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Pei Jin looked at He Xun with a serious face, and slowly replied okay.

After a while, she reacted slowly, He Xun had just kissed her! He actually…

Pei Jin bit her lower lip, “He Xun, you said you wanted to chase a girl…” He said that he liked a girl before, but now he kissed her again. What was he doing now? Did he want to step on two boats when he saw how different she looked now?

He Xun curled his lips and smiled slightly, “Am I not chasing you right now?”

Pei Jin’s eyes widened in disbelief.

The meaning of this sentence was, was she who He Xun had always liked?

In the next second, He Xun’s pleasant voice came clearly, “Peipei, I like you. What about you?” After He Xun helped Pei Jin put the thermos bottle away, he went back to his bedroom with Zheng Li and Fatty. As soon as the people left, Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu hurriedly came up to her.

The two of them stopped talking.

Pei Jin guessed what the two of them might want to ask, “What’s wrong with you?”

Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu glanced at each other. After hesitating for a while, Yu Yuan still couldn’t help but speak, “Pei Jin, you were really in the men’s college before?” The latest post posted by the school was so influential that almost everyone in the school knew about it, and they were naturally no exception.

Pei Jin shook her head with a calm expression, “Of course not, where did you think of it?”

Pei Jin was not that stupid. She knew that as a girl, her going to a boys’ college was obviously disgraceful. No matter who came to ask her this question, she would never admit to it. Her telling Mengmeng before was an exception, because she really wanted to be friends with Mengmeng.

After hearing this answer, Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu both expressed regret.

Looking at the eloquent words of the poster on the post, they thought that Pei Jin had really mixed up with a bunch of boys. Originally, they wanted to ask her how she felt, whether she felt very happy to see so many different types of boys every day. Now that Pei Jin hadn’t answered as they expected, they couldn’t even use the questions they had prepared before.

Now they thought about what the Poster had asked about Pei Jin?

Xu Lulu thought of what the Poster said on the post and asked, “Where did you study before?”

Pei Jin lowered her eyes slightly, “Huai’an Middle School.” This was where she had been studying for two full years before transferring to the boys’ college.

Yu Yuan wowed, “Huai’an, that school is very good.” By this time, Yu Yuan had already made up a big play in his heart: Pei Jin and He Xun were in different schools. After they met, in order to avoid a long-distance relationship, the two simply chose a new high school and transferred together. Now they could get along day and night?

She sighed, “There is a crazy Poster blackening you on the post, saying that you and He Xun have been roommates, have you seen it?”

Pei Jin said, “I already know about this.”

Xu Lulu couldn’t restrain herself: “What are you going to do? Clarification or something? Do you want to fight back?”

Pei Jin replied as she sorted out through her textbooks, “He Xun said he would solve this matter.”

“Oh~~~~” Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu made ambiguous voices in unison.

No wonder Pei Jin didn’t seem to care about being hacked or scolded. It turned out that there was a big boss protecting her behind her back.

Although they knew that Pei Jin had never been in the boys’ college, they were still curious about the process of meeting between Pei Jin and He Xun. However, it seemed that Pei Jin was not in the mood to chat now, so they didn’t ask too much.

To Yu Yuan, Pei Jin, who was not in the mood for chatting in Xu Lulu’s eyes, seemed to be still thinking about what He Xun said just now.

“Peipei, I like you, so what about you?” So, before she cared so much about the girl He Xun liked, did she actually mind it?

Early the next morning, the official website of the boys’ college issued a statement.

“In response to the recent incidents of the twelfth high school posting uproarious things such as girls mixing up in our boy’s college, our school now declares as follows:

Our school did have a third-year boy named Pei Jin who slept with classmate He Xun for a while, but the boy has recently gone to study abroad and has not transferred to the No. 12 Middle School. We are very grateful for the concern and attention from all walks of life to our school. In the future, social and media supervision is also welcome. The Office of the President of Men’s College xxxx year xx month xx”

Pei Jin had just woken up, when she heard Yu Yuan reading this statement in a cadence.

After reading, Yu Yuan put down her cell phone and said with emotion, “I thought this matter would be difficult to deal with. I didn’t expect that just a public statement from the school would do. That’s right, how could boys’ colleges just let girls study casually there, that Poster has no brains.” At this time, Yu Yuan forgot that she almost believed what the Poster had said before.

Xu Lulu also helped out, “Thinking about this kind of thing, you know it’s impossible, everyone else has no brains, and was almost fooled by the Poster.”

Pei Jin listened to the entire statement quietly, without saying a word.

After washing up, she went to knock on He Xun’s bedroom opposite. He Xun also seemed to have just gotten up. When he opened the door, his hair was a little messy, and he was dressed in pajamas and a t-shirt.

Why was He Xun so well-behaved after he transferred to the twelfth middle school while he never wore a shirt when he slept with her?

Pei Jin didn’t say much, but said directly, “The boys’ college issued a statement, did you make them do this?”

He Xun was a little surprised, as if he didn’t expect the official administration to be so efficient. He chuckled, “I’m not so good yet to let the officials speak out.”

Pei Jin was a little surprised, if not He Xun, who could it be?

She just wanted to guess who did it, when she heard He Xun say slowly, “My dad did it.”


He Xun explained patiently, “My dad don’t know from where heard about it. He took over this matter directly.” After finishing, he glanced at Pei Jin meaningfully, “My dad likes you very much. He also blames me for making you feel wronged.”

Pei Jin shook her head and said, “I have not been wronged.”

Although many people in the post were confused by the Poster, calling her a pervert and a gangster, but in fact she was not affected much, except for a few more questions from her roommate, others were all scrupulous about He Xun, and didn’t even ask her anything. She fell asleep right after she went to bed last night and had a good night’s sleep.    

Maybe it was because at the beginning, not long after she knew the matter, He Xun said that he would solve it, and she was relieved to hand over the matter to him. She never thought he would not be able to solve it. In fact, this matter was resolved much faster than she thought.    

As long as He Xun was there, she felt at ease, without the slightest fear.    

“No, you have been wronged.” After speaking, He Xun’s brows and eyes were stained with hostility, the corners of his lips twitched, and his smile was somewhat cold. “And I, I will never let you be wronged in vain.”

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