scolded for her selfishness.”

“I thought I had a high starting point and sit firmly in the C position. This time I am waiting for her miserable fall.”

Ouyang had a sullen face, and was going to fight with the other group but Yan Qing held her in time: “Don’t be impulsive, let’s select the costumes first.”

This time Team One stepped faster than them, they arrived at the props room for choosing costumes. On the layers of movable hangers, there was a group of feather elements that were very eye-catching.

Yan Qing’s eyes lit up slightly, as the feather elements were in line with “Flying Bird”. Other groups didn’t find them necessary. Wearing it didn’t match with their performance style, and it would be abrupt.

She went straight to those set of clothes, and the staff also said with a smile: “This set is very special and suits you.”

Just as Yan Qing’s fingers touched the skirt, another hand suddenly stretched out, and dragged it over like snatching.

She raised her head to see that it was the captain who satirized them outside the practice room just now.

“First come first serve, we want it.” The captain was currently ranked second, Xiangzi Shigao, she had been very upset that Yan Qing had been hogging the limelight. She had a rare opportunity and deliberately asked everyone in front of them, “You won’t be able to grab the spotlight or do you admit that your team is not confident enough and has to rely on clothes?”

Yan Qing frowned: “This set is not in line with your style.”

The captain snorted softly: “It’s okay to watch.” She said so and the players immediately took away the entire group of feathered costumes.

Yan Qing and the others must definitely feel miserable, she just wanted her to have none of the stylish ones.

Anyway, there was no one to support Yan Qing, and it didn’t matter if she was on the bar, she could retreat in order to vacate the highest position.

Ouyang couldn’t help it anymore, rolled up her sleeves, and Yan Qing stopped her again, pursing her lips and said: “It will only make people look at us as if we are a joke and spread rumours. Do you think we can’t do it? Then use the strength of the scene and prove them wrong. If you perform well enough, you will definitely be able to make up for the lack of clothing.”

It was already one o’clock in the morning when Yan Qing returned to the dormitory.

She took out the phone and wanted to look through Mr. Huo’s video today. She was surprised to find that the last one was posted ten minutes ago.

Huo Yunshen: “Are you asleep?”

She hurried forward. He started from nine o’clock in the evening until now, every half an hour.

“I haven’t seen you for four days.”

“Can you come out? I’m downstairs.”

“One minute will do.”

There were many more until just now: “Are you asleep?”

His words were simple and did not deliberately show any emotions, but Yan Qing felt that the whole person was soaked in lemon juice, sour from the skin and bones.

She didn’t reply, fearing that if he had already left, he would turn back again.

Yan Qing put on a coat and hurried downstairs. She was worried that the noise of the elevator was too loud and would attract attention. She walked on the stairs and panted badly as she reached the first floor.

The security guard had fallen asleep, and a small door next to him was unlocked. She went out, panting badly, only to find that it was snowing and a thin layer of pure white snow was on the ground.

After Yan Qing ran to the building, where he often parked, she saw a tall figure standing in the snow from a distance, looking up at the direction of her dormitory.

She seemed to lose her voice for a while, rubbing the corners of her eyes reddened by the wind, she hurried over to him.

Huo Yunshen bowed his head deeply when he heard the sound, the light overflowing for a moment in his eyes was brighter than the broken snow under the lamp.

He greeted her with long strides, unbuttoned his coat as he walked, opened up his arms, and wrapped her in it.


“I didn’t break the rules,” he sighed contentedly in his throat, bent his back and hugged her and said, “I’m sleeping in the car tonight, so I came to ask my wife for one hug.”

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