SN Ch. 30

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The man was lying on his side facing Yan Qing, his pupils were sad and shining suspiciously brightly, covered with a layer of water, with tears sliding down the bridge of his nose but he did not make a sound.

Yan Qing was stunned, and unknowingly followed suit.

She touched his wet face in a daze. She didn’t understand what was going on. It was unusual for Mr. Huo to cry. What was wrong with him, was he affected by bad mood?

But the throbbing in her chest was extraordinarily real, and she clearly told herself that she was distressed for him.

Yan Qing shook her still dizzy head, feeling that she had just recovered from a hangover, she seemed to have died once, and now she was squatting in front of Huo Yunshen, who looked as if someone had died.

She pulled up her sleeves, went up to wipe Huo Yunshen’s tears, then she frowned and asked, “Did something happen in the group? Or are you having a nightmare? Shenshen, you—”

Huo Yunshen grabbed her hand tightly: “You call me again.”

His voice was harsh, and Yan Qing was shocked to hear it, but she called him obediently: “…Shen, Huo Yunshen.”

She was puzzled: “I’ve only been drunk for one night, why are you being are so abnormal. Ah, don’t you recognize me?”

Huo Yunshen’s hands trembled slightly, then he couldn’t help dragging her onto the cot, his arms holding her near him, he hugged her as he breathed roughly, then he said hoarsely, “I recognize you, I was afraid you won’t remember me.”

Yan Qing should have pushed him away, but the man half-pressed on her was shaking.

She put her hands around his back faster than she realized it, leaned on his shoulders obediently, and whispered, “How did you come up with such a strange idea, I got a marriage certificate with you, and it’s for three years. This is impossible to forget.”

Huo Yunshen relaxed into her neck, then he remained motionless for a long time before he chuckled and said in a low voice: “…I had a nightmare, and when you woke up in the dream, you had forgotten me. You said you didn’t know me, and covered yourself with the sheets again, and wanted to escape from the window, I was frightened.”

Yan Qing’s face became hot, and she seriously suspected that Huo Yunshen was secretly laughing at her, but she patted him: “Mr. Huo, you shouldn’t cry for this? It’s stupid.”

“It’s really stupid,” he said in a very nasal voice, as if he was choking back his emotions, “could my wife sympathize with me, and let me hug her?”

Yan Qing pursed her lips and rubbed her cheek lightly against his clothes, her heart aching.

She guessed that Mr. Huo would not cry for no reason.

She thought he was dreaming of Yun Qing, but she didn’t expect… it would be because of her.

Yan Qing subconsciously softened her body, letting him hug her to the fullest. She then turned her head inadvertently, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw the door of the opposite room open, and several heads peeked out from the gap, almost scaring her to death.

She shrank in a panic, and shoved Huo Yunshen: “Is there anyone else at home!”

Huo Yunshen froze, slowly raised his eyes, and stared at them coldly.

Min Jing had brought Dr. He and his two assistants over, but he was defeated in seconds under the gaze of King Yama, however he squeezed into the room with a dismal face, smiling dryly: “Mr. Huo, madam, good morning.”

The word “madam” came out. Yan Qing was even more at a loss, and when she thought that she was undressed and being held down by Mr. Huo, and it was all seen! She had no need for a face anymore!

She pulled Mr. Huo’s blanket and covered her head, gritted her teeth and said, “Hurry up and let them leave, or I really would to jump out of the window!”

After waiting for 20 minutes, Yan Qing had changed her clothes and dressed neatly, she sat dignifiedly at the dining table, then she learned from Dr. He that she was so drunk yesterday that she had tossed around all night, so all these people had come to stand by to prevent her from having an accident.

It was too much of a fuss…

Dr. He smiled brightly, hiding the shock in his eyes: “Madam, I’m Mr. Huo’s personal doctor, and I’m also in charge of your health. Can you let me give you a simple examination?”

Yan Qing sighed with emotion. A wealthy family was indeed a wealthy family, and they had several private doctors. This Doctor He seemed to be a lot more experienced than the one who had examined her before.

She nodded cooperatively and found Huo Yunshen who was next to her, sitting with a frighteningly solemn expression.

Yan Qing smiled and said, “Take it easy, it’s just a physical examination after a hangover.”

Although she didn’t quite understand why the “simple examination” of the rich was so complicated, looking at the momentum, it seemed that they were afraid that in her young age, she would pass away.

After a long while, Doctor He nodded, looked at Huo Yunshen one more time, and said to Yan Qing gently, “It’s fine, you’re healthy, just drink in moderation in the future.”

Huo Yunshen motioned them out calmly, and Min Jing quickly cleared the room. After closing the door, he and Yan Qing were the only people left at home.

“Did I torment you last night?” Yan Qing asked tentatively, “I’ve never been so drunk before, so I don’t know how I would react. Was I difficult to handle?”

Huo Yunshen shook his head deeply. He seemed reluctant to look away, “You promised to accompany me to eat, but you haven’t fulfilled it.”

Yan Qing said responsibly, “I didn’t forget, let’s eat now.”

She still owed him the hand holding, that was not over yet, but Mr. Huo didn’t mention it…

Meals were prepared ahead of time and placed at the table in a food warmer.

Huo Yunshen took out the dinner plates one by one, put them all in front of Yan Qing, helped her up again, then he took away the big chair with backrest, and replaced it with a small round stool.

Just as Yan Qing was about to ask him about this, she saw that he himself brought the same small round stool over and placed it behind her.

The next moment, the man sat down, leaned over and hugged her from behind, trapping her between his arms.

He held her hand, picked up the bowl and chopsticks, and fed a piece of green vegetable to her.

Yan Qing couldn’t help breathing faster: “What are you doing…”

“Today is special, please be considerate,” Huo Yunshen said in a low voice, “If I feed you like this, I can feel at ease, otherwise I won’t be able to eat.”

Yan Qing wondered if while being drunk, she had irritated him. Mr. Huo seemed so different from usual. She opened her mouth a little guiltily, ate the food honestly, and muttered softly, “Only today.”

It took more than half an hour to finish feeding each mouthful like this. Yan Qing was full, and she was tired again, and her head was groggy.

Huo Yunshen sent her to the bedroom: “Go sleep a little longer, don’t worry about the program crew, there is me.”

Yan Qing was trapped in the bed, her eyelids were so heavy that she was literally fighting off sleep. Whoever he was, the man in front of her was very familiar, but he was so familiar that she seemed to have known him from a long time ago.

She unconsciously acted like a spoiled child: “Yunshen, you coax me to sleep.”

She didn’t see Huo Yunshen’s reaction clearly and couldn’t remember what he said in the blink of an eye. All she knew was that his breath covered her heavily, hot and oppressive, as if he wanted to smash her into pieces and swallow her.

When she was sound asleep, Huo Yunshen left the room, opened the door and went out, not daring to close it loudly, for fear that he wouldn’t hear if Qingqing called out for him.

In the corridor outside, Min Jing and Dr. He stood side by side.

Before Dr. He spoke, he breathed a long sigh of relief and lowered his voice: “Mr. Huo, I really didn’t expect this kind of progress for your wife, I underestimated her willpower and also her feelings for you. “

Huo Yunshen’s cheek muscles tensed.

Dr. He couldn’t hide his excitement: “The patients I dealt with in the past would definitely develop according to the situation I had analysed before. I have never encountered any patient such as your wife. She suffered more trauma than others, but the results were better than others. She looks weak, but her willpower is really strong, and her feelings for you…”

He smiled with relief: “It is much deeper than we imagined, or even more than she imagined.”

Huo Yunshen’s throat was dry: “Is it because of past instincts?”

“Of course there is this reason, but it’s only part of it, the other part… After she got to know you again, no matter what unpleasant scenarios she experienced in the middle, she still chose to like you. She didn’t notice it, or she doesn’t want to believe it.”

Huo Yunshen was stunned: “…She likes me.”

Didn’t she… wasn’t it because she couldn’t avoid him, was her kindness to him not just about contracts, sympathy, and pretence.

Dr. He was sure: “The past is vague for her and is temporarily out of her reach, but the near future is real. If she doesn’t like the new you at all, and she was going through a difficult time, her subconscious would not go to great lengths to remember you.”

“Your wife’s performance is really good, and it gave me a little expectation that I shouldn’t have,” Dr. He smiled, “Maybe… the overdose of drugs did not break her down but brought about a breakthrough which inspired her. Even if she can’t remember her complete memory for a while, it will make a good change in her, and as for more, we still need to work hard.”

Huo Yunshen’s mouth twitched and pursed again tightly.

He turned around to face the wall, lowered his head and silently took a few deep breaths, letting the sweet air fill his chest, rising to the point of bursting, and then he smiled. Lest the gods see it and take back his hard-won happiness, he hastily took his smile back.

Dr. He reminded him: “Mr. Huo, other than this, you have to be very careful. Every time she is traumatized, she will become more vulnerable. Now, it seems that she has won, but in the near future, there will be chaos and instability. Don’t irritate her any more. The more she hopes to remember, the more you have to step up. Don’t force her or question her existing memory. She can’t bear that much. You have been doing a good job in this regard.”

“I understand,” Huo Yunshen said, “I can wait.”

No matter how long it took.

He could wait.

Doctor He gave him some emergency medicines just in case, and then took his assistants back to the hospital. After he left, Min Jing finally had a chance to speak: “Brother Shen, He Xiangjin said that he was threatened.”

This statement was as they expected. He Xiangjin being placed here, at most he was a tool.

Huo Yunshen’s deep eyes were dark, and one word was bitten out gloomily and fiercely: “Who?”

Min Jing frowned: “He doesn’t know.” He didn’t reveal much effective information to He Xiangjin, but it was enough to make this popular traffic star lose his mind.

He Xiangjin’s reaction was quite intense: “I didn’t know that Yan Qing had amnesia! I didn’t know that the medicine was harmful to her! The person who asked me to deliver the medicine told me that Yan Qing had been ill and had serious problems with her cranial nerves, which would happen every six months. They told me her mental condition is not suitable for understanding her own condition, so she can’t self-medicate, and her family is unreliable, so I was asked to approach her and mix it in her drink. I have also secretly found someone to test the medicine, it is a rare neurological drug, so I rushed to save her!”

Min Jing really wanted to beat someone at that time: “She is mentally weak, not because she doesn’t take medicine, but because she takes it. I got your medicine! Forget it, what the hell did I ask you, who told you to do it!”

He Xiangjin’s lips turned white: “…I don’t know, he sent photos to my mailbox anonymously, and sent medicines anonymously as well. The photo was of me… I had just debuted, and I had had a relationship with a man… He threatened me, that if I didn’t obey, he would expose it on the Internet…”

Min Jing reported to Huo Yunshen truthfully, and said with disgust, “He was kept until he became popular, then he was dumped, and he didn’t know who the other party was. He only knew that he had a deep background and was in a high position. He didn’t have any contact information for the other party. I can’t find a clue.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there came the sound of a girl’s chaotic footsteps from the half-closed door behind him.

Yan Qing was wearing a long silk nightdress, her black hair was hanging down on her chest, and her face was small and white. She swayed to the door with sleepy eyes, pushed it open, and looked up at Huo Yunshen in the corridor: “Shenshen, I can’t sleep.”

She sounded so aggrieved.

The sternness in Huo Yunshen’s eyes disappeared, and he hurriedly stepped forward to touch the top of her head, and asked in a low voice, “Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

“It’s not uncomfortable,” she said tangled, “I just forgot to ask you if you slept last night, I’ve been thinking about your insomnia since I’ve been away for four days, so I can’t sleep well.”

Min Jing changed to his harmless face in time, and when he heard this, he felt that it was time for him to disappear.

He dared to clear his throat and interjected at the right moment.

“Brother Shen couldn’t sleep, he had suffered from insomnia for four days, and has been busy with work. Last night, you were very drunk and had a fever. Brother Shen was confused and took care of you. He kept his eyes open all night. He was afraid that you wouldn’t like it, so he didn’t dare to stay in the room. He specially made me bring him a small broken bed and placed it outside the door to guard you, I felt sad when I looked at it.”

Huo Yunshen swept his eyes over him and said, “Shut up.”

Min Jing pretended to be enlightened and covered his mouth: “Okay, I won’t talk about it, madam, please take care of Brother Shen. I’ll leave first.”

Yan Qing was still confused when she came over. After hearing Min Jing’s words, she was very clear-headed, and then took a closer look at Huo Yunshen’s state.

He had been awake for four days.

He took care of her all night last night and went to wait outside the bedroom in order not to overstep her bottom line. She still remembered the distressing moment when she saw him lying on the cot today.

Yan Qing bit her lip and had an idea, but she was embarrassed to say it.

“That… I was drunk at the celebration banquet last night, how could you rush there in time?”

Huo Yunshen lowered his eyes, stared at her long fluttering eyelashes, and took a step toward her: “I was worried about you.”

Yan Qing couldn’t help but step back: “Didn’t I see Min Jing helping me, and suddenly starting to call out Mrs. Huo….”

Huo Yunshen continued to approach her, and his tone darkened: “Some people saw it, not a lot.”

Yan Qing raised her eyes anxiously but then his eyes locked directly with his deep eyes.

He added slowly: “Shut up, I told them to shut up, no one would dare to talk nonsense. As for my wife, I told them to call you, Mrs. Huo. You are Mrs. Huo, aren’t you?”

Yan Qing was enveloped by his arrogance. She couldn’t stand still at all, and her back unknowingly touched the wall of the house.

Huo Yunshen was only half a step away from her. He bent down and approached her cheeks, which had now become red: “Wife, what did you want to say when you came out to find me?”

Yan Qing was crushed by him, she closed her eyes, and spoke out angrily: “Speak… just say, what should I do if you can’t fall asleep! I will hug you and you can sleep for more than an hour. That’s it! I’m not going to die suddenly! Huo Yunshen, I’m here to ask you! Do you want to go to my room! Sleep… try to sleep…” The air was stagnant.

She was out of breath.

After a while, the hot breath of the man’s exhalation brushed against the skin around her lips: “My wife, will I have to sleep on the floor—”

He laughed deeply, and asked, “Or is it your bed?”

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